Amazing Stalking Nature Camp Games for Outdoors

Amazing Stalking Nature Camp Games for Outdoors

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Trailing games can help improve kids’ alertness and also provide hours of fun. These nature camp games are best played in large or wooded outdoor areas and on camping trips.

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Many traditional and native games teach children the skills of a warrior, hunter, and stalker. Here are some stalking games that children will enjoy.

Stalking Nature Camp Games for Outdoors

Follow the Drum Beat nature camp games

This game requires a large, open outdoor area, without dangerous obstacles. One child is the drummer, and the rest of the children are blindfolded. The children spread out, and the drummer beats the drum, not regularly, but sporadically.

The blindfolded children follow the beat of the drum. As a child gets closer, the beat gets softer. When a child finally reaches the drummer, he joins the drum march. The gameplay continues until all children have found the drummer.

Will-o-the Wisp, a Trailing Game

This game is appropriate for a camping trip or can be played in a sizeable woodsy backyard. It needs at least four children. Send two children a few minutes in advance with a flashlight. The light should be flashed every 60 seconds.

The children with the light can take turns shining the light, or one can go off without the light in an attempt to foil the stalkers. The game ends when one of the torchbearers is caught. An adult may want to have a whistle in an unfamiliar area to call the children back to camp if it seems they have wandered too far.

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Nature Camp Games: Follow the Chalk Arrows

Here is a good game for a suburban subdivision or a safe city neighborhood. This game can be played with two groups of children. The first group sets out with chalk and a particular destination, whether a neighborhood park or the starting point.

Every 15 to 20 feet, the starters draw an arrow showing which direction they went. The arrow can be on a tree, a rock, not too visible, yet not actually hidden. If the starters make it to the destination, without being caught, they have won the game. If the stalkers find them, then they are the winners.

Magic Music

This game can be played indoors or outdoors. First, an object must be hidden. The children are told to start looking for it while an adult plays the flute or other musical instrument. When a child gets close to the object, the music gets louder; as they get farther away, it gets fainter. The one to find the object holds it up and ends the game and gets to hide the object for the next game.

Stalking the Deer

Staking the Deer is a popular scouting game. One child is the Deer and goes off to a predetermined area, preferably wooded. After the children count to 100, they start moving towards the Deer, but the Deer’s goal is not to be spotted.

If the Deer sees a stalker and identifies him, the stalker must stand up. After a set time, the Deer blows a whistle, and all stalkers must stand. The stalker who is closest to the Deer is the winner.

Stalking games can improve a child’s alertness and particularly the sense of hearing. Exciting games can give children an incentive to get outside and get some exercise. There are plenty of old-fashioned games that are easy to learn and fun to play.

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