11 Reasons You Should Go Camping This Year

11 Reasons You Should Go Camping This Year

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Reasons You Should Go Camping? Camping is a fun, affordable way to get back to nature. It’s also an opportunity for families and friends to spend time together in the great outdoors.

11 Reasons You Should Go Camping This Year

Whether you’ve never gone camping or are looking for ideas on where to go this year, here are 11 reasons why y’all should consider hitting up your local campsite soon!

11 reasons you should go camping this year

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that staying cooped up inside for a year straight isn’t the best for our mental health. Now that people are getting out and about again, camping is the perfect option because we can still stay safely distanced from other campers.

I go camping each year because I know I’ll be able to spend more time with my family and friends, explore new places all around America (and maybe even the world!), as well as make some new buddies in the process too! It doesn’t get much better than that so don’t wait another minute – go out there right now on google maps or an online map app like Track Map before someone else gets your dream spot first!!

Let’s look at eleven great reasons for your family to connect with the great outdoors:


Who doesn’t love sitting around a campfire at night? The smell, the stories, and let’s not forget the FOOD! We have talked about how to cook so many different things over the fire this last year from corn to fish – even 40 Great Hobo Packets for Camping and Campfire Food on a Stick !!

Anyone can cook delicious meals over the campfire and enjoy them outside at a picnic table. Let’s not kid ourselves, the hands-down favorite? S’mores! If you are concerned about how to build the perfect campfire, we have ya covered with our article: Campfires 101: Everything You Need to Know from Fire Starters on Up


Camping Best Views

There’s no place like being surrounded by trees when it comes to getting away from city life. It’s hard to describe what it feels like when you first walk into a campsite and see the trees surrounding your tent. For some people, it can be really relaxing, and for others- like me – there is something invigorating about knowing that we are surrounded by nature.

There’s something about sleeping under the stars that brings out your adventurous side. Camping lets you get away from all of modern life, and experience nature in its rawest form – without any distractions or complications like buildings around us can cause sometimes. It gives people a chance to explore what they would do if there were no man-made structures blocking their view; this could help them find tranquility with rejuvenating roots deep within human history itself!

Let’s not forget the wildlife sightings! Even if hiking isn’t your thing, just sitting around the campsite will often times bring you in close contact with local wildlife

When you camp, the vibrancy of nature can soothe your soul as well as renew it. You’ll feel refreshed both mentally and physically after every trip! If that is one of the great reasons you should go camping, I don’t know what is.

Stargazing While Camping

With so many nights without any light pollution, there’s plenty of opportunities for stargazing. I, myself had a budding astronomer, and taking her telescope out to the darker areas of nature made for some amazing viewing of everything from meteor showers to lunar eclipses.

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Camping helps you unplug

If y’all can’t tell that by now after reading my article, then these words are for those who are addicted to their tech!

You’ll find yourself in the great outdoors without any internet or cell service…sometimes it’s a bummer, but other times I actually enjoy not being able to check my email. You’re forced to take time out and focus on what really matters – nature!

When we’re constantly connected, it’s hard to stop thinking about everything else and remain focused. Camping is a great way for your family to check out of this crazy world for a while.

With camping, you can social distance.

There are still a lot of families worried that their littles can’t be vaccinated, especially with the Delta and now MU variants. Personally? I know 9 families with kids in the ICU – all under the age of 14.

Yes, we are all are socially distanced at most campgrounds – and getting that Vitamin D along with exercise! That takes us right into reason number six:

You’ll get some fresh air and exercise.

You might be too used to staying indoors and sitting on your couch all day. Camping is a way to get some great, natural vitamin D from the sun! Vitamin D helps to strengthen your bones and muscles. It will also help with a mood boost. There are so many fun activities to do while camping, like hiking, kayaking, and swimming, just to name a few off the top of my head.

Camping will make one more adventurous.

You might only be used to the same routine, the comfortable bed you sleep in every night, and your daily grind. When you camp, you’ll find yourself pushed to your limits! You’ll have to overcome obstacles like making a fire or pitching a tent.

When you get over each of these challenges, it’s super satisfying!

Tips for Camping with Your Dog

You can camp almost anywhere.

Camping doesn’t have to be limited by your location! There are plenty of places you can camp, from the beach to the mountains. If it’s an adventure that gets ya going then try some unique locations for camping too like…

  • Camping at state parks
  • Camping at Federal Parks
  • Camping at private campgrounds
  • Camping at Chain campgrounds
  • Camping on lands that let you for FREE – but that is another article…

There are so many options – you’ll never run out of places to go.

Camping is a great way to spend time with friends and family.

Camping will strengthen your family bonds. Camping is a great way to teach your kids independence and responsibility. They’ll learn self-reliance skills that come in handy for later years, such as packing up camp when you’re finished with it or taking care of pets on their own time while away from home!

Camping teaches children how they can be independent by learning survival techniques which will also help them become more confident individuals later down the line – just like teaching someone about clean-up after an awesome vacation (even though this isn’t technically “camp”).

Cooking while camping

You can cook delicious meals over the campfire and enjoy them outside at a picnic table. Almost all camping activities give you a chance to connect with nature in ways that you won’t have anywhere else…just look at a few of the ideas we have shared:

Just. Yum!

Let’s not forget the right equipment:

And my favorite reason:

Camping is inexpensive.

Camping is a great way to get outside and enjoy nature. You can reconnect with friends, family, or your significant other while sleeping in the wilderness. The best part about camping is that it’s affordable and each campsite is completely unique.

We help you save money with this article on budget supplies: Dollar Tree Camping Supplies Complete A to Z List.

Dollar Tree Camping Supplies Complete A to Z List
This is a GREAT article to read for supplies you can literally get for a buck!

If you are looking for a socially distanced adventure this next year, head out into the woods with nothing but a tent and some food! There’s no better time than now to be adventurous because summer will soon come to an end so make sure you take advantage of all these amazing opportunities before they disappear.

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