How to Camp With Dogs

How to Camp With Dogs

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How To Camp With Dogs? Camping is one of the most exciting and sure ways of connecting with nature and being grateful for everything that it offers. You always want to ensure you do what it takes to create a lifetime memory even if it means including the whole family if needs be.

But how can this be achieved without going over the top? Camping!

how to camp with dogs

Going camping is a great way to bond and develop stronger relationships. However, there may be a little concern for many when it comes to taking your dogs with you. They are up for the adventure, but it is not always an easy thing to get them to cooperate fully.

How To Camp With Dogs

Because we understand the need to have them with you, we have done a little research to help you out with a few tips to make your camping with your dogs go leisurely…

Let Them Be Your Companion

Your dogs are your best friends, and they will never let you rest in peace if you go without them. When you take them on camps, you should not leave them at the tent or in your car all by themselves.

It can be rather inconvenient on your part as you may be worried while out. Also, it is a case of putting your dog in harm’s way of any potential dangers that may lurk around the campsite. Bear in mind, the weather can change as it feels, and this is not safe for your furry pets, and wildlife has no boundaries when it comes to wandering around.

Do Not Remove Their Leash

When you take your dogs to camp, ensure they are not removed from their leash as they may see the need to explore beyond measure. Your dogs will get tempted by the sound of nature, and the freedom to be outside.

No matter how trained they are at home, you will never be good enough to hold them in place without them chasing after something. Just imagine how active and adventurous they can get when they are home and see the cars passing by. What do you think will happen when they see free squirrels running about?

That will be a good avenue for a chase! That is one of the main reasons why most campgrounds ask that persons continually have their dogs on leash (up to 6 feet long is perfect).

how to camp with dogs

Co-sleeping Is Great

When you go camping with your dogs, many recommend sleeping with them as a form of protecting them from the onset of wildlife like cote or skunks. Whether you are sleeping in your car or ten

t, co-sleeping helps to keep them quiet and in place. Also, it is the perfect way to keep you in the know if something is going wrong as you will be able to wake up quickly once they move. This reason is why, when packing, you need to have a tent that has maximum space for moving around comfortably and with efficient flexibility.

Camping with Dogs Gear: Pack For Your Dogs

When planning to take your dogs to camp, there are certain items that you must pack for them. First off, you need to pack a few pick-up bags for your dogs so there will be “no traces left behind” (a way of promoting cleanliness).

Their waste is not always safe for the environment as harmful weeds and parasites can form from it. In addition to protecting the situation, you are also catering for others to have a great time with no “animal waste” contact you did not remove. Also, it would be best if you packed for all kinds of weather when going.

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Yes, we understand it may be summer, and the time is dry, but the weather is unpredictable, and you wouldn’t want to know you have not made plans to make their comfort and safety. Other items you need to pack include feeding and water bowls, blankets, toys, etc.

Packing Their Food

Dogs are gonna be outdoors so they may become “wayward” and not want to eat. With this, we recommend you add a mixture of both wet and dry foods so they can have a choice.

Also, it would be best if you were mindful of how they feed while on camp, meaning they get what you deem adequate for their feeding. Never over-feed as leftovers can be a trap to encourage wildlife to roam your space, and this may not be safe. Let their food be what they love most, so each time, they will be glad to eat it all off.

Pack A First-Aid Kit

This tip is essential when taking your dogs on camp. The safety kit has everything to protect them from the on

set of any unforeseen health issues. You want your fur babies to explore without limitations, so items like paw protectors, brushes or comb, their vitamins, iodine or peroxide for wounds, and more are essential and a must-have. Don’t have the space for the additional package?

Why not consider getting a “dogpack” just as you have your backpack. Here is a great article that talks more about pet first aid: Basic Pet First Aid Tips Every Pet Owner Should Know:

With all of the excitement that comes with packing, the least you want to experience is a tragedy. You can prevent all of this problem with careful planning. Create memories with your babies in the little time you have with them by doing what you must the first time around.

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