Learn How to Cook Bacon over Campfire

Learn How to Cook Bacon over Campfire

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Bacon is a tasty family favorite food, so it’s no wonder why it is also a camping staple. On its own, bacon is easy to store, transport, and cook. Plus it is filling and delicious making it excellent for campfire cooking.

Learn How to Cook Bacon over Campfire

Whether enjoyed on its own or as a part of a recipe, bacon is a perfect addition to any outdoor menu. Following is the rundown on the methods and recipes you can use to cook delicious bacon over a campfire.

How To Cook Bacon Over A Campfire

Further, there are some great ideas for other ways you can use bacon while on a campout down below.

Cook Bacon over Campfire: Campfire Bacon Recipe

Cooking bacon is incredibly simple. Just remove the bacon from the package and cook until it is the texture you prefer it to be. The trick to good bacon is to continuously turn it over so it cooks evenly on both sides.

As a tip, always remember to keep an eye on bacon. It can burn rather easily. Further, it will continue to cook a little bit after you remove it from heat so keep that in mind.

You will also want a way to contain the grease from your bacon. I recommend using paper towels or a cooking rack to allow the bacon to drain before eating.

Thick Versus Regular Cut Bacon

Thick Versus Regular Cut Bacon

When buying bacon you, will note the different types of it. Keep in mind that fires are harder to regular in regards to temperature so thin cut bacon can burn quicker.

However, thick cut bacon will take longer to cook and will need a higher temperature to cook evenly throughout. As such, you will want to choose whether or not to try and keep a cooler or hotter fire before buying your bacon.

In addition, if you plan on buying non-pork based bacon they will cook differently. You will want to abide by the instructions on the package when cooking it. For instance, turkey bacon looks different when it is cooked than does regular bacon.


Cook Bacon over Campfire: Bacon In Foil

To cook bacon in foil, heat your fire and lay out a pan and cover it with foil. Lay your bacon strips onto the foil and place another sheet of foil over top of it.

Bend the edges of the foil down together to create a lock over the bacon. Place the pan over your fire and allow it to cook for five minutes before flipping. Check the bacon and repeat as necessary. 

This is an easy and mess free way to cook bacon over a campfire and you can do as many or as few strips of bacon as you want!

Cooking Campfire Bacon In A Frying Pan/Campfire Grill

Cooking Campfire Bacon In A Frying Pan/Campfire Grill

Using a frying pan or campfire griddle is the easiest method of cooking bacon. If you have ever made bacon on a stove top then you know how to make it over a campfire using a frying pan or campfire grill. 

Once you have your fire going, simply lay the griddle or pan on a rack and allow it to heat up. It is best to give it about ten minutes minimum so you get nice and evenly cooked bacon.

From there, lay your strips of bacon onto the pan and allow them to cook for a few minutes before turning. After about three to five minutes you should turn them more often so that they can cook evenly throughout the strip. 

You can cook individual strips of bacon using just the foil, but I do not recommend setting it onto direct heat even then. Always let bacon keep its distance from the heat source as it can burn rather rapidly.

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Cook Bacon over Campfire: Paper Bag Bacon

This is a more complex method of cooking bacon, but it is still easy to do. To start, build and snuff out a small fire leaving behind hot coals. Take a paper bag and cut your strips of bacon to fit inside of it. 

Saturate the bottom of the bag with bacon grease before layering your cut strips of bacon inside of it. Place the bag on a rack over the hot coals and allow it to cook until done. You can even throw in eggs and salt & pepper for a delicious breakfast. 

Plus, there isn’t any cleanup and al you have to do is dispose of the bag. This recipe is a quick and simple way to cook delicious bacon over a campfire.

Campfire Bacon Meal Ideas

Campfire Bacon Meal Ideas

Just take a look at all the tasty treats you can make with bacon…


BLTs are a popular summer food, and are super easy to make while on a campout. Simply cook up your bacon and top your sandwich with bacon, lettuce, tomato, and anything else you might want!

For added delight, use pie irons to toast your bread for your sandwich. 

Sandwich Toppers

Bacon goes great on all sorts of sandwiches including subs, chicken and beef sandwiches, lunch meat sandwiches, and more. It is a great and easy way to spice up any sort of sandwich that you have planned.

Bacon & Eggs

Along with eggs, toast, and other breakfast items, bacon is a wonderful food to wake up to.

Bacon In Foil


After making your bacon, break it into tiny pieces and sprinkle onto your salad for added flavor.

Bacon Pizza 

All pizzas can be improved with the use of bacon and that goes doubly so for campfire pizzas. Just like with salads, cook your bacon and sprinkle it onto your pizza once it is done baking.

Pasta/Macaroni Salad

Many families use bacon as an added ingredient in pasta salads, such as ranch based macaroni salad. 

Bacon is a time-tested crowd-pleaser due to its wonderful flavor and texture. Thankfully it is also a great food to make while on a campout. Making bacon is super simple to do and it works wonders in all sorts of recipes that you can make while camping.

With the entries on this list, you can use all sorts of methods to cook delicious bacon to enjoy on its own or as a part of a recipe.

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