The Best Must-Have Camp Cooking Gear: Utensils and Kitchen Aids

Most experienced campers know that mealtime is a lot easier when it is pre-planned and organized. This tip includes having the right cooking utensils and kitchen aids. Naturally, the best tools will vary with each camper’s cooking style. However, here are some items that most campers will agree are must-have camp cooking gear and kitchen tools that will make cooking […]

Common Camping Challenges And How to Remedy Them

Common Camping Challenges And How to Remedy Them? The most common mistake made by leisure campers is to be found unprepared in a tough situation. However, no matter the skill level or experience, anything can happen in the wilderness that requires quick thinking and a plan to solve camping problems. Firewood needs to be seasoned and completely dry before it […]

The Best Family Camping Tips and Tricks

The Best Family Camping Tips and Tricks? Camping with young children can be fun! Remember to plan, invite another family, leave toys at home, and plan age-appropriate activities. Camping can be an enjoyable experience for families with young children. Most kids are surprisingly adaptable, and happily accept a tent or trailer as their temporary home. The Best Family Camping Tips […]

The Best S’mores Bars Recipe You Have Ever Tried

Sometimes, when you plan a camping trip, you know there won’t be much time to cook over that roaring fire. My last trip was a great example – we were at Peninsula State Park in Door County, but we were doing research for my next book and ate out almost every meal. This S’mores Bars Recipe was my saving grace […]

Our Simple Kid’s Trash Panda Craft For Kids

A Trash Panda Craft? If it is one thing I have learned about camping, it is always be prepared. I know it sounds like an old scouting motto, but it is true. You can’t always expect to have perfect weather, and if you have kids? You need things to keep them occupied when they can’t get out and into nature. […]

Amazing Stalking Nature Camp Games for Outdoors

Trailing games can help improve kids’ alertness and also provide hours of fun. These nature camp games are best played in large or wooded outdoor areas and on camping trips. Many traditional and native games teach children the skills of a warrior, hunter, and stalker. Here are some stalking games that children will enjoy. Stalking Nature Camp Games for Outdoors […]

How to Stay Safe While Camping

How to Stay Safe While Camping? Camping is incredible: no annoying neighbors, no screeching telephones, no piles of work, no electronic gear distracting you. But it would be best if you stayed safe. Camping is a great time to bond with your family or have a get-away with your buddies. But what starts as a fun weekend of camping can […]

25 Campfire Food on a Stick Recipes for Camping

When looking at meals for camping, skewers can be your friend! The best part about Campfire Food on a Stick is that the food can be cut and bagged before the trip – even with the marinade, so all you would do at the campsite is pop them on skewers and toss them on your hot grill. Tips for Campfire […]

Fun Activities to Do While Camping

One of the reasons people love camping is the fun activities they do. What you do on your camping trip depends on the place you go. If you pick a place with planned activities, that is easier. Activities like ziplining, horseback riding, white water rafting and so forth are all great to do with the experts in charge. You can […]

25 Camping Cast Iron Skillet Recipes

The camping season will be rolling out soon, and this year should be bigger than the last few previous years, as the wariness of being in a crowd weighs heavy with many yet. Camping lets you get out, get into nature, and share quiet moments with your family. We are looking forward to our own travels and have been getting […]