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Camping at Wisconsin State Parks: Discover the Unexpected Joys of Camping

Camping at Wisconsin State Parks: Discover the Unexpected Joys of Camping

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Camping at Wisconsin State Parks is a great way to get back to nature and experience camping in all its glory. People often associate camping with sleeping on the ground, but there are so many options these days, down to rentable cabins!

Camping at Wisconsin State Parks: Discover the Unexpected Joys of Camping

With miles of trails, incredible recreation areas, and a nature center or an observation tower or two, hands Down Wisconsin has some of the best state parks you will find anywhere! With the panoramic views from their sandy beaches, when added to picnic areas that are all located at a great spot, you simply can’t go wrong!

Whether you are looking at a short hike or going cross-country skiing in the open prairie during the winter, you will soon see why these not-so-hidden gems are favorite places to any Wisconsinite who loves to spend time in natural areas.

From the great lakes to Southern Wisconsin we have spectacular views from the Wisconsin State Park system for you to have a wonderful time.

Most of these camping sites have facilities like showers and bathrooms available as well, so you don’t need to worry about getting dirty or going too long without using the bathroom when you go camping. There are many places in Wisconsin where people can find campsites, such as Devil’s Lake State Park Campground and Wyalusing State Park Campground.

Let’s take a look at which of Wisconsin’s State Parks might be the perfect spot for you to enjoy the natural resources that all Wisconsin residents already love!

Camping at Wisconsin State Parks: Discover the Unexpected Joys of Camping

We’ll share more information about what it’s like to stay at one of these camping sites in our blog post! With 49 AMAZING Wisconsin State Parks, there is literally a place for everyone and something for all to do!

There’s camping for every type of weather, camping to suit your interests, and camping with amenities like showers and bathrooms. If you’re looking for a camping experience in Wisconsin that will make sleeping on the ground feel luxurious, then check out these campsites!

If you need any more information about camping at Wisconsin State Parks or want details on a camping site near you, then simply check out our list below. We are working our way through all 49 Wisconsin State Parks for a Complete Guide series!

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Camping Wisconsin State Parks

Just click on the link if you want to learn more about that park – and bear in mind, we haven’t gotten them all done yet.

1. Amnicon Falls State Park – You can drive to Amnicon Falls State Park from Superior or Duluth in under thirty minutes. People frequently visit Amnicon Falls State Park in conjunction with nearby Pattison State Park.

2. Aztalan State Park – Aztalan State Park is considered to be the largest and most important archeological site in Wisconsin. It is located in Aztalan town, Jefferson County. The park is renowned as the grounds where tribes of Native Americans thrived between AD. 1,000 and AD. 1,300.

3. Belmont Mound State Park – Belmont Mound State Park is an hour’s drive from both Madison, Wisconsin, and Dubuque, Iowa. Belmont Mound State Park is a pleasant place to visit off Highway 151 in Wisconsin’s southwest corner. It is unique in that it is operated by the Belmont Lions Club, which is a nonprofit organization.

4. Big Bay State Park – At 2,350 acres, Big Bay State Park is the largest tract of land in Madeline Island, Lake Superior, Ashland County. Madeline Island is the largest island in the Apostle Island chain.

5. Big Foot Beach State Park – The Big Foot Beach State Park is a 271-acres piece of land located on the shores of Lake Geneva in the Southern Unit of Kettle Moraine State Forest. This is a busy vacation destination during the summer season, with campers, hikers, and outdoor lovers coming to enjoy the fantastic attractions found in the park and Lake Geneva nearby.

6. Blue Mound State Park – If you’re looking for a place to spend the day outside with family and friends, then look no further! Blue Mound State Park has everything from hiking trails, to fishing lakes, campgrounds, and more.

7. Brunet Island State Park – Want to know about the natural beauty and wonders of Brunet Island State Park? From hiking, kayaking, bird watching, wildlife viewing, camping, and more we have it all covered!

8. Buckhorn State Park – Spread over8000 acres, Buckhorn State Park is one of the largest state parks, packing in 1600 acres of Buckhorn Wildlife Area and some 2200 acres of Yellow River Wildlife Area. This state park packs in many recreational opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts and is nothing short of a paradise for nature lovers. 

9. Copper Culture State Park – Copper Culture Mounds State Park may not be very popular but it has a lot of historical significance. It was home to the first inhabitants of this region, who are believed to have existed within 4000-2000 BC (over 5000 years ago!).

10. Copper Falls State Park – Imagine spending a weekend exploring spectacular cascading waterfalls, hiking beautiful trails that offer the most fantastic views, staying in old log cabins, and a chance to see the creation of ancient lava flows, hardwood forests, gorges, and cliffs in a 3,068-acre piece of land?

11. Council Grounds State Park – Located below the dam at Lake Alexander and along the Wisconsin River, this 508-acre park is a delightful haven for outdoor lovers. There are ample camping facilities here, and a wonderful wilderness that is etched in what used to be Native American territory.

12. Cross Plains State Park – This is a day use-only park with no entry fee and no restrooms. Hiking, backcountry skiing, snowshoeing, fishing, hunting, and trapping are among the activities available here.

13. Devil’s Lake State Park – The largest state park in Wisconsin, Devil’s Lake State Park is about thirty-five miles northwest of Madison and is on the western edge of where the last glacier stopped, right in the heart of the River Country.

14. Governor Dodge State Park – Governor Dodge State Park offers visitors many different things to do, including camping, hiking, fishing, boating, wildlife viewing, and more!

15. Governor Nelson State Park – Governor Nelson State Park was initially named after a former Wisconsin Governor, Gaylord Nelson. It covered 422 acres just outside of Waunakee, Wisconsin, in Westport and is located in the northern region of Lake Mendota.

16. Governor Thompson State Park – Governor Thompson State Park offers a variety of outdoor experiences within its 2,800 acres. Visitors of all kinds find something to love at this park. People enjoy a wide range of activities here.

17. Harrington Beach State Park – offers a little bit of everything. Visitors enjoy relaxing on the beach at Lake Michigan, but Quarry Lake and Puckett’s Pond also provide enjoyable picnics and outdoor activities. Visitors to this park are likely to see something new every time they visit.

18. Hartman Creek State Park – Hartman Creek State Park is a beautiful oasis in the heart of Wisconsin. If you’re looking for a great place to relax and enjoy nature, this is the perfect spot!

19. Heritage Hill State Park

20. High Cliff State Park – High Cliff State Park is one of Wisconsin’s most popular state parks. Located in the scenic Kettle Moraine, on the northeast corner of Lake Winnebago in the town of Sherwood, it offers a wide variety of activities for visitors year-round. From camping to hiking and biking to weddings; this guide will tell you everything there is to know about High Cliff State Park!

21. Interstate State Park – Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Wisconsin, Interstate State Park stands as a true gem, beckoning nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike to immerse themselves in its pristine beauty. This extraordinary park system spans state lines, extending its reach into

22. Kinnickinnic State Park – On the Minnesota edge of Wisconsin’s Western Region, Kinnickinnic State Park is a 1,242-acre park in which the Kinnickinnic River, locally known as Kinni River, joins the St. Croix River. The mouth of the Kinnickinnic River forms a sandy delta upon which boaters can picnic and camp. Kinnickinnic State Park is a large park that offers something for everyone. It has over 1,000 acres of land with trails to enjoy and forests to explore.

23. Kohler-Andrae State Park – offers a unique opportunity to explore the shore at one of Lake Michigan’s last natural preserves. Whether it’s enjoying the two miles of sandy beach, fishing in the pond, or hiking through dunes and woods.

24. Lake Kegonsa State Park – A unique blend of a lake that occupies 3,200 acres and a 342-acre forest makes Lake Kegonsa State Park one of the best recreational parks for outdoor lovers in Madison.

25. Lake Wissota State Park -Lake Wissota State Park is a great outdoor attraction for anyone seeking camping, hiking, snowshoeing, horse riding, and related outdoor adventures. The adjacent 6300-acre lake offers excellent grounds for swimming, kayaking, boating, paddling, fishing, and canoeing opportunities.

26. Lakeshore State Park – Lakeshore State Park is located on Lake Michigan is Wisconsin’s only urban park where visitors enjoy walking, biking, fishing, and paddling. The park also has a small pebble beach, a 20-slip marina, and connects to the Hank Aaron State Trail. This 22-acre park also serves as…

27. Lost Dauphin State Park

28. Merrick State Park – Merrick State Park sits on a 322-acre piece of land along the banks of the Mississippi River. The park is one of the most prolific outdoor parks in the upper Mississippi area.

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29. Mill Bluff State Park – Mill Bluff State Park is located near Camp Douglas (in Juneau and Monroe Counties) and contains numerous steep bluffs that stand tall among other exciting physical natural features

30. Mirror Lake State Park – There is a beautiful lake called Mirror Lake three miles south of Wisconsin Dells. The lake got its name from the glassy texture which offers a stunning reflection of the surrounding landscape. Encompassing this lake is a 2,000-acre park that contains all kinds of natural features, vegetation, and wildlife.

31. Natural Bridge State Park – While you can’t camp at Natural Bridge State Park, there is a lot of beauty to see and enjoy!

32. Nelson Dewey State Park – Nelson Dewey State Park is a 756-acre property in Cassville. The park is named as a dedication to Wisconsin’s first governor, Nelson Dewey. The park was once part of Dewey’s extensive 2,000-acre property before it was bought by the State and designated a State Natural Area.

33. New Glarus Woods State Park – Compared to other state parks in Wisconsin (such as Devil’s Lake State Park), New Glarus Woods State Park is relatively small, at 435 acres. However, this park contains some of the best hiking trails you can find near the city of New Glarus.

34. Newport State Park

35. Pattison State Park – Pattison State Park is home to Wisconsin’s highest waterfall, Big Manitou Falls. Big Manitou Falls is also the fourth highest waterfall east of the Rocky Mountains. This park’s fourteen hundred acres also include Little Manitou Falls, a lake with a sand beach, trails, and camping sites.

36. Peninsula State Park – Nestled in the heart of Door County, Peninsula State Park is hands down one of the most popular states for camping. With its extensive hiking trails and scenic views, is a favorite destination for campers and hikers alike in the East Wisconsin Waters area.

37. Perrot State Park – Perrot State Park is a Wisconsin state park on the Mississippi River in Trempealeau County, Wisconsin. This 1,212-acre park offers visitors over 20 miles of hiking and biking trails with scenic views of the river valley.

38. Potawatomi State Park – Enjoy Potawatomi State Park’s recreational options as well as its four unique landscapes. Views of Michigan Lake, the geologically important cliffs, hardwood forests, and the panoramic view of the bay are all available here. This park features the Niagara Escarpment, which provides the rocky cliffs of the park.

39. Rib Mountain State Park

40. Roche-A-Cri State Park 

41. Rock Island State Park

42. Rocky Arbor State Park

43. Straight Lake State Park

44. Tower Hill State Park

45. Whitefish Dunes State Park

46. Wildcat Mountain State Park

47. Willow River State Park

48. Wyalusing State Park – Wyalusing State Park overlooks the Wisconsin and Mississippi Rivers, the park is roughly 2,700 acres scattered with Indian burial grounds. It is one of the oldest parks in Wisconsin, the park offers bird watching, camping, hiking, and canoe rentals. Wyalusing has over 14 miles of hiking trails spreading throughout Sand Cave, Mississippi Ridge, Turkey Hollow, and Sugar Maple Nature just […]

49. Yellowstone Lake State Park


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