Best RV Camping in California

Best RV Camping in California

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In California, you can camp along the coast, explore the gold country and stay in the forest or in the mountains. These campgrounds offer recreational vehicle campers a place to rest, and many times these are historical locations. Activities at each location vary but can include fishing, boating, hiking, and water-skiing. The next time you decide to take the RV out drive on over to California. Let’s take a look at the best RV camping in California spots.

The Best RV Camping in California

Northern Coastal Region

Del Norte Coast Redwood State Park is located seven miles south of Crescent City. Here you can hike along one of two trails an easier nature trail or a difficult 4.2-mile trail that you can expect to take two hours or more to complete.

Other activities include walking along the beach and biking. There are 145 campsite sites with a picnic table at each site. Other camping facilities include restrooms, showers, campfire areas, and a dump station.

Central Coast Region

The Morro Bay State Park offers many activities for visitors to participate in. Here you can hike along Black Hill Trail which is three miles in length and walk a steep 600 feet. Other activities include boating, rental canoes, and kayaks.

You can golf on the 18-hole course with the ocean as your backdrop. Camping facilities include 135 sites, 30 of which include electricity and water. These sites can accommodate RVs up to 35 feet in length. Restrooms, showers, and a dump station are also available.

Inland Empire Region

Silverwood Lake State Recreation Area is located in the San Bernardino National Forest. Here at the park, you will see wildlife such as deer, coyotes, mountain lions, rabbits, and squirrels. You can go hiking or biking along the 13 miles of paved trails; go boating and water-skiing; or swim in one of two beaches.

If you like to fish, catches can include trout, bluegill, catfish, and striped bass. Camping facilities include 136 sites each with a picnic table, grill, and fire pit. Other amenities include restrooms and showers.

Gold Country Region

Folsom Lake State Recreation Area is northeast of Sacramento in the heart of the Gold Country Region in the Sierra Foothills. The park is known for its lakeside and equestrian trails. Here you can see beavers, river otters, egrets, herons, blackbirds, and quail. Cast a line to catch perch, salmon, or kokanee. Other activities include picnicking; hiking and biking on 95 miles of trails; or going boating in a rented canoe.

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Camping facilities include 100 sites. Drinking water and showers are available. These sites can accommodate recreational vehicles up to 24 feet.

Millerton Lake State Recreation Area

Millerton Lake was formed when the Friant Dam was built. Millerton Lake State Recreation Area has now become one of the state’s most popular recreational areas with its 47 miles of shoreline offering visitors many different water activities. Toss a line to score some bass or catfish. Take out your boat for the day or go water-skiing. Hike or bike on one of many trails.

Here you can see wildlife such as bald eagles, bobcats, and mountain lions. Camping facilities include 148 sites, 27 of which offer electric hook ups. Each site offers campers drinking water and a picnic table. The park also offers boat campsites.

Camping in California is as varied as the state. Enjoy National Parks, State parks, beaches or privately owned campgrounds located throughout the state. From new and ultra-modern campgrounds that cater to the big rigs, to primitive environmental campsites located in wilderness areas, campers have a huge array of camping opportunities from which to choose.

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National Parks

Redwoods National and State Parks provides comfortable and developed campgrounds in the heart of the giant trees, complete with fire pits, grills, picnic tables, and restrooms. More than 200 miles of trails wind through forest glens, tall grass prairies, and windswept beaches.

The National Park Service reports, “Camping in Redwood National and State Parks is an enjoyable and rewarding pastime for visitors of all ages, backgrounds, and experience levels. Developed campgrounds are ideal for families and groups, while backcountry campsites offer more primitive camping opportunities for hikers, bicyclists, and horsepackers.”

State Parks

The California Department of Parks and Recreation oversees the operations and management of more that 270 parks throughout the state. The parks are composed of a diverse collection of the finest cultural, recreational, and natural resources to be found in the state. Gaze in wonder at the primeval redwood forests or vast deserts, take a walking tour of the grounds of the opulent Hearst Castle, or explore the white sandy beaches of the southern coast.

Established in 1902, Big Basin Redwoods State Park is the oldest of all the state parks in California. The park provides miles of trails to serve equestrians and hikers, linking Big Basin to Castle Rock State Park and the eastern portion of the Santa Cruz Mountain Range. The Sea Trail, which meanders along Waddell Creek as it makes its way to the ocean, provides rustic backpacking trail camps. RV campsites are available at the entry to Big Basin State Park.

Largest State Park

Encompassing more than 600,000 acres, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park is the biggest state park in California. A total of 12 wilderness areas, over 500 miles of dirt roads, and miles of hiking trails entice visitors to experience the wonders of the vast Colorado Desert.

The park is named after Spanish explorer Juan Bautista de Anza and the Spanish bighorn sheep, borrego. Impressive cacti, washes, wildflowers, palm groves, and breathtaking vistas encourage hiking and investigation. Visitors enjoy the wildlife that inhabits the park, including bighorn sheep, mule deer, kit foxes, iguanas, and eagles. Hikers should be alert for the red diamond rattlesnake.


Go Camping America, a nationwide camping reservation company states, “California is one of the most diverse, exciting, and beautiful destinations in the world. The Golden State’s wide variety of tourist attractions are guaranteed to make your camping experience one that will leave you wanting more.

Discover the glorious beaches and mountains, lush wine country, abundant farmlands, dramatic deserts, dynamic cities, gigantic theme parks, and fun places to play.” California is a popular place and reservations for camp sites are recommended.


With warm, dry summers and mild, rainy winters, the climate in California is similar to that of the Mediterranean. Inland, summers are quite hot and dry. At higher elevations, the four seasons reappear. The coast has temperatures that range from the low 40s to highs in the mid 70s.

Weather patterns often are unstable. Thundershowers are common during the spring and summer months. Experienced campers are equipped with all-weather gear that is adaptable to sudden changes in the barometer.

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Final Thoughts on the best RV camping in California

In the heart of California’s diverse and captivating landscapes, a world of RV camping awaits, offering adventurers an array of scenic backdrops and endless opportunities for exploration. From the soothing rhythm of waves along the coast to the rustic charm of gold country and the serene embrace of towering forests and majestic mountains, the Golden State’s RV campgrounds beckon with promises of unforgettable experiences.

Whether you’re casting a line into tranquil waters, embarking on a rejuvenating hike, or simply basking in the natural beauty that surrounds you, each campground we’ve unveiled carries a legacy of its own. As you traverse the highways and byways, venturing from one historical haven to another, remember that California’s RV camping destinations hold not just the allure of recreational vehicle comforts, but a gateway to the soul-stirring stories of the land.

So, set your GPS to adventure mode and embark on an odyssey through the best RV camping California has to offer – an expedition sure to etch cherished memories into the tapestry of your journeys.


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