Incredibly Beautiful State Parks Near Sheboygan Wisconsin

Incredibly Beautiful State Parks Near Sheboygan Wisconsin

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With 50 state parks that give visitors access to the spectacular outdoors, Wisconsin is the perfect vacation destination for nature enthusiasts. Whether you live in the Badger State or you are planning a visit, you must definitely include at least one of the incredibly beautiful State Parks near Sheboygan, Wisconsin as part of your adventures

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Available are many tourist locations with beautiful landscapes, quaint small towns, top-notch hiking trails, and other outdoor activities. Here are some of the incredibly beautiful State Parks near Sheboygan Wisconsin where you may go for a stroll and enjoy the landscape.


1020 Beach Park Ln, Sheboygan, WI 53081

Kohler-Andrae State Park, one of the last surviving state natural areas, is located between Terry Andrae State Park and Michael Kohler State Park along the shores of Lake Michigan. John Michael Kohler State Park, created in 1966, and Terry Andrae State Park, created in 1927, include 988 acres.

The park also offers campsites, wetlands, a fishing pond, a white pine forest, picnic places, hiking and boardwalk trails across the majestic dunes, and chances for leisurely pursuits.

Kohler-Andrae State Park
Photo Credit: Wisconsin Explorer

This area is home to magnificent dunes, miles of golden beach, sparkling blue Lake Michigan water, whispering pines, and abundant wildlife. When you visit this scenic wonder, you can engage in the following recreational activities: 

Wisconsin Selfie Stands on the Road

At the selfie station, be sure to take a family photo! These stands may be found all around Wisconsin and can assist you in obtaining a photo with everyone and offer a stand for your camera. Set a timer and start taking pictures! Locate the selfie stand in the Parking Lot, which is home to the Sanderling Nature Center. At the first “T” intersection, turn left after proceeding north on the boardwalk.

Sanderling Nature Center

One of the park’s most well-liked attractions is the Sanderling Nature Center, situated in the northern part of the area among the dunes overlooking lovely Lake Michigan. The live turtles and snakes in the Sanderling Nature Center’s collection make for exciting exhibitions. Watch out for several animals and birds. Along with geese, ducks, sandhill cranes, and herons, it’s possible to see red foxes, white-tailed deer, squirrels, chipmunks, and squirrels.

It also connects to the Dunes Boardwalk, the beach, and the Creeping Juniper Nature Trail. Visitors may learn more about the park’s past and animals through interactive kiosks, displays, picture books, and other programs. Bathrooms, outdoor picnic tables, a rooftop observation deck, and a gift store are a few of the features.


Kohler-Andrae frequently hosts events and hikes for naturalists all through the summer.

The northwest section of the park is where you’ll find the Black River Trail. The 2.5-mile trek meanders through a red pine plantation, mixed woodlands, and open prairie; this trail is open to all users, including horses, hikers, and mountain bikers.


Of the numerous wildlife in the park, the white-tailed deer is the most well-known.

You can spot red foxes in the dunes occasionally. Ground squirrels frequently visit picnic places when hunting for scraps. If you leave out food in the camp, you may see raccoons. Coyotes may also occasionally be heard or spotted.

In the spring and fall, birds use the Lake Michigan shoreline as a migration route. Just offshore of the park, you can see impressive numbers of diving ducks. Along with many other fragile and endangered bird species, hawks frequently pass through the park region throughout their migration seasons.


The park is home to various species, including ducks, gulls, shorebirds, woodland warblers, vireos, sparrows, marshes, rails, and herons. Bring your binoculars and take in the vibrant and never-ending bird show.

Nature Trails

In the park, there are two independent nature trails. Just south of the nature center, the spectacular dune parts of the park are traversed by the self-guiding Creeping Juniper Nature Trail, which features nature markers.

The park’s Woodland Dunes Nature Trail is south of the campground and passes through a highly forested area. Many of the unusual trees that visitors encounter in Kohler-Andrae are described on self-guiding nature markers along the walk. For park visitors with mobility concerns, the initial segment of the Woodland Dunes Trail has a shorter, level limestone trail.


Explore the distinctive dunes that line Lake Michigan’s shore. You can bring pets to Wisconsin State Parks, but they must always be leashed and under supervision. As you walk along the recently renovated, extensive boardwalks, keep an eye out for deer and other wildlife.

The Dunes Boardwalk is located in the state’s natural region, north, and south of the nature center. A rare interdunal marsh area and Lake Michigan are visible from three viewing spots along a 2-and-a-half-mile “cord walk” (boards and rope) through the dunes.

On the western side of the campsite, just off the main camper road, is where you’ll find the Black River Marsh Boardwalk. You can stroll over the marsh and through the breeding ponds. The 1/4-mile boardwalk provides access west to the Black River. Along the walk, there are three lookout/resting platforms with benches. People with disabilities can quickly complete this stroll.


It has 141 campsites, 52 of which are electric, two self-guided nature trails, nine hiking and walking trails, two bike touring trails, two off-road bike trails, and six cross-country ski trails. Most of the camping places are in wooded regions.

There is also a cottage specifically for people with disabilities. All year round, camping, vault toilets, and power are available. From May through October, cross-country ski paths and the Nature Center are accessible. For individuals who don’t have their camping gear or wish to experience camping in a simple shelter, a canvas and pole tepee is also available to rent in the summer.

Every campground contains a picnic table and a campfire ring that may accommodate a family of six or more. The campground is open year-round. All cars going into state parks, forests, or recreational areas must have a Wisconsin State Park System vehicle entrance sticker on the windshield. For additional cars, there is also off-site parking available.


531 County Road D, Belgium, WI 53004

The beach at Harrington Beach State Park runs for more than a mile along Lake Michigan in the Wisconsin town of Belgium. This 715-acre park has a beautiful limestone quarry lake, old field grasslands with restored wetland ponds, and white cedar and hardwood swamps.

The closest major cities are Sheboygan, less than 25 miles (40.23 kilometers) north, and Milwaukee, less than 50 miles (80.47 kilometers) south. One of the park’s boundaries is the western side of Lake Michigan, one of the five Great Lakes. Accessing the park is made simpler by its location.

A family campground in Harrington Beach State Park includes 69 units. There are many ways to have fun in the park, such as hiking, biking, horseback riding, boating, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, swimming, picnic areas, geocaching, and other fun things to do in the winter.

If you want to host an event, the Adolph and Marie Ansay Welcome Center at the lower parking lot features new tables and chairs and a fireplace as a lovely backdrop. The space cost includes using a warming kitchen with a stove, microwave, and fridge.

There are routes here for biking, hiking, cross-country skiing, and horseback riding.

Incredibly Beautiful State Parks Near Sheboygan Wisconsin Harrington Beach State Park
Photo Credit: Wisconsin DNR

The neighboring enormous lake offers swimming, fishing, and other water sports. The park also offers additional activities like camping and picnics. You can hike, bird-watch, picnic, camp, sunbathe, fish, or study astronomy.

On nearby Lake Michigan, there are many activities to choose from. There are numerous alternatives for boating, paddling, and water sports. You can go swimming, fishing, and to the beach in the warmer months.

Harrington Beach State Park has many kilometers of trails for different types of hikers that vary in difficulty. There are hiking and biking trails. A couple of the trails are also accessible to wheelchair users. During the busiest months, there is a shuttle service to help people get where they want to go quickly and to keep traffic from getting backed up.

This location also has a star observatory with a roll-off dome that allows visitors to see the entire night sky. The observatory features an incredibly sturdy 20-inch telescope. Every month, the public may view the observatory.

This state park has swampy sections, several lakes and ponds, and wildflower-filled meadows. Visitors can see the different kinds of plants that make up the ecosystems and the animals that live in them.

Camping is possible all across the park, and staying there will make it simple for you to participate in all of its activities. Picnic tables and campfire rings are in each of the park’s campgrounds. Some sites have power hookups, while others do not.

The group campsite is a place that can be reserved and has no electricity. It can fit up to 30 people. There are five picnic tables and two campfire rings in the campground. Although a few walk-up sites are permitted during the peak season, reservations are advised. The Wisconsin State Park System requires that all motor vehicles that stop in its parks, woods, recreation areas, trails, and campgrounds display the required vehicle admission sticker.


N7630 State Park Rd, Sherwood, WI 54169

High Cliff State Park is the sole publicly accessible park on Lake Winnebago. High Cliff State Park, next to Sherwood’s Town, gets its name from the limestone cliff of the Niagara Escarpment. According to reports, Lake Winnebago is the largest inland lake in the United States, and what a sight it is with the park’s bluffs and the clear sky above.

High Cliff State Park
Photo Credit: Wiscation

In the early morning hours, the park, which is tucked along the northeastern shore of Lake Winnebago, is shaded by the bluffs. The park has a beach, an observation tower, play areas, picnic areas, historic sites, a marina, a campground, and historic sites.

Accessible facilities for people with disabilities include a specifically constructed cabin. More than 100 spots are available for rent at the marina. The concession stands at the marina sell food and supplies.

Within walking distance from the marina are bicycle trails, a restaurant, a golf course, and camping. You can also swim in the specified area; however, you must bring along your boat. The Niagara Escarpment and the Native American Mounds are two of the most interesting parts of the park.

There are 112 typical (family) campsites in High Cliff State Park, 32 of which have electric hookups, and eight group campsites. In the park, there is also a cottage that is accessible to those with disabilities.

There is firewood available at the park’s woodyard. Four picnic spots with tables, grills, water, and restrooms are available at High Cliff. The impressive 12-foot statue of Winnebago Indian Chief Red Bird, which sits on top of a huge granite boulder and looks out over the lake, is one of the park’s most popular sights.

You can climb the 40-foot observation tower, which offers stunning views of Lake Winnebago. Hikers can choose from a variety of challenging trails. Every trail loops back on itself; if you’re hiking, you should be careful around the sharp cliffs. Hikers who reach the cliff’s summit can see for miles in the distance and catch sights of Oshkosh and Appleton. 

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Anglers will enjoy fishing at Butterfly Pond and Lake Winnebago while camping at High Cliff State Park. In Butterfly Pond, you can anticipate finding largemouth bass and panfish. You can also find perch, walleye, and white bass in Lake Winnebago. Before casting your line, don’t forget to purchase a Wisconsin State Fishing License. The park administration lends out fishing gear.

At High Cliff State Park, you can only hunt and trap in certain places and at certain times. The only time firearms are allowed is during the annual deer hunt. Bow hunting is permitted during particular seasons in the park’s open sections.

Before entering the park, familiarize yourself with hunting and trapping rules. Any car that goes into a state park, forest, or recreational area must have a vehicle admission sticker from the Wisconsin State Park System.

Final Thoughts On Incredibly Beautiful State Parks Near Sheboygan Wisconsin

There are several things to consider while deciding which state parks are the best to visit. While some encourage participation in events and activities, others are more self-centered. There is something special to be found in each of these state parks. You won’t be dissatisfied, with the incredibly beautiful State Parks near Sheboygan, Wisconsin no matter which State Park you choose.