Learn How to Cook Biscuits Over Campfire

Learn How to Cook Biscuits Over Campfire

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Biscuits are a very versatile food and are great for campouts. Whether eaten on their own or as a side dish, biscuits are a tasty treat to make over a campfire. 

Cook Biscuits over Campfire

You can do all sorts of things with biscuits. With butter or jelly, they make a great side for any meal. You can also make pizza biscuits or use any toppings of your choice.

How To Cook Biscuits Over A Campfire

There are all sorts of ways to make biscuits over a campfire. Following is a handy guide to the materials and methods that will get you started cooking delicious campfire biscuits.

Campfire Biscuit Meal Ideas

Biscuits make a great side dish to any meal, but they can also become a meal. While cooking your biscuits consider frying up some eggs, bacon, or ham and using biscuits as buns. Campfire breakfast sandwiches are a great way to start the day.


You can also make delicious pizza biscuits with ease. To start, flatten your biscuits a bit more than you normally would and allow them to start baking. About halfway through, top with pizza sauce, cheese, and any toppings you want.

You can also use biscuit dough as pizza dough by rolling it out. You can fold it back up once it is topped for easy campfire calzones as well.

You can also make biscuit desserts by topping them with cinnamon and sugar, icing, or any other sweet ingredients you want to add. The best thing about all of these recipes is that they will work with any cooking method, so you aren’t restricted.

Campfire Biscuit Meal Ideas

Can You Cook Biscuits Over A Campfire?

Yes! You absolutely can cook biscuits over a campfire. There are a variety of methods to choose from when cooking biscuits over a campfire to suit any camping trip. 

What Will You Need To Cook Campfire Biscuits

To start, you will need the pan you are going to use for making biscuits. I recommend planning your menu in advance so you do not have to pack more than you need. For instance, if you are already using a dutch oven, you can make dutch oven biscuits as well. 

This will help you to lighten your load when camping. Further, you should always have some tin foil and cooking spray on hand for making your camping meals.

How To Make Dutch Oven Biscuits

Making Canned Biscuits Over A Campfire

Making canned biscuits is super simple, all you need to do is follow the instructions under whichever method you decide to use to make perfect campfire biscuits. Don’t be afraid to reform the dough to fit your recipe better either.

Make sure you keep your canned biscuits cold until they are ready to cook. The last thing you want is to have your biscuits cooking or exploding in the can before you are ready to make them.

Making Campfire Biscuits From Scratch

Making biscuits at a campsite can be hard work which is why I recommend making the dough at home and taking it with you. Once you are ready to start baking, take your biscuits and form them into even-sized discs before cooking.

I recommend bringing along a circle cookie cutter so you do not have to form the biscuits by hand. Simply roll the dough into the desired thickness and cut it for easy campfire biscuits.

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How To Make Dutch Oven Biscuits

Dutch ovens are more like using a conventional oven than any other campfire cooking method. To start, grease the oven and place your biscuit discs inside. Latch the lid onto the oven and place it over hot coals. 

Remember to sprinkle some coals on top of the oven for an evenly cooked biscuit. Also, check on the biscuits periodically so that they do not overcook.

dutch oven biscuits

Using Foil To Make Campfire Biscuits

Ultimately, I do not recommend using foil to cook biscuits. Unlike other foods, the foil would actually restrict the biscuits from rising and they would stick to it a lot even with grease. I recommend using one of the other methods listed here instead.

Cooking Biscuits On Coals

Cooking biscuits over coals is very similar to cooking them in a dutch oven. Grease your pan and lay the biscuits onto it and place them over the coals. If your coals are still pretty hot, you can use a cooking rack to distance the biscuits from the heat.

Allow them to cook and rise before removing them from heat. Let cool and remove from the pan and be very careful to use oven mitts so as to not burn your hand. I recommend putting them straight onto a dinner plate once they are taken off of the tray.

There is a more effective way to cook biscuits over coals. Take a greased oven-safe pie pan and place your biscuits into it before wrapping tightly with foil and cook as you normally would. This helps the biscuits cook faster and more evenly over the coals.

Cooking Campfire Biscuits On A Stick

Cooking Campfire Biscuits On A Stick

Cooking campfire biscuits on a stick is a super simple way to cook biscuits. Get a stick either store-bought or from the woods about an inch in diameter. From there, wrap some aluminum foil around the stick tightly. 

Roll your biscuit dough into a line and wrap it around the stick before cooking it. You should hold the dough about a foot away from the fire until the biscuit is crisp and golden brown on the edges.

As a special treat, dust your biscuits in cinnamon and sugar before cooking for a delicious campfire snack. You can also make icing for it or buy one and pack it along.

Cooking Campfire Biscuits On A Stick

As you can see there are several ways that you can cook biscuits while camping. Whether you want to eat them on your own or as part of a larger dish, they are simple to make and perfect for your next outdoor adventure.

With this guide, you can make biscuits using all sorts of methods meaning you can plan ahead on your next campout and get to making delicious biscuits over a campfire.

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