How To Cook Corn On The Cob Over A Campfire

How To Cook Corn On The Cob Over A Campfire

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Corn on the cob is a favorite side dish for at-home meals, but have you ever wanted to enjoy it using a campfire? Whether on a campout or at a backyard bonfire, there are several different ways that you can cook corn on the cob over a campfire.

How To Cook Corn On The Cob Over A Campfire

There is simply nothing like freshly cooked corn with the added flavor of salt, pepper, or butter. No matter how you enjoy your corn, there are several ways you can cook it over a campfire.

How To Cook Corn On The Cob Over A Campfire

Following is a comprehensive guide of different ways that you can cook corn on the cob over a campfire.

In Husk Versus Out Of Husk

To start, you can cook your corn in the husk or out of the husk. There are pros and cons to both, and either method can lend itself better to certain cooking methods rather than others. Cooking corn in the husk helps to lock in moisture.

Further, it protects the corn from heat and from burning, which can be very helpful. This is especially so when you are cooking a full meal on the campfire rather than just corn.  Cooking corn without the husk does leave it open to burning. 

However, it is also much simpler and opens the door for lots of flavoring techniques. For example, you can soak the corn in water and salt before cooking to seal the flavor that may be lost during the cooking process. 

corn on the cob over a campfire

Buying Fresh Corn

You should always buy corn as fresh as possible when you can. Fresh corn has more of the natural flavor in it, and it slowly loses its flavor once it is picked. In much the same way, it is best to purchase corn as close to the cooking time as possible.

Buying fresh corn and making it quickly guarantees a fresh and potent flavor, no matter what recipe you decide to do,

Dutch Oven Corn On A Cob

Many swear by cooking corn on the cob in a traditional kitchen oven, so why not cook it in a dutch oven? To start, do not remove the husk from the corn and soak it in the cool water during the preparation process.

Then, get out your oven, which should be twelve inches minimum, and spray oil into it. Place a trivet in the bottom of the dutch oven to hold the corn up from the bottom and place your corn on the trivet, side by side. 

You will want to cook the corn for about forty minutes, with the oven sitting on about ten coals. Once you place the oven, cover the top of it in as many coals as will fit on it.

Once it is done baking it, let it cool for a few minutes and remove the husk and add your favorite toppings, such as butter or salt, and enjoy!

While it does take a while, this is a simple way to enjoy corn on the cob on a campfire, and it can cook while you focus on other things as well.

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Ember Roasted Corn

Packed with flavor, ember roasted corn is a fan favorite. There is nothing like biting into the crispy corn kernels from ember roasted corn. To start, you will need to build a charcoal fire, and once it is going rake out the embers. 

Keeping the husk on the corn, lay the corn directly on the embers and cook until the husk is burned through and golden brown kernels are visible. This process should take about three to four minutes on each side.

While the corn is cooking, melt some butter inside or on the grill as well. Once the corn is done, place the cobs into a heatproof tray and scrape the husk off of it. Brush the melted butter onto the corn and enjoy!

For added flavor, I recommend sprinkling a favorite barbecue rub over the corn once you have brushed it with butter. This combined with the crisp and flavorful kernels is an awesome way to prepare corn on the cob.

corn on the cob over a campfire

Foil Wrapped Corn on the Cob over a Campfire

Making foil-wrapped corn is similar to dutch oven and ember roasted corn-making methods. For this method, you can choose whether or not to keep the husks on the corn. If you are keeping the husks, remove the outer husk off of the cob. Peel back the inner husk and clean off any silk from the cob.

Rub butter over the corn before pulling the inner husk back over the cob. From there wrap the corn in a sheet of heavy-duty foil and place it onto the coals or grill directly. The corn should take about half an hour to cook and should be turned over at the fifteen-minute mark.

To cook corn without husks, place the husked corn onto a sheet of foil. Add a tablespoon of butter and two tablespoons of water onto the corn. Wrap the cob in the foil and directly lay it on the coals or grill. Overall, it will take about twenty to thirty minutes to fully cook. 

Once your corn is done on either method, take it off of the grill and let it cool before unwrapping it. You can add your own seasoning or even add more butter to it if you want. 

corn on the cob over a campfire

Cooking Corn In A Cooler

OK, I know this isn’t Corn On The Cob Over A Campfire, but bear with me. Believe it or not, you can actually cook corn in a cooler using hot water. To start, make sure you completely clean your cooler as you will be cooking corn straight in it. Remove the husks from the corn and place them in the cooler, in either a single or double row. 

Boil some water, it should be enough water that when poured into the cooler will cover the ears by more than an inch. Once the water is boiling, carefully pour it into the cooler and place the lid back onto it. Let it sit for about half an hour to forty-five minutes or until the corn is completely cooked.

As you can see, there are plenty of easy ways to make corn on the cob. Corn is a delightful summer treat, and easy to make on the campfire.

Whether you are looking for a great side dish for a campout or a backyard event, you can’t go wrong with these methods of cooking corn on a campfire.

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