5 Best Chairs for Camping Adventures

Best Chairs for Camping? There is nothing like sitting in front of a roaring campfire and toasting a marshmallow to perfection. It only sucks if you are in a camp chair where you can feel the leg supports poking your in the fanny.

5 Best Chairs for Camping Adventures article cover image with a camping chair

What is your primary concern when you are choosing a camping chair? Many would prefer to settle for a basic, fabric chair that is easy to carry around and simple to set up. However, there is more to an outdoor camping chair than just the bare necessities.

5 Best Chairs for Camping

The majority of the camping chairs are light in weight, and they do not take up much space. But do keep the following in mind while you are choosing a new camp chair. 

Camping Chair Things to Consider


First, take a look at the fabric of the camping chair. Most of the models available today have aluminum legs and a sturdy body frame. Aluminum is resistant to corrosion, so it is the right choice for the material as it prevents rust. 


Portability plays a significant role in determining which camping chair is right for you. One should look for light yet sturdy chairs that are easier to transport from one point to another. 

Weight capacity 

It is essential to check the camping chair’s weight carrying capacity as not all chairs can hold the same amount of weight. The chair should be able to hold your weight without showing any sign of strain. Camping chairs usually hold a maximum of 500lb, but you can always go for heavy-duty camping chairs. 

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What are the best chairs for camping?

If you are thinking of buying those USD 10 camping chairs, then it is time to junk that idea. You should pick up a good camping chair that can be folded up for easy transportation and should withstand the vagaries of weather. So here are our top selections for the camping chairs. 

  • Lightweight Folding Camping Chair

The Helinox Chair Zero at $120 is a compact and ultra-light chair that is incredibly lightweight and easy to pack. It weighs just 1lb but is very sturdy, mainly due to its durable aluminum structure. The chair has a shock-cord design that can be packed down to a compact size and easily fits into the inside of a backpack. When you consider factors like low weight and portability, this is the best lightweight folding camping chair. 

  • Best Heavy Duty Camping Chair

If you are looking for a heavy-duty camping chair, you cannot go wrong with the ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair. Known as the King Kong chair, you will feel like a king when you sit on it. The chair has a reinforced frame, made from durable material, and is built to last for a long time. 

  • Best Camping Chair for Bad Back

Having a great camping chair is a must-have for any camper. If you need extra lumbar support or your back needs help, you must get an appropriate camping chair. The ALPS Mountaineering Camp Chair is an excellent choice for those who are suffering from a bad back. It has a comfortable seat, a cushioned back and is durable because of the sturdy frames. The heavy-duty polyester fabric with which the seat is made offers superb comfort making this the sturdiest and durable camping chair available in the market right now. 

  • Best Backpacking Chair

The Moon Lence Outdoor Ultra-light Chair is an affordable and comfortable backpacking chair that weighs only 2lb and is priced at $35. It is a crossover chair, and the design will remind you of any luxury camping chair available right now. It takes only takes a few minutes to set up this chair and is an excellent option for short trips.

  • Best RV Camping Chair

No camping is complete without getting an RV camping chair for yourself so that you can lounge outside your RV whenever you like. These folding chairs were engineered to maximize the limited space of an RV. The Coleman Portable Camping Quad Chair is the best option for an RV Camping chair as it comes with a cooler that can hold as many as four cans of your favorite beer. The in-built cooler helps to keep the beers cool for a more extended period.

Can Camping Chairs get wet?

Those first few raindrops start to hit and we look around and frantically grab what we can and tuck it undercover to prevent it from getting wet.

We hate the idea of our chairs getting drenched as we will have a soggy seat to deal with if they aren’t designed to survive the elements. If our chair is struggling to dry out the rest of your camping trip, it is a useless item to have to carry around.

So will your camping chairs get hurt if they get wet in the rains? Thankfully, most branded camping chairs are water-resistant, and these chairs will have no problem in battling the raindrops. One can leave the camping chairs outside in the rain and not worry about those getting ruined. 

Do weight limits matter on camping chairs?

It is no secret that we are a little larger, on average, than we were thirty years ago. If you don’t consider this when looking at getting a camping chair, then you might be in for a surprise.

I had a chair collapse under me once – it was an older folding chair that my in-laws had and the fabric straps that were the main source of support were beyond repair. I was the lucky one to give them their last test and honestly, it was no fun trying to get back up out of the wreckage.

Most of the camping chairs can hold a minimum of 250lbs, and the sturdier ones can withstand a weight up to 600lbs or even more. It is interesting to note that the amount of weight these chairs can hold drastically changes when they sit on them. The maximum recommended weight for most of the chairs is 350lbs.

Instead of worrying too much about the weight capacity, you should opt for a foldable chair, easy to transport and has high ratings. 

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5 Best Blankets for Camping

Best blankets for camping? Long gone are the days where you could just take your saddle off your horse to use for a pillow, and lay on your bedroll before a campfire to pass the night. Granted, it may still be that easy for a few in the warmer climates who love to rough it, but most of us? We like a little more comfort than that.

5 Best Blankets for Camping

There are several items which you should remember to pack before you go out camping. If you think of the basics, you are usually covered. Shelter, food, and a way to stay warm are usually the basics…but most of us pack quite a bit more.

A tent and a flashlight or lantern are seen as a must, along with chairs and some pillows. How will you cook your food? What will you do to keep warm?

5 Best Blankets for Camping

The list could be endless, but right at the top should be your camping blanket. The camping blanket acts as your best friend as they carry out all kinds of functions when you are in the wilderness. You can use it as a quilt to keep you warm, or you can roll it up to make a temporary pillow. It can be cut into strips for first aid or to help build an emergency shelter.

The list goes on and on…so the best camping blankets should be durable, easy to pack, and warm. Let’s take a look at the most commonly asked questions:

Should you use camping blankets instead of sleeping bags?

Sleeping bags are perfect for keeping you warm in cold temperatures, but they are not the best option for temperate areas. Sleeping bags are very restrictive and can be pretty limited in use. A camping blanket can be an excellent alternative to traditional sleeping bags.

A blanket with sheets can be a great choice when you are camping with your family and sleeping on an air mattress or in that pop-up camper. Many first-time campers and a few experienced campers love camping with blankets instead of the traditional sleeping bags.

The trick is choosing the correct blanket if you have decided against using the sleeping bag. When you choose a camping blanket, look for the insulation, the material, the weight, and, most importantly, the temperature ratings of the blanket. If you have plans to camp in areas that experience low temperatures, you should check the blanket’s temperature rating so that it able to keep you suitably warm. 

Are fleece blankets good for camping?

In a word, yes.

The fleece blanket is handy as it keeps you warm and easy it is to store. Their most significant appeal is that they are soft and feel velvety when you touch them. Fleece is also more affordable than the other blankets, and since these blankets do not absorb more than 1% water, it does come in handy if it suddenly starts raining.

That soft and fuzzy feeling is fantastic to snuggle up with on a cooler night and kids often love the feel, down to the possible yarn trimmed edges. It is totally a texture thing – and it works.

Add in the fact that fleece blankets are fire-resistant? You can wrap yourself around in a fleece blanket and join the bonfire party without worrying about any untoward incident.

Given all these, fleece blankets are recommended for both individuals and camping families

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Are wool blankets good for camping?

Yes and no.

Wool blankets are great for camping as the wool helps keep you warm even when you are wet. Another important reason to use wool is that it is a natural product and not made from synthetic materials that can harm the environment. Don’t we love all things eco-friendly?

There are different types of wool blankets available today, such as sheep wool, lamb’s wool, and wool made from Merino Sheep and Cashmere Goat. 

A few things to consider:

The fact that it is harder to keep clean – you can’t just pop it into the washer after a family camping trip.

If you are hot and sweaty, it is itchy. I still look back at the wool socks I was given when I first joined the Army Reserves and remember how my feet were miserable.

Bugs. You have to store wool blankets carefully in the off season as they are a delectable treat for moths, etc. Nothing sucks more than taking your blankets out in the spring, only to see a few new holes in them.

The Best Blankets for Camping

Now we will have a look at the five best blankets that will help you stay cozy in the camps. Horizon Hound Down Camping Blanket is down-filled, which makes it light, and easily packable. The Hound uses 20D ripstop nylon for its outer material, and the water-resistant finish on the blanket is the best part. This camping blanket is packable and weighs only 1lb. It is available for less than $70, which is a total steal. 

5 Best Blankets for Camping woman spreading blanket on the beach

The Oceas XL outdoor camping blanket is a 100% waterproof blanket. The blanket is made with premium quality materials that give you a lightweight and durable product. The highest quality material has been used to manufacture this blanket that ensures no leakage of water. There is a double coating on the exterior material that is perfect for any climate. It is suitable for as many as three adults. 

The Snugpak Jungle Survival Blanket is an excellent alternative to a traditional blanket due to its windproof and water repellent properties. The blanket is exceptionally lightweight, too, as it weighs only 1.6lbs, making it perfect for carrying it around. The blanket’s size is more than adequate for a single person, and the material is excellent at providing warmth. 

The Lightspeed Sundown Camping Blanket is a great blanket that comes in an attractive color. The material has a silk feel to it with 100% polyester on both sides. The blanket will keep you warm in the chilly weather, and it is light enough to carry it around in a backpack. The best part is that the blanket is easy to wash, and you can toss it right into the washing machine for a thorough wash. 

The Woolly Mammoth Wool Camping Blanket is a real gem as it can withstand wind speeds up to 15 mph, and one can sleep decently with it. It is a little bit bigger when you compare it with others in the same price bracket. It is not at all itchy, and a pleasant smell comes out of it. Made from premium virgin Merino wool, the blanket is soft and warm. 

Is there a blanket that you love that we overlooked? Let us know!

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Camping Music for the Modern Camper

Camping music? Camping in the great outdoors deserves its own soundtrack. Here are some suggestions for playlists full of good summer songs.

Camping Music for the Modern Camper aRTICLE COVER IMAGE

The modern camper knows a stint in the great outdoors is not complete without good camping musichttps://amzn.to/2KPBwaB. Forget Kum Ba Yah; these four playlists are made up of a mix of classic summer songs and some lesser-known tunes that make ideal music for camping. Load them on to the trusty iPod before the next adventure!

Camping Music for the Modern Camper

Playlist One: On the Road

The fun of camping can begin before arriving at the campsite. Be sure to have these high-energy tracks on hand to bring a level of anticipation in the car on the way to the campground.

  •   Life is a Highway by Tom Cochrane. It speaks to the open highway before all of us, tempting us to hop in the car and seize the day.
  •   Alright by Supergrass. Upbeat and fun, it’s sunshine in audio form.
  •   Mary Jane’s Last Dance by Tom Petty. There is no better way to welcome the first signs of summer than with this song.
  •   All I Wanna Do by Sheryl Crow. The ultimate expression of lazy day optimism.
  •   Beautiful Day by U2. Nothing beats hearing this song while winding along roads with the sun blaring down.
Camping Music for the Modern Camper sunset

Playlist Two: In Touch with Nature

Connecting with nature is just one of the many benefits of camping. These songs will provide a little mood music to enjoy the elements by.

  •   Ripple by Grateful Dead. For the lazy moments a summer day can bring.
  •   Steal My Sunshine by Len. A one-hit wonder, but an upbeat one that is sure to bring a smile.
  •   Staring at the Sun by U2. Easy-going lyrics paired with guitar riffs that glide through the song like water.
  •   A Campfire Song by 10,000 Maniacs. A reminder that the fruits of the Earth shouldn’t be taken for granted.
  •   Picture Perfect Morning by Edie Brickell. Ponder the beauty of sunrise to this tune.
  • * Swap in Seaside by The Kooks if beachfront camping.
Camping Music for the Modern Camper ipod

Playlist Three: The Energized Hiker

The right songs can serve as an endorphin elixir to get the energy levels rising. This playlist is the perfect way to kick-start a hike.

  •   Welcome to the Jungle by Guns ‘n Roses. This adrenalin-inducing hit is a sure-fire way to get your energy flying. Special bonus if you are actually hiking through a jungle!
  •   Ramble On by Led Zeppelin. This tune has been egging people on since the 1970s.
  •   Supernova by Liz Phair. A blast of a song that delivers energy in less than three minutes.
  •   Summer of ’69 by Bryan Adams. Perhaps the best summer anthem ever written, this song will inspire plenty of nostalgic moments to think about during the hike.
  •   Send Me on My Way by Rusted Root—a great song with beats to take you up and down every hill.
Camping Music for the Modern Camper campfire

Playlist Four: The Snugly Couple

What can be more romantic than a night under the stars camping with your significant other? It’s a cheap date with guaranteed snuggles.

  •   Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson. A warm and cozy tune to wake up to even if pancakes aren’t sizzling on the griddle.
  •   How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) by James Taylor. Bringing couples together for decades, no camping experience is complete without James Taylor.
  •   Wild Horses by The Sundays. The quintessential cover of a love song that sounds even better when surrounded by trees.
  •   Cold Little Fire by Mark Geary. This little ditty will keep you warm when the campfire goes out.
  •   I’d Rather Be With You by Joshua Radin. Smile smugly knowing this song isn’t true about this particular couple.

These playlists are sure to enhance the camping experience. Visit the iTunes store to browse a large selection of music available to download, including the tracks listed above.

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5 of the Best Camping Tents on Amazon

We didn’t always have a pop-up camper. When we started camping as a family, we used tents. It was a lot thriftier way to build our camping equipment stash and test out whether it was something we wee really going to want to continue with. While we DID upgrade to a camper – we still keep an eye on the Best Camping Tents on Amazon.

Best Camping Tents on Amazon article cover image


  1. Coleman Sundome Tent

The Coleman Sundome is a dome tent with a spacious interior that provides you with enough space to move around. This tent was built to provide maximum aeration and ventilation for 4 campers adequately; the hooded fly and the mesh vents on the roof ensure that it stays this way regardless of the weather.

Designed in a freestanding design, the Coleman Sundome Tent is very easy to set up and take-down.

Looking for the perfect tent for your next camping trip then you should try the Coleman Sundome Tent. It can 9’ x 7’ dimensions makes it a great camping shelter for four people. You can get it here.

  1. Coleman Dome Tent With Screen Room
Best Camping Tents on Amazon

For extended camping trips, the Coleman Dome Tent with Screen Room is a great choice. This tent is designed with continuous pole sleeves and Insta-clip pole attachments so you can set it up in just 15 minutes.

The Coleman Dome Tent is a spacious camp shelter that can easily accommodate 2 queen-size airbeds. It is designed with a WeatherTec system that features welded floors, inverted seams and rainfly to provide you with thorough weather protection throughout your camping trip.

It also comes with a screened room that can serve as extra storage space for your gear or extra ventilation. All round the Coleman Dome Tent With Screen Room is a solid choice for campers, you can try it out on your next camping trip here by purchasing it here.

  1. Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent
Best Camping Tents on Amazon with sun room

The Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent with 14’ X 9’ floor plan makes it a spacious camp shelter that provides enough sleeping space for 9 adults in sleeping bags. This tent is designed with vents and removable rainfly to allow proper ventilation in every weather condition.

It has a large T-door which serves as access to the tent. One of the best things about the Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent is that it comes with telescoping poles which make setting up very easy. Willing to try out the Core 9 Person Instant Cabin? You can buy it here.

  1. Abco Tech Popup Tent

The Abco Popup tent an auto-setup tent that gets you set up instantly. Prime for casual campers, the Abco Popup Tent is great for one or two campers looking for a quick adventure.

It features two doors on both sides. It also comes with two mesh windows that ensure that the tent is properly aerated at all times. The Abco Tech Popup Tent also comes with a carry bag which makes the tent easy to store and carry about.

Ready to go on your next camping trip, you should give the Abco popup Tent a try. You can buy it here

  1. Coleman Cabin Tent With Instant Setup

Setting up a tent has gotten way easier and quicker with The Coleman Instant Cabin. This tent comes with pre-attached poles which reduce the process of setting up a tent to just unfolding, extending, and securing.

As with other Coleman Tents, this tent is built with the WeatherTec system which means all-round protection throughout your camping trip regardless of the weather condition.

Made with a rugged Polyguard, this tent is built to withstand the rigors of nature and camping. Get ready for your next camping trip, get the Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup here.

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5 Best Camping Lanterns on Amazon

If you have ever been camping, you know how dark it can get when in the great outdoors at night. You might not be able to see your hand in front of your own face if the evening isn’t clear enough to see the billions of stars in the sky.

That is why camping lanterns are so important – to see where you are going if you have to be out and about, as well as for those evening activities you might want to be able to see well enough to enjoy.


  1. LuminAID PackLite 2-in-1 Phone Charger Lanterns

The PackLite Hero 2-in-1 Phone Charger Lanterns are portable power sources designed for easy storage and carrying. These lanterns are built tough as they are highly dependable during the harshest weather conditions and even in cases of an unexpected power outage.

Its efficient solar-panel and built-in phone charging capabilities offer you are a unique lighting source that can easily be powered under sunlight and can serve as backup power to your device at night or times when you need them the most.

Easy to use, portable, efficient, The LuminAID PackLite 2-in-1 Phone Charger Lanterns is a great choice for a camping lantern. You can get one here for your next camping trip.

  1. MPOWERD Luci Outdoor 2.0

If you are looking for a camping lantern that offers versatile lighting then you will not be going wrong with the Luci Outdoor 2.0.

This lantern offers a diverse range of light settings that allows you to get brighter light and long-lasting light. It features an adjustable strap at the bottom which makes it easy to attach anywhere you will need it.

Lightweight and waterproof, the Luci Outdoor 2.0 is as durable as they come and with solar panels, you would not have to worry about batteries at all. Planning your next camping trip already, get this lantern here and keep the darkness away.

  1. Wsky Rechargeable Camping Lantern Flashlight
camping lanterns waterproof

The Wsky Rechargeable Camping Lantern Flashlight is a super 360°Lantern that offers different modes and extra searching light with just the press of a single button.

This lantern is a great choice for activities such as hiking, fishing, and exploration. It features 6 different lighting modes which include high, low, red light warning, and other illuminations. This lantern pack two 18650 batteries which means you would not have to worry about getting it charged up for a long while.

It also comes with a 3600mAh power bank for when you need that extra juice. This water-resistant lantern is a great option for every camper and you can get one here.

–> Check out our Crazy Camping Girl Etsy store – new items are added weekly!

  1. Vont 4 Pack LED Camping Lantern
camping lanterns 4 pack

The Vont 4 Pack LED Camping Lantern is designed with 30 quality LEDs to provide 360 illuminations wherever it is placed. Ease through the dimmest nights with the Vont 4 Pack LED camping lantern which provides a super bright light that can last over 30 hours much longer than many other camping lanterns.

Built-in a compact and lightweight design, this lantern decreases in luminescence as you collapse it. Highly durable and near-indestructible, the Vont 4 Pack LED Camping Lantern would serve every camper exceptionally well, providing bright light for extended periods with a unique design that makes it very portable. You can get the Vont 4 Pack LED Camping Lantern here.

  1. Suaoki Led Camping Lights
camping lanterns suaoki

This accordion-shaped lantern is a top choice for many campers. The reason is clear is delivers in many ways. It offers two recharging options one is solar and the other is USB which ensures that your lantern is not without juice regardless of the situation. Its transformer-esque form makes this lantern very portable and durable and can have you ready at a go.

The SUAOKI LED Camping light comes in three different lighting modes; high, low and SOS flashing, and with a single charge can provide light in low mode for more than 10 hours and in high for 5 hours. Get the Suoaki Led Camping Lights here.

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Best Lightweight Camping Chairs on Amazon

Camping is as comfortable as the equipment you take with you. We are usually pretty busy and not sitting much, but great lightweight camping chairs makes those evening campfires a lot more fun!

Best Lightweight Camping Chairs on Amazon

We hunted for what we thought were the best camp chairs on Amazon – as that is the safest place for us to be shopping right now. So check out our picks and we will all get things ready for when we are able to be out camping again!


1. ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair

The ALP Mountaineering King Kong Chair comes with a steel frame that makes it extremely stable and durable. It comes with cup holders and pockets on both sides of the armrest. It is made of 600D polyester, a high-quality fabric that is both strong and durable. The King Kong chair can hold up to 800lbs. It is easy to carry as you can easily fold it up and carry it in a bag. It comes in three different color variations of bold Deep Sea color, Salsa color, and Khaki Color. You can purchase the ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair here.

2. Browning Camping Strutter Hunting Chair

The Browning Camping Strutter Chair is the go-to accessory for your next camping trip. It comes in a powder-coated steel frame made in a compact folding design with arms. It is made with a Realtree HD fabric giving you the best of quality, beauty and durability rolled in one. 

The Browning Camping Chair has four rotating feet on the bottom, which ensures that you have balance and stability wherever you decide to sit even on uneven terrain.

The Browning Camping chair is designed with an attached shoulder strap that makes it easy to move around. You can get this chair here

3. GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker Portable Folding Rocking Chair

The GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker Camping Chair, unlike most rocking chairs you will get on the market comes with a twist, one that’s designed to ensure you enjoy a smooth rocking motion next time you go camping, courtesy of patented Spring-Action Rocking Technology. 

The freestyle rocker features a padded armrest, beverage-holder, and a carry holder. This chair is designed to ensure you get moving in no time, and with the patented EAZY-FOLD technology getting on the move becomes a whole lot easier and safer.

Lightweight and made with sturdy powder-coated steel, the freestyle rocker can supports up to 250 pounds. If you are looking for a great camping chair, then you would hardly be going wrong opting for the GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker. It is available here.

4. Kijaro Dual Lock Portable Camping Chair

One of the hallmarks of all great camping chairs is the ease of setting them up, and in today’s market, you won’t find many chairs that are easy to set up like the Kijaro Dual Lock Portable Camping Chair.

Besides ease of setup, this chair also delivers in terms of comfort as it comes with a padded seat and headrest beautifully designed in ripstop polyester

Its features include a cell phone holder, two mesh cup holders, mesh airflow on the back, a carry strap on the chair frame, an organizer with a zip pocket, and a bag. You’ll sit comfortably, too, since our portable chair has a padded seat and headrest. 

The Kijaro Dual Lock Portable Camping Chair can support up to 300-pounds. It is a great choice and can get one here.

5. MOON LENCE Outdoor Ultralight Portable Folding Chairs

The Moon Lence Outdoor Ultralight Portable Folding Chairs is not just a great choice for campers, but it is also highly favored by backpackers, hikers, concertgoers, adventurers, and everyone that’s seeking a chair that balances comfort and weight perfectly.

The Moon Lence, which can hold up to 242 pounds and weighs only 2 pounds, is designed in a way that lets you pack it up compact enough to fit in your luggage or backpack.

It is easy to clean and is a great choice. You can get the Moon Lence Outdoor Ultralight Foldable Chairs here

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The Best Kid’s Camping Gear

Whenever the kids go camping, you always have that fear that something might just go wrong. They might forget the flashlight or worse, the camping gear. No wonder, camping is always regarded as an adventure.

Great camping gear may not save you from an inevitable loss and unplanned events but it will certainly save your kids from a catastrophe time. So the right kit can make all the difference. Here is the best kid’s camping gear.

The Best Kid’s Camping Gear

  1. Kelty’s Grand Mesa 2 (TENT)

This a free-standing tent with shock-corded and color-coded poles. It basically takes no time to set up. This tent is very affordable and available online. It has only one door but is so well placed that no one has to climb over the other person to go out for something. There is also a fly vent that helps to manage condensation.

Buy it here

  1. Osprey Jet 18 (BACKPACK)

This is the most feature-rich backpack you will ever get – online or offline. It is a true backpack that comes in a daypack size. There is a padded foam back panel, shoulder straps that are contoured in nature, and a hip belt that is light but can carry loads relatively comfortably.

There is also a mesh stash pocket on the shoulder strap that is easy to reach and the side pockets can hold water and extra crackers.

Buy it here

  1. Big Agnes Wolverine 15 (SLEEPING BAG)

This is a cozy and sweet-looking sleeping bag that actually looks like a little person. It is sculpted around the head and the body and there is a zipper and a draft-free collar that will help to keep your little one warm. The sleeping bag comes in three sizes – teens, junior, and kids and there is an integrated padded sleeve on the actual bag that prevents your child from sliding off his/her pad.

Buy it here

  1. Therm-a-Rest’s TrailScout (SLEEPING PADS)

This is a self-inflating air mattress that has a supportive foam core. In order to inflate it, one just needs to unscrew the valve and to deflate one just needs to open the valve and roll up the sleeping pad and the air will be squeezed out of it.

The process is very simple and a 7 – year old kid can do it without adult supervision. This sleeping pad is the best choice for summer outings and it only weighs around 1.6 lbs.

Buy it here

  1. Black Diamond’s Cosmo (HEADLAMPS)

These headlamps are fully waterproof and project as much as 200 lumens of power that is spread across 6 lighting modes. The little campers will have a lot of fun with the night vision and the dimming modes and they can play with this headlamp for hours without worrying about killing the batteries.

Buy it here

  1. Crazy Creek’s Hex 2.0 Original Chair (CAMP CHAIR)

It is the simplest form of camp chair that you can ever buy for your kids. The closed-cell foam in the seat gives a solid ground barrier, can be rolled up for convenient storage,

and can be easily stashed using the built-in hanging loop. The side straps are fully adjustable which ensures a perfect angle of recline and one may also unclip this seat and use it under the sleeping pad for extra insulation.

Buy it here

These are just a few of the fun gems we have found – is there anything that you absolutely love or think is necessary?

–> Check out our Crazy Camping Girl Etsy store – new items are added weekly!

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All About the Coleman Black Cat PerfecTemp Catalytic Heater

The idea of winter camping doesn’t really appeal to me. I know that when we are cold, you can add more and more clothes until you are finally warm. Cripes, I have written a few posts about winter camping and cold weather camping hacks already but if you are keen on trying it yourself? You might not want to forget to pack your Coleman Black Cat PerfectTemp Catalytic Heater to keep you warm and toasty.

All About the Coleman Black Cat PerfecTemp Catalytic Heater

Coleman Black Cat PerfecTemp Catalytic Heater Camping

The Coleman Black Cat PerfecTemp Catalytic Heater is safe to use in your tent. It runs on propane (the appropriate propane cylinder has to be purchased separately). A 16.4oz propane cylinder gives you a total running time of up to 7 hours.

Coleman Black Cat PerfecTemp Catalytic Heater Details

The heater has an easy-to-use electronic ignition (InstaStart) that doesn’t involved having to light a match. It simply ignites with the push of a button.

This heater is an efficient heat source and comes with 2 heat settings: high and low

Coleman Black Cat PerfecTemp Catalytic Heater Cost

For under $60 – this was a great priced light-weight item to pack and haul to your location.

Overall, if you are planning a camping trip this winter or could use some extra heat while watching a sporting event outside or working in your garage, the Coleman Black Cat PerfecTemp Catalytic Heater is a great product to keep you warm and comfortable.

–> Check out our Crazy Camping Girl Etsy store – new items are added weekly!

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Travel with Timber Ridge Director’s Chair

One of my rules is that you always need to be prepared to bring your own chair. Whenever we’re going to a barbecue, sporting event, birthday party, holiday, or any gathering that involves more than just a couple of people then I am always ready with my own seat.

There’s nothing worse than having to stand for hours when you weren’t planning on it. Well, maybe. What if you’re forced to sit for hours in an uncomfortable chair? That already makes my back hurt just thinking about it. Thanks to the Timber Ridge Director’s Chair I’ll never have to worry about either of those scenarios again.

Travel with Timber Ridge Director's Chair

With the Timber Ridge Director’s Chair, you’re getting a folding, breathable chair that is lightweight but also supports up to 300lbs! No more worrying if the chair will hold you or if it’ll last.

The mesh material is stretched over the aluminum frame (21″ seat, 14″ seat depth, 34.5″ height, and 16.5″ director’s chair back height) not just to form the seat and back of the chair but to provide comfort. They’ve humanized this design so that the function of the chair doesn’t toss to the side any hope for a cozy seat; plus, this chair has the added amenity of padded armrests.

The luxury addition to this outdoor folding chair is the attached side table complete with a built-in cup holder. Use it to hold your plate, book, phone, and more! Plus, it can flip down when not in use. I don’t know about you, but I hate those fold-up chairs that poke you in the hiney the entire time you sit in it!

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The portability of this director’s chair is my favorite part. It folds easily and almost flat. Other camping chairs fold up into themselves like awkward cylinders. I want a chair that can be stored almost anywhere and Timber Ridge nailed that with their design!

It fits in our collapsed fold-up camper like a gem and is so lightweight that I am not concerned about overloading our trailer hitch by micro-managing our weight load.

You can enjoy indoor and outdoor activities with this chair. Because it’s easy to carry and store, grab it from the garage and toss it into the trunk next time you’re gong out. You won’t be sorry when you have this convenient seat ready to go in seconds.

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Camping Must-Have Packing List For Families

Packing for any vacation or event can be hard, especially with kids. It’s hard enough to pack for one person, let alone an entire family! But it shouldn’t be something you dread, it should be simple. Take a look at this must-have camping list, and you’ll be on your way to nature in no time!


-Toilet Paper
-First Aid Kit like these – this is a necessity
-Bar of soap, in case you need to wash a cut or scrape or just want to rinse off while you’re out there

-Sleeping bag
Air mattress(es)
-Socks, depending on the weather
-Blankets, for when you’re out of the tent and it’s chilly
-Gas and a lighter, to start a fire for warmth and food

While there are some camping necessities, you also want to pack some things for fun while you’re hanging out around your campsite!

-Board games
-Deck of cards
-Instruments for campfire music
-mosquito repellant

While you may need to bring additional things on your camping trip, this is a great base for what you absolutely must have while you’re out there! Let me know in the comments below what would be on your must-have camping list!

–> Check out our Crazy Camping Girl Etsy store – new items are added weekly!

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