5 Reasons NOT to go Camping this Summer

5 Reasons NOT to go Camping this Summer

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Yes we all know camping is a huge thing in the summer, everyone loves it and it is a way to connect with nature. Have you ever thought of why you shouldn’t go camping, though?

 “5 Reasons NOT to go Camping this Summer” is locked 5 Reasons NOT to go Camping this Summer

Probably not, well here are 5 reasons not to go camping this summer. Now some of you may agree and others may disagree and that is up to you. Camping isn’t for everyone and that is OK.

5 Reasons NOT to go Camping this Summer

Hygiene is important and if you are really camping and not enjoying your RV then you don’t have the luxury of showering. Some may make the argument that you can bathe in the lake or river.

No Showers

No, just no, who in their right mind thinks it is sanitary to bathe in a body of water that most likely has tons of unspeakable litter and pollution in it and not only that but it isn’t good for the life in the water to be exposed to chemicals in your soap, you want to add to the pollution?

Everyone is Camping

Isn’t the point of camping to get away from everyone and everything? Yet all the campgrounds are going to be stuffed with people because it is summer. Not to mention because they will be stuffed with people there will most likely be no room left so you’ll spend several hours trying to find an open spot at a campground.

You could go and rough it in a random part of the woods but then you are stuck with the possible dangers of wild animals. Doesn’t sound like fun to me.

The Bathroom

This is by far the biggest reason you shouldn’t go camping this summer. Some campgrounds have bathrooms but if you didn’t pay a $40 entry fee then they are most likely HOLES IN THE GROUND in rooms that are covered with bugs and have no lights, so when you need to use the restroom at night you have to carry a flashlight with you and search the entire room just to be sure there are no bugs or snakes crawling around.


Bugs are everywhere, you can’t even escape them at home but going camping makes you a LOT more vulnerable to them. Think about it, you’re going to be out in the wilderness, basically THEIR home.

The mosquitoes are going to be abundant and we all know mosquito spray doesn’t work as well as we’d like it to. Let’s not forget about spiders and wasps in which will invade your tents if you accidentally forget to close them for two minutes.

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(bonus reason!) Money and Time

It takes time to plan out a camping trip (if you want to do it right) and that in itself can be draining, then comes the time it takes to pack for the camping trip and that is completely stressful because you have to make sure several times you didn’t forget anything, especially the important things you can’t survive without.

Then comes the money part, you’re going to need to spend money on food, supplies, the extra gear you might not have and need, etc. by the end of it all you’ll be broke, it just isn’t worth it.

There are plenty of other things you can enjoy during the summer, camping is overrated and while it can be fun it can also be a nightmare and sometimes you shouldn’t take the chance to figure out which one it’s going to be for you. These are 5 reasons not to go camping this summer, stay at home, enjoy the AC and television. Do you know of any reasons you shouldn’t go camping this summer? Share in the comments!

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