Learn How To Cook Eggs Over Campfire

Learn How To Cook Eggs Over Campfire

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When it comes to campfire cooking, your options for what you can make might seem slim. However, it should be noted that most meals can be made on a campfire with patience and dedication.

How To Cook Eggs Over A Campfire

Likewise, it is totally possible to make delicious eggs over a fire. Whether on a campout or just using a campfire, eggs are a great dish to make. Eggs are high in protein and can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. 

They can also be eaten on their own or served as a side dish. Some recipes even use cooked eggs as an ingredient. Cooking eggs over a campfire requires some patience and preparation, but it’s well worth it. Eggs are a great breakfast food that is easy to make over the campfire.

How To Cook Eggs Over Campfire

Following is a simple guide to the ways you can cook eggs over a campfire. While they can be a finicky food to make, learning to cook eggs over a fire is well worth the effort it takes!

Cook Eggs over Campfire Equipment

Ultimately, what equipment you will need will largely depend on what method you are using to cook your eggs. However, there are a few recommendations that you should take heed of.

First, always invest in high-quality materials when cooking with open fire or coals. It is incredibly important to ensure that the cooking materials you will be using will withstand high and direct temperatures.

Further, it is always best to have quality supplies when cooking outside. The last thing you want is containers or utensils breaking or making things harder for you.

Cook eggs over campfire

Cook eggs over campfire: Cooking Eggs With Foil

If for whatever reason you can’t use a pan, using heavy-duty aluminum foil to cook your eggs will work just fine. Once you have your fire or coals going, lay out a sheet of tin foil and fold the sides up.

From there, lightly grease the foil and palace over the heat. Allow the foil to sit for about five to ten minutes while you prepare your eggs. If you are making scrambled eggs, crack the eggs into a container and add any other ingredients that you wish.

Once the foil is heated up, pour the eggs onto it and cook normally. For sunnyside eggs, simply crack the egg straight onto the foil and cook normally.

Once you are done, remove the foil from heat and allow it to cool. Once it is no longer warm to the touch, dispose of it as you normally would. The great thing about tin foil cooking is that it is not only easy, but it is also convenient. 

Tinfoil can help reduce the number of dishes you need to pack and clean while cooking over a campfire, which is great when you are cooking away from home, especially on a campsite.

Cooking Campfire Eggs In The Shell

Cooking eggs in the shell, or making campfire ‘boiled’ eggs, is pretty simple to do. First, get your coals or griddle ready for cooking. Then, get a pot of water and fill it with your eggs.

From there, simply set the pan over heat and allow the eggs to cook for about half an hour. As the water begins to boil, it will slowly raise the temperature of the actual egg over time. By the time the half-hour is up, you will have delicious cooked eggs. 

Be sure to give the eggs time to cool before you dig in! Some recommend adding vinegar to the water you are boiling or even salt or baking soda. This is supposed to make the eggs easier to peel after they have cooled off.

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Cooking Campfire Eggs In A Bag

Cooking eggs in a bag is a campfire cooking hack that many don’t know about. To start, place a pot of water over your heat source and allow it to boil. At the same time, crack open two eggs into a zippered plastic bag and mash them together in the bag.

Make sure you leave some room in the bag for air. Once your water is boiling, place the bag in and let it sit for about ten minutes. Once the ten minutes are up, carefully remove from the water and pour the eggs onto your plate.

This recipe is super simple and you can add tons of extra ingredients like cheese or bacon to it as well. 

Making A Campfire Breakfast

In the morning, it can be hard to make a big breakfast, especially over a fire. Cooking over fire takes a lot more work than cooking at home, as you have to build and maintain the fire all outside. 

Thankfully, however, eggs lend themselves quite well to a campfire breakfast. They are simple to make and only require a pan and a spatula to cook. Following is a quick guide to cooking your eggs with a pan. 

Using Cast Iron To Cook Eggs

Many prefer to use cast iron to cook their eggs. Cast iron or steel pans are preferable as they can withstand the heat of a campfire. It is much harder to control the temperature of an open fire, so as previously mentioned, it is always wise to invest in durable cooking utensils. 

Cook eggs over campfire

To use cast iron, first prepare your fire for cooking. Then, place the cast iron over it and allow it to heat up. Lightly grease the pan, and you are ready to cook your eggs.  Cast iron might take a little bit more grease than would a typical kitchen pan, so keep that in mind.

Once you are done cooking, remove the cast iron from heat and set it somewhere where it can cool down and not be in the way. You will need to wash it using a special method, so don’t try to throw it in with your other dishes. 

Making eggs over a campfire might sound difficult at first, but it is actually pretty simple. Plus, there are loads of cooking methods that you can use to make delicious eggs.

With the help of this guide, you are well on your way to making delicious breakfasts and meals over a campfire.

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