The Best Kid’s Camping Gear

The Best Kid’s Camping Gear

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Whenever the kids go camping, you always have that fear that something might just go wrong. They might forget the flashlight or worse, the camping gear. No wonder, camping is always regarded as an adventure.

Great camping gear may not save you from an inevitable loss and unplanned events but it will certainly save your kids from a catastrophe time. So the right kit can make all the difference. Here is the best kid’s camping gear.

The Best Kid’s Camping Gear

  1. Kelty’s Grand Mesa 2 (TENT)

This a free-standing tent with shock-corded and color-coded poles. It basically takes no time to set up. This tent is very affordable and available online. It has only one door but is so well placed that no one has to climb over the other person to go out for something. There is also a fly vent that helps to manage condensation.

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  1. Osprey Jet 18 (BACKPACK)

This is the most feature-rich backpack you will ever get – online or offline. It is a true backpack that comes in a daypack size. There is a padded foam back panel, shoulder straps that are contoured in nature, and a hip belt that is light but can carry loads relatively comfortably.

There is also a mesh stash pocket on the shoulder strap that is easy to reach and the side pockets can hold water and extra crackers.

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  1. Big Agnes Wolverine 15 (SLEEPING BAG)

This is a cozy and sweet-looking sleeping bag that actually looks like a little person. It is sculpted around the head and the body and there is a zipper and a draft-free collar that will help to keep your little one warm. The sleeping bag comes in three sizes – teens, junior, and kids and there is an integrated padded sleeve on the actual bag that prevents your child from sliding off his/her pad.

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  1. Therm-a-Rest’s TrailScout (SLEEPING PADS)

This is a self-inflating air mattress that has a supportive foam core. In order to inflate it, one just needs to unscrew the valve and to deflate one just needs to open the valve and roll up the sleeping pad and the air will be squeezed out of it.

The process is very simple and a 7 – year old kid can do it without adult supervision. This sleeping pad is the best choice for summer outings and it only weighs around 1.6 lbs.

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  1. Black Diamond’s Cosmo (HEADLAMPS)

These headlamps are fully waterproof and project as much as 200 lumens of power that is spread across 6 lighting modes. The little campers will have a lot of fun with the night vision and the dimming modes and they can play with this headlamp for hours without worrying about killing the batteries.

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  1. Crazy Creek’s Hex 2.0 Original Chair (CAMP CHAIR)

It is the simplest form of camp chair that you can ever buy for your kids. The closed-cell foam in the seat gives a solid ground barrier, can be rolled up for convenient storage,

and can be easily stashed using the built-in hanging loop. The side straps are fully adjustable which ensures a perfect angle of recline and one may also unclip this seat and use it under the sleeping pad for extra insulation.

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These are just a few of the fun gems we have found – is there anything that you absolutely love or think is necessary?

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