Apostle Islands Camping: What you need to know

Apostle Islands Camping: What you need to know

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Apostle Islands Camping? If you have heard about or went to Apostle Islands before, then you will know it is a group of Islands that make up the fantastic site you know.

Apostle Islands Camping: What you need to know

It is located in northern Wisconsin off the Bayfield Peninsula. The group consists of 22 Islands in Lake Superior. It is spread across different regions like Sand, Eagle, Raspberry, and York being in Bayfield County, a vast majority located in Ashland County, and Madeline in Apostle Island National Lakeshore.

Apostle Islands Camping

With these many amazing locations, someone who has never visited would want to know what the experience of camping out there is like. For sure, based on the reviews we have seen, you are missing out on something fantastic! Apostle Islands will be celebrating 50 years in 2020, and we are sure they have a lot to offer their guess from pricing down to features and amenities.

The decision to camp out at Apostle Islands may leave you asking…

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Do you need a license to go camping?

The direct answer to this question is – yes, you will need a permit to visit the Island. Visiting the site will see you need a license to access the amenities and features of the site. Permits may be granted for individual campers as well as group camping and can be requested in advance before your initial visit to the Islands.

The permits you get are valid for 14 consecutive camping nights, non-transferable, and come at a cost. Permits also come after you make your reservation, and your campsite is assigned. Other campsites like Stockton Presque Isle Campsite 2-19 sometimes work on a first-come-first-serve basis, and getting a permit for one of these sites will guarantee a campsite though it may not work on a “specific location” you prefer.

Upon reserving your spot at a campsite, you will receive an email confirmation. However, the confirmation note is not your permit and should be requested and printed at least two days before your visit. Failure to do this will require you to pick up your permit in person at the Visitor’s Center. When you are booking a group permit, you have to ensure you brief

each member of your team on the rules of the campsite as any breach of the rules will be an illegal charge to you and your account. Each reservation comes at the cost of $10 when you book a group of one to seven persons ($15 per night) and the same for a group of eight persons and upward ($30 per night)

Can you kayak to the Apostle Islands?

For everyone who goes camping, the ultimate motive is to enjoy the best of what nature offers in a scenic view while you dig deep into an adventurous journey. As such, many people will want to travel along the lakes and rivers via kayak, but is it allowed on the Islands? Traveling by boat along Lake Superior is great, and there is so much sight-seeing for you to experience.

However, before you go riding down the lake on a kayak, you will want to check the weather forecast for that day, check your paddles and other equipment, and know just how far you can go (strength-wise, equipment stability, etc.)

Apostle Islands

There may be a limit on the amounts of small boats that access the waters as the National Park Service highly disapproves of them. They note riding open boats, sit-upon kayaks, canoes, or open cockpit kayaks can be a little dangerous.

Besides, these sea equipment are pretty small and, most times, are not seen by larger boats who may pose a danger to them. You will have to paddle your way out of danger or use a signal flag to alert incoming boaters, and this can be dangerous. Also, it is recommended that if you must use a kayak, you should wear bright-colored clothing.

How old do you have to be to get a camping permit?

For some persons who have visited, 18-year-olds have been granted permits but with limits. However, as an adult, you have generalized permits which do not limit the areas and activities you can partake in.

Can you have a campfire in a national forest?

Camping in and around Apostle Island will be great and grant you a lifetime experience. However, there are certain camp practices which you must abide by, or you may stand the chance of being persecuted or face the law.

Camping on Apostle Islands will allow you to light campfires in fire receptacles on select sandy beaches close to the water’s edge. Some of the locations do not allow fires altogether. At the same time, there is strict regulation against lighting fires an average of 150 feet away from the campsite, especially if fire receptacles are not in the area. You also have to use dead logs for fires as power and chainsaws are not allowed.

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