Complete Guide to Mirror Lake State Park

There is a beautiful lake called Mirror Lake three miles south of Wisconsin Dells. The lake got the name from the glassy texture which offers a stunning reflection of the surrounding landscape. Encompassing this lake is a 2,000-acre park that contains all kinds of natural features, vegetation, and wildlife. Dense pine forests, natural vegetation, sandstone bluffs, sandy prairies, and marshlands […]

Complete Guide to Merrick State Park

Merrick State Park sits on a 322-acre piece of land along the banks of the Mississippi River. The park is one of the most prolific outdoor parks in the upper Mississippi area. Outdoor lovers visit this place all year round to engage in camping, boating, fishing, hiking, and other adventurous outdoor activities. Whenever you find yourself in the upper region […]

Complete Guide to Natural Bridge State Park

Natural Bridge State Park is a 530-acre state park that features the largest natural arc (bridge) in Wisconsin. The park derives its name from a large sandstone bridge (or arch) that attracts numerous visitors every year. There is also a 60-acre scientific reserve here, a rock shelter, and other beautiful natural landscapes and attractions to make your visit worthwhile. Natural […]

Complete Guide to Lake Wissota State Park

Lake Wissota State Park is a great outdoor attraction for anyone seeking camping, hiking, snowshoeing, horse riding, and related outdoor adventures. The adjacent 6300-acre lake offers excellent grounds for swimming, kayaking, boating, paddling, fishing, and canoeing opportunities. The State Park itself is a dense, man-made pine forest occupying slightly 1000 acres of land. Nature and wildlife in Lake Wissota co-exist […]

List of the Bugs to Avoid When Camping

Bugs to Avoid When Camping? Camping is a fun, outdoorsy activity that almost everyone enjoys. However, there are some camping bugs that can spoil your camping experience. If you want to avoid these bugs while camping, then read on! We will discuss several things that you should do in order to keep pests at bay when camping. Going on a […]

7 Camping Hammocks You’ll Fall In Love With

Camping Hammocks? Hammocks have been a standard for backyards for decades. Although they traditionally come from South American and Caribbean cultures, they have easily become a part of modern life. They are the ultimate way to just kick back and relax and even doze off for a while. Just like most things, the hammock has been developed for maximum comfort […]

Complete Guide to Mill Bluff State Park

Mill Bluff State Park is located near Camp Douglas (in Juneau and Monroe Counties) and contains numerous steep bluffs that stand tall among other exciting physical natural features. These bluffs used to be landmarks for people passing through the county during the 1850s. A visit to this place would not be complete without hiking to the top of the bluffs […]

11 Reasons You Should Go Camping This Year

Reasons You Should Go Camping? Camping is a fun, affordable way to get back to nature. It’s also an opportunity for families and friends to spend time together in the great outdoors. Whether you’ve never gone camping or are looking for ideas on where to go this year, here are 11 reasons why y’all should consider hitting up your local […]

Complete Guide to Lake Kegonsa State Park

A unique blend of a lake that occupies 3,200 acres and a 342-acre forest makes Lake Kegonsa State Park one of the best recreational parks for outdoor lovers in Madison. You can engage in all sorts of activities in Lake Kegonsa State Park: camping, fishing, boating, kayaking, scuba diving, bird watching, picnicking, hiking, cycling-you name it. Complete Guide to Lake […]

Complete Guide to Governor Nelson State Park

Governor Nelson State Park was initially named after a former Wisconsin Governor, Gaylord Nelson. It covered 422 acres just outside of Waunakee, Wisconsin, in Westport and located in the northern region of Lake Mendota. The park is in full view of the Wisconsin State Capitol building while in Madison. It has gone through many developments and has been altered to […]