Camping At Perrot State Park: Paradise On Earth

Seated on over 1,243 acres of bountiful nature, Perrot State Park lies among 500-foot bluffs and decked between the meeting point of the Trempealeau and the Mississippi River.

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There are countless times you want just to relax and not have a care in this world and the features and amenities at Perrot State Park are designed to grant this and much more.

The site features a wide array of historical sightings and resources, nature trails, lush vegetation, ancient artifacts, and breathtaking views. Your time spent at the park will give you enough challenges to satisfy your quest for adventure.

You can engage in so many activities with friends and family and also enjoy some good food while you’re at it. Want to bike on a nature trail with some good music bouncing in your ear? Well, take a trip to Perrot State Park on your vacation, and you will have no regrets.

Camping At Perrot State Park: Paradise On Earth

Perrot State Park offers a natural setting with the opportunity to explore plant life and freshwater bodies. Numerous landmarks also line the grounds of the campsite and enough green space to engage in recreational activities. There are activities open for all seasons, and no matter who you are (even if you have a disability), the park caters to your adventure-seeking needs.

In addition to the numerous fun amenities and activities you can engage in, there are also RV parking spots designed with electricity connections, showers, dump stations, and flush toilets (mainly during peak seasons).

Your Adventure at Perrot State Park

perrot state park picnic table

Perrot State Park offers a lot of adventure for the entire family, and it will create a fun experience like no other. You will have no regrets adding this fantastic nature park to your bucket list for your next vacation as you can engage in a lot of off-season and in-season activities like:

* Bike Rides – Whether you want to explore the mountain areas or you want to stroll along the river is entirely up to you. There is no limit on the amounts of sightings you will see and just how lush and bountiful nature can get when you choose to unwind.

* Canoeing/boating along the river – There are canoe rental areas in close range where you can access to get sailing along the Trempealeau Bay. Slowly make your way across the stream as the morning or evening breeze dazzle across your face and create a mesmerizing feeling of inner peace.

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* Fishing & Hunting – Get the family down by the river and throw your fishing lines in and wait for nature to surprise you. You may also go hunting with the family (maybe a slight age restriction may apply) as there are various licenses available. Your hunting is not limited and also covers bird-hunting.

* Picnics – Are you searching for the perfect place that provides a quiet environment and serene setting to bond with the family over some freshly baked delicacies and fruits? Well, there are many areas in Perrot State Park that allow the family to enjoy some great food, fun, and games.

* Skiing & Snowshoeing – The winter season has as much fun as the sunny period as you can indulge in various activities like skiing and snowshoeing. However, there is an age restriction to 16 and above for skiing activities.

* Scenic Drives – Are you in for a grand tour to learn more about the history and resources Wisconsin’s Great River Road has to offer? Well, the area makes it easy for one to go for a drive (hours or days length!) and enrich your minds and eyes of the historical offerings of the environment. If you want to make the most of these drives, then going in the autumn period might be more satisfying.

Your “Home Away from Home” Experience

Camping is a must for some people, and Perrot State Park has a lot of resources to complement this vacation activity. Perrot State Park is covered with a lot to compliment your camping experience as their amenities and features are quite flexible to work around.

Just to note, if you desire to camp close to the waters, you will have to book early as these areas are mostly “first come, first serve.” Wisconsin is known for its excellent array of natural land space, so whether you choose to camp out under your tents or in your RVs, you will have no regrets.

Unlike many other campsites across the country, Perrot State Park offers campers access to a lot of amenities such as electrical connections, showers, and flush toilets. Also, in addition to these amenities, you have enough spacing to indulge in your family activities while still having your level of privacy.

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This national park sitting on the grounds of Wisconsin provides nothing less than authenticity as it takes you away from the hustle and bustle of busy city life.

Getaway to a calm and relaxing environment like no other and, in the process, meet and socialize with other camp lovers from all over the world. However, if you are looking for a quieter experience, then the winter would be the ideal season to book your stay as this time has fewer campers around.

There are also close-range entertainment spots you would like to visit (in town) to get your souvenirs, nightlife fun, or even some local cuisine. Perrot State is not limited to creating fun and once-in-a-lifetime experiences for you and your family.

Though the world is going through some level of crisis as we speak, it should not be the sole reason for you to pull the brakes on your plans. It will pass and life will get back to normal before we all know it!

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Play in Nature at Peninsula State Park

After a few weeks in Indiana, it was nice to get back to our home state for camping! We zipped to the Door County Peninsula for a week and played in Door County! Peninsula State Park is the most popular state park in Wisconsin, with great reason.

Play in Nature at Peninsula State Park

The state park in the heart of famous Door County offers over 460 family campsites scattered over 5 campgrounds. Peninsula State Park has over 3,700 acres with eight miles of Green Bay shoreline, making it the third-largest state park in Wisconsin. It is a great place to visit if you like to find perfection in the imperfections of nature.

When taking a group there are three reservable areas strictly for tent camping. There is a camping host for any questions or concerns you may have throughout your camping trip.

The camping sites are not all electrical hookups so you’ll need to pick up some firewood if you plan to cook. As usual, outside firewood is prohibited inside the park, firewood is available at the wood yard and some local businesses.

Moving firewood into the park has the potential to carry diseases or tree pests that are harmful to the park. Plan ahead though, the in-park wood sale is only 4 to 7 pm each day.

Play in Nature at Peninsula State Park

North Nicolet Bay campground has amenities like hot water, a shower, and a flushable toilet system. You’ll find additional showers at the beach area. Peninsula has only one sand swimming beach which Nicolet Bay is a part of. Nicolet Bay has a playground, two volleyball courts, and a camp store.

The campground offers a boat launch and the camp store offers boat and bike rentals. This is where we parked our pop-up, close to the pit toilets. That is why each morning, while the chickadees were sharing their morning song, Miss Sarah and I would briskly walk a few rows over to the flush toilets.

Both bathrooms need a little updating with all the cracked tiles, etc and only one of the two showers in the ladies’ room was working.

Play in Nature at Peninsula State Park

All areas have nice roads between the sites and are perfect if you bring that bucket of chalk for the littles!

South Nicolet Bay campgrounds have 140 campsites with over 50 campsites having power, 25 of which are not reservable. The area has two amenities for hot water, flush facilities, and showers for campers.

It didn’t matter where we were, we had a poor signal for making calls – see the Mr standing on the picnic table for the nightly call with his dad, LOL!

Play in Nature at Peninsula State Park

At Tennison Bay 97 campsites out of the 144 are electric with all sites being reservable, The campgrounds on this site are safe for campers with disabilities. There is no swimming at Tennison Bay but the nearest beach is at Nicolet Bay which is a mile away from Tennison Bay. During the winter a portion of Tennison bay campgrounds is kept open for winter camping with electrical hookups.

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Weborg Point is an all-electrical campground but this site doesn’t have a campground host. The site offers a hot shower and a building with flushable toilets. A concrete fishing pier is located west of the campground you can relax and do a little fishing or you can catch dinner for the night.

Weickers Point located north of the campground has a reservable shelter, the shelter is enclosed on all sides but has no electrical service, with a fireplace, and fluorescent lighting making it perfect for a group function or a family reunion.

Peninsula State Park has the White Cedaar Nature Center – with a ton of programs for the littles! It is slated to be added on to – and with good reason! The program we dropped in on was packed!

Peninsula State Park has

The Nicolet Beach made for a great way to relax in the afternoon. It twas Miss Sarah’s favorite place to cool off – she even went full-on with the swimsuit a few times instead of with her short and t-shirt!

Peninsula State Park has coastal wetlands, forests, bluff’s, and meadows with breathtaking colors from July to August, that makes it a great park to view local wildlife. A nature center with nature programs you can check out until you’re ready to head back to camp.

The state park is home to over 120 different bird species like Orioles and beautiful Red-Winged blackbirds. You might catch a glimpse of a raccoon but beware he may want to dig through the cooler for snacks to call his own, let the lullaby of a barred owl sing you to sleep; these owls can be found in the Tennison campgrounds.

Other wildlife that may make an appearance are rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, skunks, and porcupines so it’s a good idea not to leave food outside of your tent or in the campsite.

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Experience History and Nature at Wyalusing State Park

Wyalusing State Park overlooks the Wisconsin and Mississippi Rivers, the park is roughly 2,700 acres scattered with Indian burial grounds. It is one of the oldest parks in Wisconsin, the park offers bird watching, camping, hiking, and canoe rentals.

Wyalusing has over 14 miles of hiking trails spreading throughout Sand Cave, Mississippi Ridge, Turkey Hollow, and Sugar Maple Nature just to name a few.

Experience History and Nature at Wyalusing State Park

So Many Choices at Wyalusing State Park

Wyalusing State Park offers several different choices when it comes to camping for any outdoor adventure. Wyalusing has three different campgrounds to choose from, each with its own unique flare.

You and the family or group can choose from two family campgrounds, the Hugh Harper indoor camp, or an outdoor group camp. Wyalusing State Park can fulfill each need for campers while providing reassurance of safety.

Wisconsin Ridge and Homestead campgrounds boast 33 electrical campgrounds and a total of 109 campsites. Holding tank and dumping station or close by the campground for convenience and safety for the campers.

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Wisconsin Ridge campsites offer hiking trails that have magnificent views and discoveries. No matter if you plan to stay for a weekend or extend the stay to a week, the laundromat is close by and is open 24 hours a day for campers’ convenience.

The outdoor group camp is made up of five different campsites that can accommodate up to 130 people, The outdoor group camp is located near the Wisconsin Ridge campsite, giving occupants the option to use the holding tank and dumping site too.

Hugh Harper indoor camping site is designed for organized groups making the space great for family reunions, weddings, scout group meetings, and school functions. The modern facility offers a commercial kitchen equipped with commercial dishwasher, utensils, and silverware for guests to prepare and enjoy meals together, the indoor camping site offers a recreational room, large meeting room, cafeteria, and dining area.

The sleeping arrangements for the Hugh Harper indoor campsite are four separate heated dormitories able to hold 108 guests. There are two bathrooms for each dormitory with showers, sinks, and flushable toilets. Between the lodge and dormitories, there is an amphitheater, a large fire ring, and large charcoal burning grill right outside the kitchen.

Common Eco-Safety at Wyalusing State Park

There is to be no outside firewood brought in for use at the campsites, firewood can be purchased at the concession stand. Outside firewood has the potential to bring diseases or pests that can harm the parks plant and tree life.

Pic-Perfect at Wyalusing State Park

Wisconsin State Parks have set up selfie stations for campers and visitors to brush up on their selfie skills. There are selfie stations located throughout the Wyalusing State Park set up to capture the most amazing views and for an unforgettable trip that you can share with your friends and have to keep for years to come. Use the hashtag from the selfie station to share your unique selfie with others that have used the selfie station.

Check out this hard to find Male Luna moth! They only live about 7 days and we were lucky to find him!

With the beauty of the Wyalusing State Park all around you, spend the night with nature and open your eyes to gorgeous once in a lifetime sunrise that is cast across the trees and rolling hills. You will find yourself close to Prairie du Chien and all that it has to offer too!

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Sheffel’s Hideaway Campground Makes You Feel Like Family

Nestled against hundreds of acres of Point Beach State Forest is the family-owned campground site Sheffel’s Hideaway Campground, opened from April 1st to December 1st but the campground can accommodate your stay before those dates with just a call.

Scheffel’s Hideaway Campground Makes You Feel Like Family
Look at how beautiful it was in the early morning…

Enjoy your camping experience with the State Forest on two sides of the campground, flanked by a locally renowned restaurant/pub on the Southside. In Spring 2011 after years of construction to make the perfect conditions to accommodate all travelers and campers, the grounds went from dream to reality.

All about Sheffel’s Hideaway Campground

Scheffel’s Hideaway Campground is like a home away from home, you can drive in, plugin, and enjoy the campground as a natural and beautiful backdrop. The campground offers 50 large campground sites, some of those campgrounds being pull-throughs.

Each camping ground has its own electric hook-ups, water, and many sites offering sewer connections as well. The campgrounds can also be used for tenting for a rustic weekend away. To ensure privacy the individual showers are accessed from outside the bathroom/laundry room that’s centrally located on the grounds.

Firewood can be bought for campsites or you can use fallen branches from the grounds to burn in fire rings, ice can be purchased to keep your beverages of choice nice and cold. The innovative luxury of Scheffel’s Hideaway Campground is the free WiFi. Keeping you connected with family, friends, or if you’re visiting but plan to work on your stay.

Point beach State Forest by Sheffel's Hideaway Campground
You are only a short drive from Point Beach State Forest – a beautiful hiking spot!

This is the perfect place for you if you like bike rides and walks with nature. Bike through Rawley Point Bicycle Trail basking in the sunlight and natural beauty throughout the miles and miles of trail, this trail is adjacent to the campgrounds making it the easiest trail to navigate to.

Taking a ride North brings you to the Ice Age Trail and trails of Point Beach State Park, heading South will give you access to Mariner’s Trail which is located along Lake Michigan’s shoreline. Scheffel’s Hideaway Campground is a quick 5 minutes from historical downtown.

Great fun for kids too!

Two Rivers may be a small quiet town but it hosts events through the year, check the calendar to see what is happening on a night, week, or weekend you’d be interested in before making motoring in.

The Ice Cream Sundae celebration would be a cool way to spend your time in Two Rivers, the sundae was created right here after all. A few other events are Kites Over Lake Michigan, the Cool City Classic Car Show, Ethnic Fest, and Carp Festival just to name a few.

Miss Sarah gave the Port Sandy Bay pizza 2 thumbs up!

Restaurants near Sheffel’s Hideaway Campground

Make sure you make a plan to try the pizza at that locally owned restaurant/pub that borders the campground – Port Sandy Bay. It’s a little unorthodox as to how you order and pay for your meal at a counter, and then they bring it out to your table, but the food is top-notch!

A VIEW from our hike at Sheffel's Hideaway Campground
You can check out Rawley Point Lighthouse!

Grab the calendar, the family, and the events list to plan a stay you’ll always remember. Scheffel’s Hideaway Campground is 90 minutes north of Milwaukee, 30 minutes south from Green Bay, Fox Valley is about 45 minutes to the East, 15 minutes from Manitowoc and the Manitowoc S.S Badger Dock. Keep in mind and respect the privacy of other travelers and campers. This family-owned campground wants to make sure everyone enjoys their stay with the intent of being safe and happy.

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Family Fun at Indian Trails Campground

Indian Trails Campground has been family-owned since 1965, the campground prides itself on always being family-friendly and won’t tolerate disruptive behavior. There are so many experiences in this natural setting, the camp offers lots of themed weekends and activities. Climb to new heights, sleep under the stars, and see the sights.

Family Fun at Indian Trails Campground

Indian Trails Campground offers everything from biking and BMX track, hiking, river paddling, 15-acre fishing lake, playgrounds, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, mini-golf course, and even a game room! The campground has amenities to make memories that’ll last a lifetime.

In 2018 two new heated pools were installed with state of the art Ultraviolet sterilization system, which means the pools have the best water quality which makes for a great swimming environment for you and your family.

Once you’ve swum or floated to your heart’s content, head to the new log building to grab food and snacks. You’ll also find showers and bathrooms in the building. For those deciding to check out the campgrounds during the fall and winter when the weather is a little too cold for a swim, there is an indoor pool you can take a dip in.

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The swimming pond is made up of two beaches, there are inflatables for water fun and also inflatables in the shallow area for the smaller kids to enjoy as well. Indian Trails Campground boasts a 15-acre fishing lake filled with bass, perch, crappie, and bluegills.

Kayak rentals are available for unique fishing trips around the lake, find your own favorite fishing spot. Rent a canoe to float around watching the wildlife. Your family or group can reserve solo or tandem kayaks and canoes for river trips, the trips will take you through wetland habitats, backwaters, and grasslands.

Meander your way down the river enjoying seeing the wildlife that calls the campground home. The sandbars are great to dock to take a little snack break or a few minutes to enjoy the moment. Once you’ve reached the end of the trip you’ll be picked up along with your gear and boat to take you back to Indian Trails.

The BMX track is full of dips, rolls, jumps, and turns. You’ll need a helmet to try your drift skills around the track but don’t worry if you didn’t bring one, helmets are available for rent at the camping office.

Indian Trails Campground offers Tiffany’s homemade donuts from Mothers Day to Labor Day. The restaurant menu sports appetizers, Angus burgers, fries, and endless cups of coffee. Save room for desserts like milkshakes, sundaes, root beer floats, banana splits, or malts. For families on the go you can grab nachos, a soft pretzel, or freshly popped popcorn.

If you think camping wouldn’t be something you’d enjoy you have the option of renting a cabin, kids tipi, teardrop. Pick a log cabin facing the water or a standard cabin with each cabin supporting a six-foot covered porch, picnic table, fire pit, grill, and freshwater faucet. Teardrop campers are for those who want to stay dry, get off the ground, and be cozy.

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