Chillax at Mounds State Campground in Indiana

Chillax at Mounds State Campground in Indiana

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Sometimes the best way to hang out with kids is by embarking on a camping trip. Aside from the regular conventional visit to the amusement park each time they are on school break, a well-detailed camping trip, fully packed with fun and entertaining activities, might be a better alternative.

Mounds state campground can truly help you with this. Mounds State Campground can provide you a camping experience that you would never forget.

Chillax at Mounds State Campground in Indiana

Check out the Educational Center!

The building and structure are said to possess about ten distinct earthworks with historical ties with the Indians. One of the earthworks found in this place- the largest one can be dated to 160BC.

According to thorough research carried out by talented archaeologists, it is believed that the mounds were initially utilized for religious get-togethers as well as ceremonies. Personally, we loved the nature watching area and the folly of the black squirrels competing for sunflower seeds and chill-axing as we played tic-tac-toe.

Chillax at Mounds State Campground in Indiana

There are a lot of incredible hands-on activities and blind search boxes. We know that kids learn through play and it’s great to give them incredible things to play with. We even love how they have a stepped-up bench by the animal sections for the littles to get better viewing!

Chillax at Mounds State Campground in Indiana

Getting to the basics:

Mounds is a tremendous campground that has everything, or almost everything, to make the family fun and entertainment complete — starting from the social amenities made available such as adequate water, toilet facility, to the bathrooms.

All campsites made available at Mounds are very nicely spaced, convenient, well-organized, and properly maintained. You back in on a blacktop surface which means people like us (with a pop-up camper) have an easier time staying level.

We make sure to always pack those dollar-store flip flops for the showers and were delighted at how clean they were! Trust me, not all campsites pass our test – and we have refused to shower before!

Chillax at Mounds State Campground in Indiana

Critters? Yes, they have an abundance of Trash Pandas ( raccoons ) and make sure to educate everyone against leaving their garbage outside at night. These little fur-balls are like a well-oiled military machine with a leader barking commands. We woke up late one night and caught the show. Either keep your food in the camper, car, or tree- so you don’t end up hungry the next morning.

Chillax at Mounds State Campground in Indiana

Mounds State Campground is a great place to go:

Fishing- Some people have never touched a fish line, talk less of catching a fish from the lake. Well, fishing is a very significant kind of activity useful for relaxing and cooling off.

Hiking- This is one way to exercise your muscles as well as clear your head. Bring along your hiking kits and get ready to experience a perfectly safe and secure hiking experience. You can even get to join a group of people to make it more fun and exciting. The trails are rated from easiest to the most challenging.

Swimming- You don’t need to do what you don’t want to do when you have a ton of alternatives to select from. Their aquatic facility is amazing from the diving board down to the splash pad. This is an additional $3 per person and the pool closes at 6:00 pm – rousting your out of it at 5:45.

Chillax at Mounds State Campground in Indiana

Cycling- This involves engaging yourself with other bikers or cyclers, probably early in the morning as a means of exercise. I love doing things that create a breeze as you go!

Canoeing- I am sure the majority of people have no idea what this means. It involves making use of an archaic kind of boat with paddles to move on water. It is also a kind of exciting sport. (Yes, I am being silly) Most people we saw had motorboats with them.

There are so many other activities you can indulge in while at Mounds State Park. Trust me, you can never get bored.

Chillax at Mounds State Campground in Indiana
Check out how family-friendly this nature center is – even steps for the littles to climb and get a better view of the critters like the racing snake – which can go about 8 miles an hour on land! Eek!

Mounds is easy to find:

It is situated a few miles east of Anderson, Indiana, and is clearly marked by signs. Just look for the rolling grassy knolls that are dotted with picnic tables and free-use grills. The local park rangers all have a welcoming smile and are beyond helpful. Maybe you will get lucky enough to see a trash panda!

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