Pioneer Ridge Campgrounds in Iowa

The Pioneer Ridge Nature Area & Conservation Center is the main headquarters of the Conservation Board for Wapello County. Located just north of the Davis & Wapello County Line, the Nature area is the primary attraction of this area. The topography of this place is filled with mature oaks and open grass ridge tops. A conscious effort has been going on for many years to restore the oak savanna plant communities. It makes for the perfect places to visit when looking for Campgrounds in Iowa.

Pioneer Ridge Campgrounds in Iowa

The Pioneer Ridge Nature Center

With the establishment of the Pioneer Ridge Nature Center, the focus of this area has been mainly on educating the youth and the adults in issues of natural resource management and environment. The two-storied Nature Center has a full-time naturalist on board, full displays, and stocked ponds that have are open for public fishing.

Apart from this, there are fifteen miles of biking, hiking, and horseback riding trails and even a handicap accessible trail! This incredibly extensive trail system in place allows the visitors to explore this beautiful location by bike, foot, or horseback.

The nature center has a lot of great exhibits! Live animals, stuffed animals, and even bees. Educational opportunities abound in the building, even if you can’t connect with a naturalist for a lesson or two.

Camping Facilities

The Pioneer Ridge has excellent camping facilities that have managed to attract lots of campers – both first-timers and seasoned – to this beautiful location in Wapello County. It had two modern cabins – Burr Oak cabin and White Oak cabin – which were opened around 4 to 5 years back and became popular over the years.

These stylish cabins were very expensive to build, as each of them has a living room, a dining room, kitchen facilities, bedrooms, restrooms, and even a dedicated area for kids upstairs! These modern cabins are all-season cabins with cooling and geothermal heating facilities.

But the County Board had no option but to look for other alternatives as these cabins were always full during the weekends and, as a result, many were denied a chance to come here and enjoy the pristine surroundings. That was such a pity as the area is not only beautiful, but the rental rates for the cabins were very reasonable. I think it makes it one of the best Campgrounds in Iowa!

Campgrounds in Iowa

The board came up with an idea, and now they have brand new additions – two new camping cabins and as many as nine new electric RV sites. The new camping cabins are smaller than the previous modern cabins but have all the essential facilities for a comfortable stay – electricity, heating facility, air-conditioning, a couple of bunk beds, mini-fridge and a microwave.

These cabins do not have plumbing, but that is hardly a deterrent as each of them has a modern shower, and there is also a restroom on site. The camping cabins are surely cheaper and are good options for those who do not prefer to stay in a tent but don’t have RVs either. The primitive sites have a picnic table and fire ring only.

RV sites

Nine electric RV sites allow the visitors to hook up their RVs if they are looking for an overnight stay. If you prefer camping, then you can also pitch your tents and refrain from using the electric capabilities. It is important to note that the all-electric sites have a fire ring, gravel pad, and picnic table. I would use them for my pop-up camper!

Campgrounds in Iowa


The electric RV sites come for just twelve dollars per night, the camping cabins cost $31.50 per night, and the modern cabins are slightly more expensive at $52.50 per night (Monday to Wednesday) and $63 per night (Thursday to Sunday). The prices have been fixed, keeping in mind the affordability factor of both the residents and the visitors.


These campgrounds in Iowa have pretty much the same rules everywhere else we have visited. The campsites are given out on a first-come, first-serve basis. There are no options for reservations.

A campsite is said to be occupied when payment has been completed and a registration slip has been posted on the campsite. Campers can stay for more than one night, but bookings are never extended beyond 14 days to give a chance to other campers.

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Embrace Nature at Fort Defiance State Park

Stretching 191 acres of rugged woodland, Fort Defiance State Park serves as a beautiful contrast against the gently rolled farmlands around it. With the availability of trails, picnics, and beautiful scenery, the Fort Defiance State Park is undeniably a great place to relax.

It has an abundance of vegetation which includes but not limited to plum, hawthorn, locust, and many oak species. In spring, slopes are sprinkled with trillium, violets, hepatica, and bloodroot. I was able to visit it with a group of fellow bloggers when we were exploring Estherville.

Embrace Nature at Fort Defiance State Park
Fort Defiance State Park

There is so much to rave about here but to start with? The park is FREE. If I am getting my facts from our tour correct, the charter was set up so that there would never be an entrance fee. This is rare in my travels, and more than worth the price you don’t have to pay for the chance to visit and enjoy the perfection of the imperfections of nature. Our group had a tour from one of the caretakers of the grounds and we hiked an incredible trail as we learned about the area.

Embrace Nature at Fort Defiance State Park

The primary shelter, The Fort Defiance Lodge is built to resemble an old military outpost. It is a great place to host meetings, wedding receptions, and reunions. You could envision the Civilian Conservation Corps of FDR getting the place in shape for the visitors.

You can see the old bobsled run (no longer available for sledding) down to the wooden footbridges that cross the streams. The park has an online reservation system which makes it easy for anyone to reserve the Fort Defiance lodge at any time. The open shelter is given on a first-come-first-serve basis with no additional charges.

Embrace Nature at Fort Defiance State Park

Famous for cross country skiing, during winter, the Fort Defiance state park has trails that you can take to move around the park, through the hill, and out to the woods which make up the park.

On three trails, equestrian use is permitted. They do post signs requesting that horses do NOT use the wooden footbridges as it simply isn’t safe too. We noticed that a few riders opted to ignore the warning signs and had actually caused a problem with the stability of one of the bridges.  

Embrace Nature at Fort Defiance State Park

Camping at Fort Defiance State Park

The Fort Defiance Park has a designated Camping area that embraces the authentic natural experience and puts away modernity as there are showers or flush toilets in the area. On eight sites there are electrical hookups.

Camping permits are made on the campground at the site through self-registration. There are fees for camping and those fees can also be paid on the site.

Embrace Nature at Fort Defiance State Park

The beautiful park, which is located at 3642 17th street Estherville, IA 51334, has a fantastic environment and serene atmosphere that will help you embrace nature’s warmth. You may be out in nature, but civilization isn’t unreachable.

Less than a mile away, there is a Boat Launch ramp, Boat, Dock, Church, Fish Cleaning Station, Hospital, Ice, Retail, Snack, Bait and Tackle, Drinks. You might want to keep an eye on the special events like a Fright Hike in October (1/2 mile hike through the haunted woods of Fort Defiance) and a Defiance Trail Run in May (A challenging 5K).

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Play in Nature at Peninsula State Park

After a few weeks in Indiana, it was nice to get back to our home state for camping! We zipped to the Door County Peninsula for a week and played in Door County! Peninsula State Park is the most popular state park in Wisconsin, with great reason.

Play in Nature at Peninsula State Park

The state park in the heart of famous Door County offers over 460 family campsites scattered over 5 campgrounds. Peninsula State Park has over 3,700 acres with eight miles of Green Bay shoreline, making it the third-largest state park in Wisconsin. It is a great place to visit if you like to find perfection in the imperfections of nature.

When taking a group there are three reservable areas strictly for tent camping. There is a camping host for any questions or concerns you may have throughout your camping trip.

The camping sites are not all electrical hookups so you’ll need to pick up some firewood if you plan to cook. As usual, outside firewood is prohibited inside the park, firewood is available at the wood yard and some local businesses.

Moving firewood into the park has the potential to carry diseases or tree pests that are harmful to the park. Plan ahead though, the in-park wood sale is only 4 to 7 pm each day.

Play in Nature at Peninsula State Park

North Nicolet Bay campground has amenities like hot water, a shower, and a flushable toilet system. You’ll find additional showers at the beach area. Peninsula has only one sand swimming beach which Nicolet Bay is a part of. Nicolet Bay has a playground, two volleyball courts, and a camp store.

The campground offers a boat launch and the camp store offers boat and bike rentals. This is where we parked our pop-up, close to the pit toilets. That is why each morning, while the chickadees were sharing their morning song, Miss Sarah and I would briskly walk a few rows over to the flush toilets.

Both bathrooms need a little updating with all the cracked tiles, etc and only one of the two showers in the ladies’ room was working.

Play in Nature at Peninsula State Park

All areas have nice roads between the sites and are perfect if you bring that bucket of chalk for the littles!

South Nicolet Bay campgrounds have 140 campsites with over 50 campsites having power, 25 of which are not reservable. The area has two amenities for hot water, flush facilities, and showers for campers.

It didn’t matter where we were, we had a poor signal for making calls – see the Mr standing on the picnic table for the nightly call with his dad, LOL!

Play in Nature at Peninsula State Park

At Tennison Bay 97 campsites out of the 144 are electric with all sites being reservable, The campgrounds on this site are safe for campers with disabilities. There is no swimming at Tennison Bay but the nearest beach is at Nicolet Bay which is a mile away from Tennison Bay. During the winter a portion of Tennison bay campgrounds is kept open for winter camping with electrical hookups.

Weborg Point is an all-electrical campground but this site doesn’t have a campground host. The site offers a hot shower and a building with flushable toilets. A concrete fishing pier is located west of the campground you can relax and do a little fishing or you can catch dinner for the night.

Weickers Point located north of the campground has a reservable shelter, the shelter is enclosed on all sides but has no electrical service, with a fireplace, and fluorescent lighting making it perfect for a group function or a family reunion.

Peninsula State Park has the White Cedaar Nature Center – with a ton of programs for the littles! It is slated to be added on to – and with good reason! The program we dropped in on was packed!

Peninsula State Park has

The Nicolet Beach made for a great way to relax in the afternoon. It twas Miss Sarah’s favorite place to cool off – she even went full-on with the swimsuit a few times instead of with her short and t-shirt!

Peninsula State Park has coastal wetlands, forests, bluff’s, and meadows with breathtaking colors from July to August, that makes it a great park to view local wildlife. A nature center with nature programs you can check out until you’re ready to head back to camp.

The state park is home to over 120 different bird species like Orioles and beautiful Red-Winged blackbirds. You might catch a glimpse of a raccoon but beware he may want to dig through the cooler for snacks to call his own, let the lullaby of a barred owl sing you to sleep; these owls can be found in the Tennison campgrounds.

Other wildlife that may make an appearance are rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, skunks, and porcupines so it’s a good idea not to leave food outside of your tent or in the campsite.

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Charlestown State Park: A Breath Of Fresh Air   

Nestled along the Ohio River, Charlestown State Park is a historical beauty formed from the realms of the Ice Age. What was once considered a shallow waterbed, is now a beautiful emblem of what nature has to offer. Over the years, development in the area has led to many changes and, of course, for the good one must say.

Charlestown State Park: A Breath Of Fresh Air

Seated on over 5,100 acres of lush green property, the Charlestown State Park is currently the third largest of its kind in Indiana. Its history is more than the ordinary as it once housed a portion of the Indiana Army Ammunition Plant. Interesting right? It boasts a lot of recreational features that are perfect for complimenting your vacation.

The breathtaking view overlooking the Fourteen Mile Creek provides a mesmerizing feeling like no other. It is among one of the oldest streams found in the state and forms a unique scenery as a perfect backdrop.

Along the lines of the river stands a monument with a rich history. Known as the Devil’s Backbone, this stone remain was once part of a fortress built by Welsh adventurers. Charlestown State Park Features

Visiting the amazing Charlestown State Park will grant you access to features that are not often seen elsewhere. Within the grounds of the park, you are able to access (not limited to):

  • Past time nature activities like boating, canoeing, camping, bird watching, cycling, field sports, fishing, and hiking are encouraged here. The seven trails are easily marked with range and level of difficulty.
  • You are close to other DNR properties like Clark State Forest, Deam Lake State Recreation Area, and Fall of the Ohio State Park. These all add bridle trails, hunting, mountain biking, picnicking, target ranges, an interpretive center, historic features, and wildlife watching.
  • Close range amenities:  You are steeped in nature, yet a quick drive from “civilization”. Within a 1-mile distance from the venue, you will find features that include but are not limited to a medical center, propane, boat, and vehicle fuel among others.

    Also, within a 10-mile radius, it includes amenities such as a hospital, souvenir stores, grocery, Church, meeting/conference venue, and others. We stopped at Schimpffs Candy and The Vintage Fire Museum – but you will hear more about those both soon!

Charlestown State Park Staff

The venue is also rich in amazing customer service and staff who is ready and willing to provide you with a rare experience. They will ensure you are satisfied with the services you receive from your reservation to your final minutes spent here…but make sure you print off all documents related to your reservation for your arrival.

We were originally greeted very differently than any other Indiana State Park by a slightly surly young man who reprimanded us for not having printed verification. This was a slight problem as we were there as travel writers and didn’t make our original reservation…he was also the first person to NOT hand us a map and show us where we needed to go to find our site.

Never fear, this park is very easy to navigate and we found it ourselves, easily. The lots are blacktopped so it is easy for RVs and easy to level out your pop-up camper.

Charlestown State Park: A Breath Of Fresh Air

There isn’t a nature site like the other parks, but they are working on it – in the main office you can see that they do have a room in process of being a great learning station, down to flash cards for local flora and fauna. You really need to check out their great hiking trails to see nature at it’s best.

Our bathroom report? Immaculate. This might be because we were in a full hookup area and surrounded by RVs. With only a handful of tents or pop-ups that means a lot less users for the park showers. It was seriously like being in the Taj Mahal of bathrooms and probably cleaner than our three bathrooms at home – eek!

Charlestown State Park: A Breath Of Fresh Air

If you want to experience what nature has to offer without feeling imposed on, here is an open and natural location for you. Where Mounds State Park had a herd of trash pandas, we saw a bounty of bunnies here.

Seriously, the rabbits are easy to view in the early morning and early evening. We even saw turtles crossing the road and stopped to assist them. Do still bring all garbage and food in at night – the hubster got a little lazy one night and we had a furry visitor.

There are raccoons here, just not in full force. The environs provide a rich atmosphere and habitat that suits the lifestyle of both plants and animals. You will definitely have an experience worth more than a thousand words.

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Recharge at Salamonie Lake State Campground

Time to get away from a world full of worries for a little while and have some fun for once. Do you know that going on a camping trip and participating in entertaining activities help uplift one’s spirit?

Most times, when feeling a little pressured at work, it’s time to embark on a camping or backpacking trip with the family. Getting unplugged and into nature is great to de-stress and honestly? It recharges me as a mom.

Salamonie Lake State Campground in Indiana is perfect for that. I know that not everyone is treated like a guest travel writer – we were greeted enthusiastically, escorted to our campsite, offered a full service water fill up for our camper and even delivered fire-wood. Perks of the visit that they didn’t need to do to impress us as they offer an amazing campground.

Recharge at Salamonie Lake State Campground

Salamonie Lake State Campground is a 12,000 acres outdoor property, full of different activities one can indulge in. It is a vast place that is capable of containing a large population of people.

With this substantial piece of property, you should be guessing they have a lot in store for you to enjoy as well as the necessary facilities, equipment, and amenities to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Recharge at Salamonie Lake State Campground

We fell in love with the nature center. All three of us are suckers for animals and might have been known to even stop and help turtles cross the road. The nature viewing area was incredible. In your quiet space you can watch birds, 3 different kinds of squirrels, chipmunks and more indulge in the buffet of feeders.

I adored the black squirrels while Miss Sarah watched the little red. Who knew chipmunks could cram so many sunflower seeds in their cheeks before taking off?

The bird books on the table help you indentify the over 20 different species that we saw – down to hummingbirds. All that was missing was a little Disney music and some cleaning action.

Recharge at Salamonie Lake State Campground

The nature center has a lot more than just a viewing area – there is plenty to look around at and learn more about the area and wildlife. While I get kind of creeped out by live animals that have been stuffed, I appreciate  how they live on to help educate others about their size and looks.

You also get to see a vast 2,855 acres of lake for boating activities, swimming as well as fishing. It is an excellent place to start your adventure by having a long bath in the lake or indulging in fishing practices.

If you can’t fish, it is a unique way to learn how. There are so many activities you can get access to in this campground, some of which include horse riding, biking, hiking, hunting and so on. I wasn’t kidding when I said this place had a lot of things in store for you.

For those who love hunting for game, they have a 9,000 acre of land specifically partitioned to carry out hunting activities. I have never heard of that in a state park!

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Moving away from ordinary activities, they have the golf courses in the area available for the older generation who loves to play. They have up to five golf courses enough to contain all golf lovers present at the campground.

It might also provide an excellent opportunity to meet great minds and fellow golf lovers…the hubster likes to swing a few rounds, but Miss Sarah and I are more of the mini-golf variety.

Some of them include Etna Acres Golf Club, Lafontaine Golf Club, Norwood Golf Club, Arbor Trace Golf Club, and so on… Have littles? No worries – there are plenty of playgrounds for them too!

Recharge at Salamonie Lake State Campground

I have always mentioned the bathrooms – it is important to note that we were there for the 4th of July weekend – and the place was packed. There were ALWAYS people in the showers or bathroom and I honestly think it was just hard to keep up with the crowd.

The ladies’ room was passable, the hubster wouldn’t use the men’s. I like to think that it is because we ladies are a tad tidier? I just chalk it up to a busy weekend and something you have to expect if you camp over a holiday.

Personally, I was tickled to see how many people were taking advantage of a state park! It is a very family-friendly and affordable way to take a break from the everyday.

Recharge at Salamonie Lake State Campground

Going back to nature, they have a beautiful garden set up. Butterflies and birds are drawn to a section of glorious blooms and another area is dedicated to herbs.

You can see which were medicinal, aromatherapy candidates, and even for dying fabric back in the day. Local Boy Scouts created a bench to make the perfect resting spot for a visitor.

Here, you also get to see a few natural reserves and appreciate the incredible natural creations:

 Kokiwanee Nature Preserve

 Hathaway Preserve at Ross Run

 Hanging Rock National Natural Landmark

It is an excellent place for a family reunion, family picnic or gathering, and so on. Aside from the fun and entertainment, there are also places in this campground designated for learning.

You get to learn and expose your kids to a whole lot of history you haven’t been able to explain to them. We have the US Vice president’s museum where with the help of the guide, you will be able to establish some details about his history. You also get to see images and artworks having a connection with US history. Other historical sites include:

 Forks of the Wabash Historic Park

 James Dean Country

This really is an amazing place to park and play: park your camper or tent and play not only at Salamonie Lake State Campground, but in the surrounding area.

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Chillax at Mounds State Campground in Indiana

Sometimes the best way to hang out with kids is by embarking on a camping trip. Aside from the regular conventional visit to the amusement park each time they are on school break, a well-detailed camping trip, fully packed with fun and entertaining activities, might be a better alternative.

Mounds state campground can truly help you with this. Mounds State Campground can provide you a camping experience that you would never forget.

Chillax at Mounds State Campground in Indiana

Check out the Educational Center!

The building and structure are said to possess about ten distinct earthworks with historical ties with the Indians. One of the earthworks found in this place- the largest one can be dated to 160BC.

According to thorough research carried out by talented archaeologists, it is believed that the mounds were initially utilized for religious get-togethers as well as ceremonies. Personally, we loved the nature watching area and the folly of the black squirrels competing for sunflower seeds and chill-axing as we played tic-tac-toe.

Chillax at Mounds State Campground in Indiana

There are a lot of incredible hands-on activities and blind search boxes. We know that kids learn through play and it’s great to give them incredible things to play with. We even love how they have a stepped-up bench by the animal sections for the littles to get better viewing!

Chillax at Mounds State Campground in Indiana

Getting to the basics:

Mounds is a tremendous campground that has everything, or almost everything, to make the family fun and entertainment complete — starting from the social amenities made available such as adequate water, toilet facility, to the bathrooms.

All campsites made available at Mounds are very nicely spaced, convenient, well-organized, and properly maintained. You back in on a blacktop surface which means people like us (with a pop-up camper) have an easier time staying level.

We make sure to always pack those dollar-store flip flops for the showers and were delighted at how clean they were! Trust me, not all campsites pass our test – and we have refused to shower before!

Chillax at Mounds State Campground in Indiana

Critters? Yes, they have an abundance of Trash Pandas ( raccoons ) and make sure to educate everyone against leaving their garbage outside at night. These little fur-balls are like a well-oiled military machine with a leader barking commands. We woke up late one night and caught the show. Either keep your food in the camper, car, or tree- so you don’t end up hungry the next morning.

Chillax at Mounds State Campground in Indiana

Mounds State Campground is a great place to go:

Fishing- Some people have never touched a fish line, talk less of catching a fish from the lake. Well, fishing is a very significant kind of activity useful for relaxing and cooling off.

Hiking- This is one way to exercise your muscles as well as clear your head. Bring along your hiking kits and get ready to experience a perfectly safe and secure hiking experience. You can even get to join a group of people to make it more fun and exciting. The trails are rated from easiest to the most challenging.

Swimming- You don’t need to do what you don’t want to do when you have a ton of alternatives to select from. Their aquatic facility is amazing from the diving board down to the splash pad. This is an additional $3 per person and the pool closes at 6:00 pm – rousting your out of it at 5:45.

Chillax at Mounds State Campground in Indiana

Cycling- This involves engaging yourself with other bikers or cyclers, probably early in the morning as a means of exercise. I love doing things that create a breeze as you go!

Canoeing- I am sure the majority of people have no idea what this means. It involves making use of an archaic kind of boat with paddles to move on water. It is also a kind of exciting sport. (Yes, I am being silly) Most people we saw had motorboats with them.

There are so many other activities you can indulge in while at Mounds State Park. Trust me, you can never get bored.

Chillax at Mounds State Campground in Indiana
Check out how family-friendly this nature center is – even steps for the littles to climb and get a better view of the critters like the racing snake – which can go about 8 miles an hour on land! Eek!

Mounds is easy to find:

It is situated a few miles east of Anderson, Indiana, and is clearly marked by signs. Just look for the rolling grassy knolls that are dotted with picnic tables and free-use grills. The local park rangers all have a welcoming smile and are beyond helpful. Maybe you will get lucky enough to see a trash panda!

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Experience History and Nature at Wyalusing State Park

Wyalusing State Park overlooks the Wisconsin and Mississippi Rivers, the park is roughly 2,700 acres scattered with Indian burial grounds. It is one of the oldest parks in Wisconsin, the park offers bird watching, camping, hiking, and canoe rentals.

Wyalusing has over 14 miles of hiking trails spreading throughout Sand Cave, Mississippi Ridge, Turkey Hollow, and Sugar Maple Nature just to name a few.

Experience History and Nature at Wyalusing State Park

So Many Choices at Wyalusing State Park

Wyalusing State Park offers several different choices when it comes to camping for any outdoor adventure. Wyalusing has three different campgrounds to choose from, each with its own unique flare.

You and the family or group can choose from two family campgrounds, the Hugh Harper indoor camp, or an outdoor group camp. Wyalusing State Park can fulfill each need for campers while providing reassurance of safety.

Wisconsin Ridge and Homestead campgrounds boast 33 electrical campgrounds and a total of 109 campsites. Holding tank and dumping station or close by the campground for convenience and safety for the campers.

Wisconsin Ridge campsites offer hiking trails that have magnificent views and discoveries. No matter if you plan to stay for a weekend or extend the stay to a week, the laundromat is close by and is open 24 hours a day for campers’ convenience.

The outdoor group camp is made up of five different campsites that can accommodate up to 130 people, The outdoor group camp is located near the Wisconsin Ridge campsite, giving occupants the option to use the holding tank and dumping site too.

Hugh Harper indoor camping site is designed for organized groups making the space great for family reunions, weddings, scout group meetings, and school functions. The modern facility offers a commercial kitchen equipped with commercial dishwasher, utensils, and silverware for guests to prepare and enjoy meals together, the indoor camping site offers a recreational room, large meeting room, cafeteria, and dining area.

The sleeping arrangements for the Hugh Harper indoor campsite are four separate heated dormitories able to hold 108 guests. There are two bathrooms for each dormitory with showers, sinks, and flushable toilets. Between the lodge and dormitories, there is an amphitheater, a large fire ring, and large charcoal burning grill right outside the kitchen.

Common Eco-Safety at Wyalusing State Park

There is to be no outside firewood brought in for use at the campsites, firewood can be purchased at the concession stand. Outside firewood has the potential to bring diseases or pests that can harm the parks plant and tree life.

Pic-Perfect at Wyalusing State Park

Wisconsin State Parks have set up selfie stations for campers and visitors to brush up on their selfie skills. There are selfie stations located throughout the Wyalusing State Park set up to capture the most amazing views and for an unforgettable trip that you can share with your friends and have to keep for years to come. Use the hashtag from the selfie station to share your unique selfie with others that have used the selfie station.

Check out this hard to find Male Luna moth! They only live about 7 days and we were lucky to find him!

With the beauty of the Wyalusing State Park all around you, spend the night with nature and open your eyes to gorgeous once in a lifetime sunrise that is cast across the trees and rolling hills. You will find yourself close to Prairie du Chien and all that it has to offer too!

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Sheffel’s Hideaway Campground Makes You Feel Like Family

Nestled against hundreds of acres of Point Beach State Forest is the family-owned campground site Sheffel’s Hideaway Campground, opened from April 1st to December 1st but the campground can accommodate your stay before those dates with just a call.

Scheffel’s Hideaway Campground Makes You Feel Like Family
Look at how beautiful it was in the early morning…

Enjoy your camping experience with the State Forest on two sides of the campground, flanked by a locally renowned restaurant/pub on the Southside. In Spring 2011 after years of construction to make the perfect conditions to accommodate all travelers and campers, the grounds went from dream to reality.

All about Sheffel’s Hideaway Campground

Scheffel’s Hideaway Campground is like a home away from home, you can drive in, plugin, and enjoy the campground as a natural and beautiful backdrop. The campground offers 50 large campground sites, some of those campgrounds being pull-throughs.

Each camping ground has its own electric hook-ups, water, and many sites offering sewer connections as well. The campgrounds can also be used for tenting for a rustic weekend away. To ensure privacy the individual showers are accessed from outside the bathroom/laundry room that’s centrally located on the grounds.

Firewood can be bought for campsites or you can use fallen branches from the grounds to burn in fire rings, ice can be purchased to keep your beverages of choice nice and cold. The innovative luxury of Scheffel’s Hideaway Campground is the free WiFi. Keeping you connected with family, friends, or if you’re visiting but plan to work on your stay.

Point beach State Forest by Sheffel's Hideaway Campground
You are only a short drive from Point Beach State Forest – a beautiful hiking spot!

This is the perfect place for you if you like bike rides and walks with nature. Bike through Rawley Point Bicycle Trail basking in the sunlight and natural beauty throughout the miles and miles of trail, this trail is adjacent to the campgrounds making it the easiest trail to navigate to.

Taking a ride North brings you to the Ice Age Trail and trails of Point Beach State Park, heading South will give you access to Mariner’s Trail which is located along Lake Michigan’s shoreline. Scheffel’s Hideaway Campground is a quick 5 minutes from historical downtown.

Great fun for kids too!

Two Rivers may be a small quiet town but it hosts events through the year, check the calendar to see what is happening on a night, week, or weekend you’d be interested in before making motoring in.

The Ice Cream Sundae celebration would be a cool way to spend your time in Two Rivers, the sundae was created right here after all. A few other events are Kites Over Lake Michigan, the Cool City Classic Car Show, Ethnic Fest, and Carp Festival just to name a few.

Miss Sarah gave the Port Sandy Bay pizza 2 thumbs up!

Restaurants near Sheffel’s Hideaway Campground

Make sure you make a plan to try the pizza at that locally owned restaurant/pub that borders the campground – Port Sandy Bay. It’s a little unorthodox as to how you order and pay for your meal at a counter, and then they bring it out to your table, but the food is top-notch!

A VIEW from our hike at Sheffel's Hideaway Campground
You can check out Rawley Point Lighthouse!

Grab the calendar, the family, and the events list to plan a stay you’ll always remember. Scheffel’s Hideaway Campground is 90 minutes north of Milwaukee, 30 minutes south from Green Bay, Fox Valley is about 45 minutes to the East, 15 minutes from Manitowoc and the Manitowoc S.S Badger Dock. Keep in mind and respect the privacy of other travelers and campers. This family-owned campground wants to make sure everyone enjoys their stay with the intent of being safe and happy.

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Family Fun at Indian Trails Campground

Indian Trails Campground has been family-owned since 1965, the campground prides itself on always being family-friendly and won’t tolerate disruptive behavior. There are so many experiences in this natural setting, the camp offers lots of themed weekends and activities. Climb to new heights, sleep under the stars, and see the sights.

Family Fun at Indian Trails Campground

Indian Trails Campground offers everything from biking and BMX track, hiking, river paddling, 15-acre fishing lake, playgrounds, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, mini-golf course, and even a game room! The campground has amenities to make memories that’ll last a lifetime.

In 2018 two new heated pools were installed with state of the art Ultraviolet sterilization system, which means the pools have the best water quality which makes for a great swimming environment for you and your family.

Once you’ve swum or floated to your heart’s content, head to the new log building to grab food and snacks. You’ll also find showers and bathrooms in the building. For those deciding to check out the campgrounds during the fall and winter when the weather is a little too cold for a swim, there is an indoor pool you can take a dip in.

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The swimming pond is made up of two beaches, there are inflatables for water fun and also inflatables in the shallow area for the smaller kids to enjoy as well. Indian Trails Campground boasts a 15-acre fishing lake filled with bass, perch, crappie, and bluegills.

Kayak rentals are available for unique fishing trips around the lake, find your own favorite fishing spot. Rent a canoe to float around watching the wildlife. Your family or group can reserve solo or tandem kayaks and canoes for river trips, the trips will take you through wetland habitats, backwaters, and grasslands.

Meander your way down the river enjoying seeing the wildlife that calls the campground home. The sandbars are great to dock to take a little snack break or a few minutes to enjoy the moment. Once you’ve reached the end of the trip you’ll be picked up along with your gear and boat to take you back to Indian Trails.

The BMX track is full of dips, rolls, jumps, and turns. You’ll need a helmet to try your drift skills around the track but don’t worry if you didn’t bring one, helmets are available for rent at the camping office.

Indian Trails Campground offers Tiffany’s homemade donuts from Mothers Day to Labor Day. The restaurant menu sports appetizers, Angus burgers, fries, and endless cups of coffee. Save room for desserts like milkshakes, sundaes, root beer floats, banana splits, or malts. For families on the go you can grab nachos, a soft pretzel, or freshly popped popcorn.

If you think camping wouldn’t be something you’d enjoy you have the option of renting a cabin, kids tipi, teardrop. Pick a log cabin facing the water or a standard cabin with each cabin supporting a six-foot covered porch, picnic table, fire pit, grill, and freshwater faucet. Teardrop campers are for those who want to stay dry, get off the ground, and be cozy.

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The Best National Parks to go Camping

Going on a camping trip is great, how could it get any better? Well, the answer is going camping at a National Park. The scenery at any National Park is unbelievable and almost untouched.

They are without a doubt the best place to pitch your tent. Whether you are looking to camp at a beach, isolated camping areas, or just the good old forest. These are the best National Parks to Go Camping at, so get ready to start planning your next camping trip.

the best national parks to go camping cover

Bryce Canyon National Park

This park is known for its giant rock spires called hoodoos and has three unique forests, filled with Ponderosa Pines and Spruce trees as the park heightens in elevation.

This National Park has two different campgrounds to choose from, the best being the Sunset Campground, just a little ways from the park’s amazing and easy hiking trails. This is definitely one place to put on your camping list.

Yosemite National Park

If you are a person who likes laid-back camping in your RV or car this one is for you. This National Park has ten different campgrounds to choose from and is filled with gorgeous scenery and a view of the huge rocky formations. There are also some easy to access and navigate hiking trails that are definitely not a letdown.

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park

In this National Park, you will find the Deep Creek Campground which is full of natural freshwater. If you are one for swimming or viewing lovely waterfalls this is the place for you. Just from your tent, you are a short hike away from three different waterfalls that are all equally spectacular. This is especially a great place if you are an avid fisher, as there are a lot of places to fish here.

Capital Reef National Park

If you are looking for a desert oasis, look no further. Capital Reef National Park is your answer, surrounded by its signature red rock cliffs this National Park is home to historic orchards planted by Mormon pioneers in 1880, and during the harvesting season, you can pick nice fresh fruit to enjoy and take home.

This park is also home to historic sights such as an old one-roomed schoolhouse, the Gifford Homestead where you can buy freshly baked fruit pies, and an old blacksmith shop.

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Big Bend National Park

In this lovely National Park, you will find the Chisos Basin Campground fully surrounded by huge rocky cliffs. If you are big into bird watching, this place is a popular nesting site for migratory birds and if you are up for a hike you can the Window Trail which will lead you to see the entire beautiful V-shaped canyon. Kind of a tough trek but well worth it and you have a nice scenic walk filled with dragonflies and butterflies.

America is filled with beautiful National Parks that preserve the scenic nature. You have never camped in a quite a gorgeous place if you have never camped at a National Park.

These are the best national parks to go camping and believe me, there are many more out there that are just as scenically amazing. Have you been to any of these National Parks? Do you know of any that should be added to this list? Share in the comments!

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Get Your FREE National Parks Bucket List Printable!

Get Your FREE National Parks Bucket List Printable!