Our Simple Kid’s Trash Panda Craft For Kids

Our Simple Kid’s Trash Panda Craft For Kids

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A Trash Panda Craft? If it is one thing I have learned about camping, it is always be prepared. I know it sounds like an old scouting motto, but it is true. You can’t always expect to have perfect weather, and if you have kids? You need things to keep them occupied when they can’t get out and into nature.

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I have found that “busy” bags were a great investment of time for preparation for any inclimate weather and links like this kid’s trash panda craft are perfect to tuck away for that literal rainy day.

Why trash pandas? Raccoons are a fact of camping and are really fascinating creatures. They are actually related to bears and have seven different species, one being rare: the pygmy. With a life span of about 5 years in the wild, raccoons usually end up about 2 feet or so in length and weigh between 12-15 pounds.

They are larger and heavier if they are from colder climates. They have grayish fur, a black mask around their eyes, and a long tail covered with black and brown bands. Because of their tail, they are nicknamed “ringtails”.

Raccoon’s hand looks like a human’s. They have five fingers and use their hands to collect food, open shells, door, or trash cans… which is a reason that most campgrounds ask you to keep your garbage out of reach at night.

Raccoons often place food in water before they start to eat it. They have a highly sensitive sense of touch and water increases sensitivity even more. By touching the food they get a better insight into things they will eat.

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Raccoons are solitary (live on their own) and nocturnal creatures (they hunt at night). Unless you are in the campgrounds of Indiana. I swear that most state campgrounds had a herd of trash pandas that worked as an organized militia of scavengers. There was a leader that chittered to their underlings with instructions.

You can see how these are such fascinating creatures – and the reason why we needed to give you a raccoon Papercraft!

Kid’s Trash Panda Craft

First of all, you will need our raccoon template. It will help you trace and cut all parts you need for your little trash panda craft.

Kid's Trash Panda Craft supplies

List of Supplies:

  • Colored craft papers
  • Craft glue
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Black sharpie

Trash Panda Craft Instructions:

Select dark grey colored paper (or brown), cream-colored paper (or off-white), and pink colored paper and black colored craft papers for the raccoon papercraft. Trace the template patterns on the selected papers and cut them out nicely.

Use a black sharpie to add strips on the tail cutout. Attach the inner body pattern (small oval-shaped pattern with a scalloped border on one side) on the main body pattern (big oval-shaped piece).

Attach the tail on the backside of the body pattern. Attach the 2 paw patterns on the bottom side of the body pattern.

Attach the eye cutouts on the eye patch cutouts, attach the inner ear parts on the main ear parts, attach the V-shaped pattern on the top middle part of the head and finally, attach the small round cutout (nose) on the bottom side of the V pattern.

Attach the ears on 2 sides of the head’s top end.

Attach the eye parts on the head and then attach the head on the top side of the main pattern. Use a black sign pen to draw the mouth of the paper raccoon.

Kid's Trash Panda Craft fully assembled

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