11 Tips for Camping with Toddlers

11 Tips for Camping with Toddlers

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Taking a toddler on a camping trip is an exciting time for them. It is the perfect opportunity for families to bond and has one-on-one time with each other over the bond fire and some hot chocolate.

camping with toddlers

Camps are a great way to connect with nature, and whether you have been going since you were a child or it’s your first, there are always a few tips you could use. However, when you plan on camping with toddlers, there are certain things you need to consider…

How To Camp With Toddlers

Keep Abreast Of The Weather

Camping needs to be done in the most conducive weather, preferably a dry one. If the weather turns out to be too rainy or with too much wind, it will hinder them and limit the amounts of fun they can have. Most of the time, they will have to cuddle in their tents. The dangling weather is not ideal for your kids to have a memorable time.

Carry Familiar Toys

You may be wondering “why the need to carry toys on a camping trip” when the outdoors will have no bounds for them to explore. However, believe it or not, kids can get bored even with a setting like this, and having a familiar replacement to occupy their time is best.

Their favorite toys will keep them relaxed and calm. One toy might be good enough, as this will help them to rotate behind having fun indoors and outdoors.

camping with toddlers

Research The Camping Location

Before you pack away, ensure you research all there is to know about the area from the type of plants (to reduce the levels of allergic reactions) to the potential lurking animals which may venture on the grounds. It would not be safe for kids to be in an area where, after exploring, they end up hurting themselves. Also, research loose things like berries as kids can wander and tempted to eat.

Choose A Place With Lots Of Activities

Kids love adventure, and with their package-full of energy, they will need to release it somewhere that is safe. They can become bored quite quickly, so having lots of kid-friendly activities will keep them entertained.

Areas with open spaces can be a good choice as you get to have family games, hiking, painting, and so much more. Also, it is best to plan the activities before you go, so you know how to handle them.

Bring A Night Light When Camping with Toddlers

Kids are often scared of the dark, so having a headlamp in place will help to keep them calm and relaxed. Also, it gives them the privilege to move around the camp freely.

Having a headlamp also reduces the risk of developing anxiety in the dark, but do not let it let be one of the “blinding ones”. A fun and colorful light for your kid will be fresh for everyone.

Travel With Bug Spray

When you are packing, ensure you add a few bottles of bug spray and creams for your toddlers. They are vulnerable, and while we can work through a few bites, our little ones cannot. Also, a few tubes of sunscreen id necessary for the trip as the sun rays can be damaging to their skin.

If you are not comfortable with using sunscreens on them, it is best to let them play and explore in the shade. Sprays without DEET is the best choice for young ones.

Let Their Beds Be Comfortable

Kids love having a comfortable night’s rest, so ordinary sleeping bags are not the best choice. There are lots of toddler cots available, and most are very affordable. Also, airbeds may deflate quickly in the outdoors, and having to pump during the night can be annoying.

Watch Kids Around The Campfire

Kids know no bounds when it comes to exploring and doing the most in an outdoor setting. As you light the campfire, they may want to walk too close or maybe play around, so you have to be vigilant.

You can advise them only to sit close to the fire as it can harm them. Also, as you roast anything, let them only watch but not take part.

Carry A Backup Heat Source

The time can be humid to cold, especially during the night, no matter the season, so having a backup heating source can help toddlers not become distressed. Also, a heating source would be ideal for preparing warm meals for your toddlers in case it is raining. A small propane tank or micro cooker (without the use of electricity) should be included on the list when packing.

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Camping with Toddlers: Have Light Snacks

Camping with toddlers means you will have a lot of mouths always wanting to eat because they need to top up their energy levels. Light snacks will be a good option as a lot of times, it is impossible to prepare a hot meal, so at least they will still have something to munch on.

Bring A Baby Mat

Camping means the toddlers will be on the move at all times, so having a mat for them to crawl on will protect their hands and feet. Objects are lying around that can puncture their palms, so always being close to them will help to reduce the risk of wandering.

There are so many ways to camp with your toddlers, and these tips will help you create the most amazing memories to last a lifetime. Camping lets you bond and connect, besides creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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