Travel with Timber Ridge Director’s Chair

Travel with Timber Ridge Director’s Chair

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One of my rules is that you always need to be prepared to bring your own chair. Whenever we’re going to a barbecue, sporting event, birthday party, holiday, or any gathering that involves more than just a couple of people then I am always ready with my own seat.

There’s nothing worse than having to stand for hours when you weren’t planning on it. Well, maybe. What if you’re forced to sit for hours in an uncomfortable chair? That already makes my back hurt just thinking about it. Thanks to the Timber Ridge Director’s Chair I’ll never have to worry about either of those scenarios again.

Travel with Timber Ridge Director's Chair

With the Timber Ridge Director’s Chair, you’re getting a folding, breathable chair that is lightweight but also supports up to 300lbs! No more worrying if the chair will hold you or if it’ll last.

The mesh material is stretched over the aluminum frame (21″ seat, 14″ seat depth, 34.5″ height, and 16.5″ director’s chair back height) not just to form the seat and back of the chair but to provide comfort. They’ve humanized this design so that the function of the chair doesn’t toss to the side any hope for a cozy seat; plus, this chair has the added amenity of padded armrests.

The luxury addition to this outdoor folding chair is the attached side table complete with a built-in cup holder. Use it to hold your plate, book, phone, and more! Plus, it can flip down when not in use. I don’t know about you, but I hate those fold-up chairs that poke you in the hiney the entire time you sit in it!

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The portability of this director’s chair is my favorite part. It folds easily and almost flat. Other camping chairs fold up into themselves like awkward cylinders. I want a chair that can be stored almost anywhere and Timber Ridge nailed that with their design!

It fits in our collapsed fold-up camper like a gem and is so lightweight that I am not concerned about overloading our trailer hitch by micro-managing our weight load.

You can enjoy indoor and outdoor activities with this chair. Because it’s easy to carry and store, grab it from the garage and toss it into the trunk next time you’re gong out. You won’t be sorry when you have this convenient seat ready to go in seconds.

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