10 Tips For Camping When Cold Weather Hits

10 Tips For Camping When Cold Weather Hits

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Camping when cold weather arrives is never an easy task, yet the fun and memories created are worth the pressure faced. However, there are certain things one must bear in mind when it comes to camping during the cold weather, for one’s health and wellness.

tips for camping in cold weather

Many persons experience what camping in the woods during winter is like and how they managed to survive without freezing to death. We have compiled a list of essential tips you should consider, especially if you are taking your kids with you (you can manage the cold…they can’t!)

Camping When Cold Weather is an Issue

Check The Weather Forecast

This tip is by far the most crucial tip to consider when planning a cold camp. Though you want to experience what it is like, it is much safer to follow the weather guidelines. You do not want to go out when there is a forecast for heavy snow during the night.

Even though you will be in a tent, it is not ideal for keeping your body temperature at an average warming level. Also, as you plan, you should ensure those close to you who are not going on the camp know your whereabouts and when you expect to return. Bear in mind the weather fluctuates, so what it is now may not be the same tomorrow. Take extra care!

campsite scouting for camping in colder weather

Check On Your Campsite

You don’t just get up and go to a particular campsite the next day! Doing a little research on the area and getting some accurate information will help you to settle in easier. Visiting the area a few days before may help in ensuring the ground is safe and ideal as well as prepare your tent spaces.

Snow melts, and if your tent is uneven, you know what may happen. Also, leveling the tent area should include digging mini troughs around it in case of snow melts, the water will flow away instead of in your tents.

Cold Weather Camping Gear

Pack The Right Tent

Any tent won’t do the job right because the conditions are above average. When searching for the ideal cold-camp shelter, you may want to go for Padded tents that are suitable for the cold weather and one that can reduce the release of much-needed heat.

Also, in packing the right tent, you could consider getting one that allows you to share space, so there is an abundance of body heat to keep the inside warm. The camp is all about bonding, so the shared-space shouldn’t be an issue.

tents for cold weather camping

Pack A Heated Water Bottle And Portable Stove/Kettle

You will need this bottle in addition to a portable stove or kettle as you will need to stay warm at all times. Also, a trick worth mentioning is that a stainless steel non-insulated hot water bottle in your sleeping bags, it will produce radiating heat your body will love.

The ground is wet and snow everywhere, so the potential of successfully lighting a campfire is slightly low, and a warm meal would be best for weather conditions like these.

Stack Up On Boot Liners And Gloves

Frostbites are real even when you are wearing boots! Your boots left overnight will get cold, and it can be uncomfortable when you dip your feet in them. Your body converses warmth transmitted through your hand and feet, so keeping these warm will help your body.

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These liners and gloves are best if made of synthetic material or high-quality wool to reduce the level of moisture you are experiencing.

Leave Cotton Clothing At Home

Camping means you want to have fun no matter the weather condition you do it in. Taking cotton clothing may hinder you from enjoying the best of the moment as it does not create the ambiance for keeping your body temperature stable (it causes it to fall).

Also, cotton does not sap moisture too well and is an avenue for creating unnecessary bacteria. Instead, you need to pack clothing made of wool as they keep you warm without overheating and saps extreme humidity.

camping when cold

Take Sleeping Pads With You

These pads are not just there to keep you comfortable, but they also serve as a barrier between the cold ground and your body. So, adding them under your sleeping bag or above (whichever you prefer) will help alot.

Winter Camping Hacks

When Nature Calls…Go!

Most campers have noted this as being one of the most important to keep in mind…when you need to pee, go! When you store your urine, the body goes into overdrive in trying to keep the urine warm in your bladder, and it can drain your body.

We know it can be hard to go out in the middle of the night, so keeping an extra bottle in the tent (label as you desire) is a good option. Also, reduce the amount of your fluid your drink as you are not able to burn many calories in the cold weather.

Pack High-Energy Snacks

The cold can be annoying at times, and you tend to lose a lot of energy trying to focus on keeping your body warm. Packing a few high-energy snacks (carbs and fiber) will help to regulate your blood flow and keep you moving. Besides, you will not always have the time to cook something, so munching on something substantial will be perfect.

Spend Time Around Each Other

This tip seems simple, yet it is an effective one. The closer you stay to each other, the warmer you will become. Shared body heat will help to keep you warm while playing those card games or telling those jokes while enjoying a cup of coffee or hot chocolate.

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