Learn How to Cook Pizza Over Campfire

Learn How to Cook Pizza Over Campfire

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Have you ever thought to cook pizza over campfire? On a large scale, pizza is a favorite meal for many families. Pizza is a delicious and filling meal that is popular for all sorts of events. In fact, plenty of families have weekly or monthly traditions involving pizza.

How to Cook Pizza Over Campfire

It should come as no surprise, then, that many families want to make this classic dish over a campfire. Whether on a campout or at an outdoor event, pizza is a great dish to make over a campfire. 

Following is a quick guide on the materials you will need and the methods you can use to cook pizza over a campfire.

Can You Cook Pizza Over A Campfire?

In short, yes, you can absolutely cook pizza over a campfire. Cooking pizza over a campfire differs from a traditional oven, however. You can use a variety of methods to cook pizza depending on your personal preference. 

Campfire Cooking Materials/Equipment

Ultimately, what materials you will need will largely depend on what method you are using to cook campfire pizza. It is important to note that you should always use campfire safe equipment when cooking.

Standard kitchen materials and utensils may not hold up to the intense and direct heat of a campfire. The last thing you want while cooking is any of your materials breaking on you.

In general, however, there are some kitchen utensils you will want to have for campfire pizza. Tinfoil and fire-safe pans are very useful. You will want a way to cut the pizza to serve it, such as a knife or pizza cutter. 

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Methods For Cooking Pizza Over Campfire

Following are some of the methods that you can use to cook pizza over a campfire. 

Cooking Pizza Over Campfire Using Tinfoil 

Tinfoil can easily be used as a makeshift pan, especially in a pinch. Simply roll out some fire-safe tin foil and curve the edges inward so nothing spills out of it. Get your pizza ready and place it on the tin foil and put it over your heat source. 

Low and slow is the best way to cook a traditional pizza, as you cannot flip it over on the fire without spilling toppings everywhere. That’s why I recommend campfire calzones if you want to use tin foil.

Once you have your dough out, roll it lengthwise so it’s more of a cylinder than a disk. Then once you have your toppings on it, fold it over itself and pinch the edges together. Wrap the calzone and tin foil and cook it on both sides until all of the cheese inside is melted.

This is a simple and easy way to make delicious pizza over a campfire and is sure to be a favorite no matter the circumstances.

Cook Pizza Over Campfire

Using A Pan Or Pizza Stone To Cook Pizza 

Like tin foil, pans and pizza stones are used to directly cook pizza over a campfire. As previously mentioned, it is important to ensure that your pan or stone is campfire safe before you proceed with the cooking process.

To start, lightly grease the pan and get your campfire ready. Then, make your pizza as you typically would and lay it on the pan or stone. 

Set the pan over the fire on a rack or support of some kind. Allow it to cook until the cheese is completely melted before removing it from the fire. Once it has cooked through, remove it from heat and allow it to cool.

Use a pizza cutter or knife to cut into slices and serve to your hungry campers. Just because campfire pizza is unconventional doesn’t mean it is impossible or even hard to do. Make sure to leave enough room between the fire and the pizza so that the crust doesn’t burn while the toppings remain uncooked.

Cook Pizza over Campfire Using A Dutch Oven

Think of dutch oven pizza as the campfire equivalent of deep dish pizza. In fact, it is super easy to make a delicious deep-dish pizza using a dutch oven. To start, make your pizza as you normally would.

Lay it in the dutch oven, preferably on a rack inside the oven. Lay it over hot coals and dump some more hot coals on the lid once it is secured onto the oven. From there, cook in five to ten-minute increments until it is ready to serve. 

Once it is fully cooked, remove the dutch oven from heat and allow it to cool before carefully removing the pizza. Place the pizza on a tray and cut to serve. Using a dutch oven is a simple way to make a crisp and tasty pizza just like you would at home.

Cook Pizza Over Campfire

Cook Pizza Over Campfire Using Pie Irons

This method is a little bit different than the other methods. To start, grease your irons and lay bread or dough in them. Then, add sauce, cheese, and any other toppings you want. Latch the irons and hold them over the fire for four minutes per side. 

The great thing about using pie irons is that everyone can make their own, and they can easily be checked to ensure that the pizza is done. For this method, bread typically works better than dough does, but it can work if you allow more cooking time for the dough.

This is perhaps the easiest method, and it is great for parties or events where people may want to eat at different times. Plus pie irons are easy to take apart and clean after the fact.

Campfire Pizza On A Stick

A favorite for many scouts, campfire pizza on a stick is simple and fun to do. To start, take a small pot of pizza sauce and set it over the fire to heat up. Then, take cheese sticks and cut them into small sections about an inch long. 

From there, skewer them onto cooking rods, followed by folded pepperoni. Wrap the meat and cheese with pizza dough and cook over the fire until done. Dip it into the pizza sauce and enjoy!

While it may not be the most salient campfire food, making pizza on a campfire is simple to do and delicious! It is perfect for parties and picky eaters alike, and helps to bring the taste of home wherever you go! 

With this guide, you too can effortlessly make pizza over a campfire for your next outdoor adventure.

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