Camping At Disney World Tips and Answers

Camping At Disney World Tips and Answers

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Disney World is a historic site that has attracted the attention of millions yearly and has never seized to waiver on the amounts of entertainment they provide to their visitors.

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They have a lot of amenities you can choose from to compliment your visit, and it includes camping along with Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground. It makes camping at Disney World simple!

It is generally a themed camping site in the Magic Kingdom Resort Area and has been open since November 1971. The campground is also in close range to Disney’s River Country and adjacent to Bay Lake, and others may see it as a defunct water park.

Camping At Disney World

There has been a passionate love for Disney so much that people have fallen in love with the campsite and are always asking questions to get the best experience. Here are a few of your most commonly asked questions answered…

How much does it cost to stay at the Disney campground?

Almost all major campsites in the US attract a cost, and as such, it depends on where you are going for the fees to vary. There are several fees to choose from at the Disney campground, depending on the package you choose. For 2020, the prices vary based on a period, cabin choice, and sleep groups to include (average range):

  • January – $75 to $560 (For sleep groups up to 10)
  • February – $75 to $500+ (For sleep groups up to 10)
  • March – $100 to $500+ (For sleep groups up to 10
  • April – $140 to $500+ (For sleep groups up to 10)
  • May – $91 to $490 (For sleep groups up to 10)
  • June – $91 to $450 (For sleep groups up to 10)
  • July – $91 to $470 (For sleep groups up to 10)
  • August – $91 to $415 (For sleep groups up to 10)
  • September – $60 to $460 (For sleep groups up to 10)
  • October – $76 to $500 (For sleep groups up to 10)
  • November – $76 to $560 (For sleep groups up to 10)
  • December – $76 to $700 (For sleep groups up to 10)

Is there a campground at Disney World?

Yes, it is called the Disney Fort Wilderness campground, which has been in operation for a while. It offers a wide array of amenities and facilities for you to choose from to enhance the whole experience of your vacation.

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Camping at Disney World FAQs

What is a preferred campsite at Fort Wilderness?

As for saying which campsite is the best, it might be a general statement as the sites vary in size and location. Some are pretty smaller than others and do not allow you to drive in, especially if you have an RV.

It all depends on your liking as there are some sites which are close to the marina, some secluded and quiet while others are more in busy regions with more people. The small sites offer mainly tent settings while the larger ones allow for vehicular parking and setup.

Do you get magic bands at Fort Wilderness?

Once you reserve a spot at Disney to include Fort Wilderness Campground, you will receive your magic band that is customized for whichever site you are going to.

You will have to reserve your spot at least ten days in advance so they will be able to send your band in the mail before you get to the location. It is a complimentary gift of the park, and you get the opportunity for it to be customized to your liking.

Are the pools at Fort Wilderness heated?

This feature is an advantage for the park, making it a preferred location above most other campsites. The pools at Disney, including those at Fort Wilderness, are heated, so for those who fear cold water, you can relax and go for a swim whenever you like.

There is also a whirlpool spa that provides more heating than the regular pools, and though pools tend to open all year, they may close at times because of harsh weather conditions.

Does Fort Wilderness get extra magic hours?

Once you reserve a spot at any Disney facility, you have the opportunity to benefit from Extra Magic Hours. These hours allow guests to roam around the campsite outside of operation hours. After all, there is so much to explore, and with the extended wait times during the day, one may end up not being able to get a chance to visit a select area.

Do you have to pay for parking at Fort Wilderness Cabins?

If you plan to drive and park by the cabins at Fort Wilderness, you may have to receive a permit to do this, which you have to pay for. The cost might be anywhere from $20 and up as each cabin is allowed one parking space.

Can you have visitors at Fort Wilderness?

Yes, you may have a few visitors at your cabin, but they will not be able to park on the site. They will have to leave their vehicles on the outskirts of the theme park and take the internal shuttle bus to your loop. Ensure you provide them with an efficient map so they can easily identify which shuttle service to access.

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