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Choosing The Right Camping Equipment for Camping Comfortably

Choosing The Right Camping Equipment for Camping Comfortably

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An enjoyable camping holiday depends on a good and comfortable night’s sleep. Choosing the right camping equipment like the perfect tent, sleeping bag, and mattress to ensure a terrific camping trip.

Choosing The Right Camping Equipment for Camping Comfortably

The quality of any holiday is mostly down to the comfort of the accommodation, and camping is no exception. Using the right combination of tent, sleeping bag, and mattress will guarantee a restful vacation.

Choosing The Right Camping Equipment for Camping Comfortably

The three items don’t necessarily need to be purchased at once but should be thought of as a combination. Before buying anything, assess what matters among these. When and where will the equipment be needed? Have a look at the options, preferably in context at an exhibition or large showroom.

Showrooms and exhibitions will be filled with a standard type of four-person tent which is multi-purpose and practical, but perhaps not perfect for any individual purpose. The following models are more personalized to different users, which might make them a better fit.

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Family Tents

For those driving to a campsite with the family, there is no longer any need to accept anything but the best. Separate bedrooms and indoor cooking areas big enough to fit a folding table give these tents all the comforts of home, allowing families to enjoy long vacations with ease.

The size and functionality of a family tent make it similar to staying in a RV or holiday cottage but at a fraction of the cost. It is easy to see how choosing the right camping equipment can make a difference.

These palatial tents can be furnished with style. The best type of mattress, since space and weight allow it, is an inflatable air mattress. These should be six inches or deeper and must be bought with an electric pump to inflate them. Any sense of luxury or comfort would be wholly out-weighed by the hours of hard work it takes to inflate them by hand. Air mattresses can be bought in double or single widths, to suit the needs of the family.

To make up these comfortable mattresses, a nice warm sleeping bag is a must. Rectangular bags are perfectly suitable, as these are often thought more comfortable than mummy bags. One of the advantages of the rectangular bags is the ability in many makes to zip two bags together to make a double sleeping bag.

All this luxury can weight a great deal, so the pitch mustn’t be far from the car park. It is also advisable to arrive several hours before dark, as the act of assembling can take quite some time. Once assembled, though, this equipment will provide a family with a comfortable stay for as many nights as desired.

Choosing The Right Camping Equipment for Camping Comfortably

Hiking and Backpacking Tents

At the far end of the spectrum from the family tents are the hiking tent. These lightweight pieces of equipment are designed specifically for backpacking or remote camping and need to be as comfortable to carry as they are to sleep in.

For the tent itself, it is essential to decide exactly how much space is needed, as any unused space is unnecessary weight. Think about how many people will typically use it.

Think about how much gear is normally carried. Many one-person tents are too small to share with an 80-liter hiking pack. Some of the modern designs account for this by putting vestibule space for storing equipment outside the main tent.

Once every gram of the tent’s weight has been accounted for, the sleeping bag and mattress should be kept as light as possible. Single season synthetic sleeping bags are very lightweight and can be made warmer through the use of a silk or fleece liner. A heavier bag will only be needed at the very end of the season.

The other way to keep warm is to keep off the ground, so don’t just forego the mattress to save weight in a hiking pack. Therm-a-rests are thin inflatable mattresses that roll down to a small size. These lightweight air mattresses are sold in a variety of sizes to suit individual needs.

A three-quarter-length mattress can be an excellent way to keep weight down but still keep the core body temperature up at night, and adds a bit more comfort to a rough tent pitch.

Quick Pitch Festival Tents

Anyone who’s ever stood in the rain struggling with tent poles knows that assembly time is an essential factor in choosing a tent, primarily if it will mainly be used for short camping trips where space and weight are not as important.

The best option for this is the Quick Pitch, which transforms from an oversized frisbee to a fully erected tent in the blink of an eye. They are slightly more work to pack away again, but that is only relative to the ease of their assembly.

To keep the set-up snappy, foam mattresses are a very quick and comfortable option. Any sleeping bag will do, making the whole assembly very low cost. This makes it ideal for first-time campers or festival-goers who may not want to spend too much time or effort on setting up camp.

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