Camping Tips for Beginners and City Slickers

Camping Tips for Beginners and City Slickers

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Camping season is around the corner, and for some, that can be a bit of a nightmare. Here are some fool-proof ways to get through the weekend and have fun! Just check out our Camping Tips for Beginners.

Though foreign to some, camping is a summer pastime that is wildly popular due to its simplicity, spontaneity, and cost-effectiveness. Not to mention it’s easy to organize a camping trip on the fly because the work required to book, pack, and arrive at the destination is minimal.

Camping Tips for Beginners and City Slickers

Camping provides families and friends with a wallet-friendly way to socialize while enjoying the great outdoors. It makes so much sense on so many levels during the summer months, who wouldn’t want to spend a weekend camping, eating, and spending quality time with loved ones?

For those who may be nay-sayers when the enthusiastic idea of a camping trip is brought up, here are some things to keep in mind that are sure to make camping a more comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Tips for Keeping the Body Clean and Beautiful

Leaving the makeup bag at home doesn’t have to be the rule this summer with the help of pre-moistened cleansing and makeup removing towelettes. These little packages are available at drugstores everywhere and don’t require water.

They make a great alternative to lugging around a bulky bottle of cleanser as well, making room in the knapsack for more important things like marshmallows and wieners!

Another handy product where water is not a requirement is dry shampoo. If your site has a lack of running water or if wet hair is simply not an option, this product works just as well to combat oils. If campfire smelling strands is the real culprit, these dry shampoos come in a variety of fantastically fresh scents.

Keeping with the water-free theme, grabbing a package of personal cleansing wipes come in handy for women when a little freshening up is required. These discreet, gentle-cleansing cloths are also available at local drugstores.

Finally, slather on the sunscreen. This tip has little to do with camping and everything to do with personal health and safety. The skin needs protection most during the summer, so be smart and don’t leave home without the SPF!

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How to Keep the Bugs Away

Bug spray is essential, so don’t even think about leaving home without this critical camping staple. There is nothing worse than getting attacked by pesky mosquitos during a late-night campfire, a highlight of every camping adventure.

Also, if buzzing insects during dinner are a big issue, investing in a dining shelter might be something to look into. They fit over most picnic tables and provide refuge from greedy, irritating bugs while eating. Note: these do not protect from greedy, irritating family members!

Camping Tips for Beginners bugs biting a person

Items to Make Your Campsite Comfortable

Blow-up mattresses come in all shapes and sizes and are a worthwhile investment for a pleasant camping experience. Not to mention, these are great alternatives to sleeping in a sleeping bag on the hard, unsupportive, and unforgiving ground.

Try maneuvering through a small space, with another person (or two), in the dark, and see how easy it is. If both parties manage to make it out unscathed, it’s considered a fluke. A tent light is easy to install and eliminates the chances of an elbow to the head or climbing into bed with the wrong person!

Campfire utensils are just plain fun and make campfire time much more exciting. Cast iron sandwich makers are great for grilled cheese sandwiches and good luck making spider wienies without a camp fork! There are also camp grills and skillets available to take the cooking experience to a whole new level, just don’t forget a lighter to get the fire started!

Camping Tips for Beginners campfire

Finally, to avoid ending up in a lousy camping situation, do the research. There are lots of parks out there that suit many different camping styles, so keep in mind the things that are important and find a spot that suits everyone’s needs in the group.

Heard the options, listened to the advice, and still have no interest in roughing it in the wilderness for a weekend? Then don’t! There are many parks in Canada and the United States that are completely equipped with typical amenities like showers, flushing toilets, and electrical outlets on each campsite.

This is the summer to get to know one of North America’s most relaxing and adventurous outdoor activities. Take a chance and get camping with our camping for beginners tips and tricks!

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