Recharge at Salamonie Lake State Campground

Recharge at Salamonie Lake State Campground

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Time to get away from a world full of worries for a little while and have some fun for once. Do you know that going on a camping trip and participating in entertaining activities help uplift one’s spirit?

Most times, when feeling a little pressured at work, it’s time to embark on a camping or backpacking trip with the family. Getting unplugged and into nature is great to de-stress and honestly? It recharges me as a mom.

Salamonie Lake State Campground in Indiana is perfect for that. I know that not everyone is treated like a guest travel writer – we were greeted enthusiastically, escorted to our campsite, offered a full service water fill up for our camper and even delivered fire-wood. Perks of the visit that they didn’t need to do to impress us as they offer an amazing campground.

Recharge at Salamonie Lake State Campground

Salamonie Lake State Campground is a 12,000 acres outdoor property, full of different activities one can indulge in. It is a vast place that is capable of containing a large population of people.

With this substantial piece of property, you should be guessing they have a lot in store for you to enjoy as well as the necessary facilities, equipment, and amenities to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Recharge at Salamonie Lake State Campground

We fell in love with the nature center. All three of us are suckers for animals and might have been known to even stop and help turtles cross the road. The nature viewing area was incredible. In your quiet space you can watch birds, 3 different kinds of squirrels, chipmunks and more indulge in the buffet of feeders.

I adored the black squirrels while Miss Sarah watched the little red. Who knew chipmunks could cram so many sunflower seeds in their cheeks before taking off?

The bird books on the table help you indentify the over 20 different species that we saw – down to hummingbirds. All that was missing was a little Disney music and some cleaning action.

Recharge at Salamonie Lake State Campground

The nature center has a lot more than just a viewing area – there is plenty to look around at and learn more about the area and wildlife. While I get kind of creeped out by live animals that have been stuffed, I appreciate  how they live on to help educate others about their size and looks.

You also get to see a vast 2,855 acres of lake for boating activities, swimming as well as fishing. It is an excellent place to start your adventure by having a long bath in the lake or indulging in fishing practices.

If you can’t fish, it is a unique way to learn how. There are so many activities you can get access to in this campground, some of which include horse riding, biking, hiking, hunting and so on. I wasn’t kidding when I said this place had a lot of things in store for you.

For those who love hunting for game, they have a 9,000 acre of land specifically partitioned to carry out hunting activities. I have never heard of that in a state park!

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Moving away from ordinary activities, they have the golf courses in the area available for the older generation who loves to play. They have up to five golf courses enough to contain all golf lovers present at the campground.

It might also provide an excellent opportunity to meet great minds and fellow golf lovers…the hubster likes to swing a few rounds, but Miss Sarah and I are more of the mini-golf variety.

Some of them include Etna Acres Golf Club, Lafontaine Golf Club, Norwood Golf Club, Arbor Trace Golf Club, and so on… Have littles? No worries – there are plenty of playgrounds for them too!

Recharge at Salamonie Lake State Campground

I have always mentioned the bathrooms – it is important to note that we were there for the 4th of July weekend – and the place was packed. There were ALWAYS people in the showers or bathroom and I honestly think it was just hard to keep up with the crowd.

The ladies’ room was passable, the hubster wouldn’t use the men’s. I like to think that it is because we ladies are a tad tidier? I just chalk it up to a busy weekend and something you have to expect if you camp over a holiday.

Personally, I was tickled to see how many people were taking advantage of a state park! It is a very family-friendly and affordable way to take a break from the everyday.

Recharge at Salamonie Lake State Campground

Going back to nature, they have a beautiful garden set up. Butterflies and birds are drawn to a section of glorious blooms and another area is dedicated to herbs.

You can see which were medicinal, aromatherapy candidates, and even for dying fabric back in the day. Local Boy Scouts created a bench to make the perfect resting spot for a visitor.

Here, you also get to see a few natural reserves and appreciate the incredible natural creations:

 Kokiwanee Nature Preserve

 Hathaway Preserve at Ross Run

 Hanging Rock National Natural Landmark

It is an excellent place for a family reunion, family picnic or gathering, and so on. Aside from the fun and entertainment, there are also places in this campground designated for learning.

You get to learn and expose your kids to a whole lot of history you haven’t been able to explain to them. We have the US Vice president’s museum where with the help of the guide, you will be able to establish some details about his history. You also get to see images and artworks having a connection with US history. Other historical sites include:

 Forks of the Wabash Historic Park

 James Dean Country

This really is an amazing place to park and play: park your camper or tent and play not only at Salamonie Lake State Campground, but in the surrounding area.

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