Learn How to Cook Fish Over Campfire

Learn How to Cook Fish Over Campfire

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As the ideal season for camping reaches its peak, many campers might be sick of traditional camping food. While many of these dishes are camping staples, there is a lack of general variety.

Learn How to Cook Fish Over Campfire

Further, many campers like to catch their own food to eat while outdoors, and one of the easier foods to catch is fish. Fishing is a beloved hobby and a great way to get food while on an outdoor adventure. 

How To Cook Fish While Camping

Whether you pack it along or catch it from the water, the following is a rundown on the best ways and methods to cook fish. 

Cook Fish Over Campfire: Best Fires For Cooking Fish

Unlike conventional means of cooking, campfires are harder to control in so far as regulating temperature. When cooking fish, it is best to use either a low and slow fire or hot coals. This way your fish will cook evenly and won’t burn.

When cooking fish, patience can be key to a good meal, so always remember to take it slow and keep an eye on the fish as it cooks.

Best Way To Cook Fish Over A Campfire

Best Way To Cook Fish Over A Campfire

While the best method is entirely up to you, I personally recommend fish kebabs or foil fish. Using kebab sticks or foil is incredibly easy to do and they are easy to pack along. Plus, it means that you will not have any dishes to do once you are done eating.

For fried fish, I prefer pan-frying as it makes it easier to keep an eye on the fish and typically takes less time.


Cooking Fish In Foil Over A Campfire

Foil is a very simple way to cook fish over a fire. To start, coat your fish in butter or oil to prevent it from sticking to the foil. Then place it on a sheet of foil and top it with salt, pepper, lemon, or any other added ingredients you prefer.

Completely cover the fish in tin foil and place it over a low and warm fire or hot coals. There should be an excess of foil around the fish. As it is cooking, turn the fish over every minute or so until done.

It should take about fifteen minutes to cook all the way, but that ultimately depends on the campfire. You can always unwrap it and check the fish and put it back on if it isn’t done yet. 

You will know it is done because the skin will be opaque rather than translucent, and it will be flaky. Further, the smell of cooked fish will be apparent throughout your campsite.

Cooking Fish In Cast Iron Over A Campfire

Cooking Fish In Cast Iron Over A Campfire

Cast iron pans are camping stables and are a great way to cook fish. To start, place your pan on the fire and allow it to warm up.  Pour oil or use the non-stick spray of your choice and place your fish into the pan.

Garnish the fish and flip over every minute or so until done. Remove from heat and allow the fish to cool before enjoying.

You can also fry your fish in a cast iron pan. I recommend using thinner fish fillets to do this as they will cook more evenly.

To do this, first, start by coating the fish in a breading or batter of your choice. I recommend blotting the fish with a paper towel first to dry them off, this will help the coating stick to it. 

When breading, place the fish into the wet ingredients and coat liberally with the breading, and allow to sit for a few minutes before cooking.

Using A Dutch Oven To Cook Fish

Once your fish is coated, heat the pan and pour oil, preferably peanut, olive, or corn oil into about a quarter of the pan. Place the coated fish into the pan and cook until finished. When cooking fried fish, always remember to check the fish before flipping it.

Flipping fried fish before it is done cooking is an easy way to lose the coating off of it. As such, it is important to keep a close eye on it while frying.

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Cook Fish Over Campfire: Using A Dutch Oven To Cook Fish 

Dutch ovens are incredibly useful for campfire cooking. Plus, they are great for making fish in as well. To use a dutch oven, first, start by preparing your coals for use. 

Then, spray the dutch oven so your fish does not stick to it. Lay your fish fillets in the oven and garnish with whatever ingredients you wish. Place the lid on the oven and place the oven on the coals.

Be sure to sprinkle some coals onto the lid of the dutch oven as well and let sit. Open the oven and check the fish after about fifteen minutes and repeat until the fish is done.

How To Make Campfire Fish Kebabs

You can also use the dutch oven to cook breaded fish. Battered fish can also be cooked in a dutch oven, but breaded fish is much easier to do. Pour some cooking oil into the dutch oven and lay the breaded fish in the oven. 

Allow the fish to cook for about fifteen to twenty minutes before checking and repeat until cooked through.

How To Make Campfire Fish Kebabs

Campfire fish kebabs are simple to make. Lay your fish out and garnish with what you want. Take your skewering stick and run it through the fish. 

From there, take the entire skewer and place it over the fire and cook on both sides until the fish is crisp and flaky. 

How To Make Campfire Fish Kebabs

Cooking fish over a campfire can be quite a simple process. Whether you buy and pack along your fish or catch it while camping, there are several ways to cook delicious fish on your next camping trip.

You can use pretty much any method of cooking when making fish, and as a dish, there are many ways to add your own personal touch of flavor to it. With the tips and information in this guide, you too can make crisp and tasty fish on your next camping excursion.

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