The Best Tips for Camping in Door County

The Best Tips for Camping in Door County

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Camping in Door County? Camping has been a major part of most people’s lives, especially during their vacation breaks. They plan it for years, and when it finally arrives, they want to make the most of it. Door County sits between Green Bay and Lake Michigan on a popular peninsula in Wisconsin.

It features a long shoreline with numerous parks to grant you a great experience on your visit. Sheltering Nicolet Beach, the Peninsula State Park provides a scenic and historical view of nature and beautifully-arrayed low-lying waters.

Tips for Camping in Door County

Newport State Park is a wilderness park located on Lake Michigan that boasts a lot of trails. As for Potawatomi State Park, it features a myriad of limestone cliffs and a beautiful natural backdrop.

What town is Peninsula State Park in?

Peninsula State Park sits on an average of 3,776 acres of a natural landmark and is a popular Wisconsin State Park. It features up to thirteen kilometers of Green Bay shoreline and is situated in Door County.

To date, Peninsula is the third largest Wisconsin nature park and has over a million visitors each year. The park was officially declared a state park in 1910 and was the second largest at the time in Wisconsin. Over the years, major developments were done on the site, and today, the amazing park we see is the hard work of the state, architects, and other dedicated workers.

With the millions of people visiting the park today, it sure has come a far way in satisfying the vacation needs of those who visit.

Peninsula State Park boasts over 468 campsites, a golf course (18-hole), trails (ski, hiking, and biking), a sandy beach, a summer theater, a lighthouse, and 150-foot bluffs. You sure will create a once-in-a-lifetime experience with your visit to this national park and campsite.

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How much does it cost to camp in Wisconsin state parks?

Camping in Wisconsin is limitless fun as there are countless campsites to choose from. But camping in Wisconsin does not always come with a free cost even though most of them have a small fee.

For most of the campsites in Wisconsin, the rate ranges based on the amenities and features offered at each site, as well as the times the reservations are made.

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For some of the parks, the weekday prices differ from weekend packages and also vary based on individual camping or group camping. Also, some offer different packages for residents against non-residents. Peninsula State Park offers packages like:

  • * Weekday non-electric/electric – $20/$35 (Residents) and $25/$40 (non-residents)
  • * Weekend nonelectric/electric – $22/$37 (Residents) and $27/$42 (non-resident)
  • Most of the other parks and campsites in the state range around the same price for each reservation.

Are there bears in Peninsula State Park?

The idea of seeing bears in Peninsula State Park is somewhat a low percentage as they are not spotted in the park boundaries that often. On rare occasions, people have noted they saw a few black bears during their visit, but is it not a threat to your visit or your campout.

Camping in Door County black bears

While camping, though, it is recommended to get food boxes that you can use to protect your food in case they come roaming around while you are not around. Other than that, they are not a threat, so no need to worry. Black bears tend to be scared of people at times and may only retaliate if they are threatened.

Are there bears in Door County?

Black bears are not popular in Door County, and the chances of seeing one are really at an all-time low. Maybe one could be in the deep rural regions of the park, but it will never come out for sure. They are more popular in Peninsula State Park but still not so common to cause fear.

Are dogs allowed in Peninsula State Park?

Peninsula State Park is a place for every member of the family to include your pets. After all, you wouldn’t want to leave them home alone while you are out, creating memories. The park is pet-friendly and allows you to take your dogs with you to the many campsites available.

However, you must ensure your dog is always on a leash that is no longer than 6 feet so you can control them easily. Also, it is illegal to leave your pets unattended, and there are no fees to include your pets in your reservation.

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