How to Clean Mold Out of a Pop up Camper

How to Clean Mold Out of a Pop up Camper? Mold can be a nightmare for anyone, and it’s even worse when you have to clean it out of your popup camper. Cleaning mold from this type of camper is actually quite easy though. If you are not sure how to get rid of mold from a popup camper, then this article is for you!

A pop-up camper is one of the most comfortable pieces of camping equipment for a family. They are strong, highly compact, and easy to transport. If you live in a place that rains constantly, you may have mold building up in your camper after it gets damp inside.

How to Clean Mold Out of a Pop up Camper

You do not want to sleep under a damp canvas. The moisture creates the perfect environment for mold. We have offered some tips and instructions on how you can clean up the mold out of a popup camper easily.

Removing mold from the canvas

If you are having too much mold inside the camper, I would advise that you clean the entire camper. Start with the interior; the carpets, the hard floors, and the upholstery before moving onto the canvas. Most of the mold will undoubtedly settle on the canvas. This is where you should concentrate much of your cleaning efforts.

Before you resort to washing using a commercial cleaner, you should unfold the camper and let it dry in direct sunlight. The stains will still be there but the sunlight will help prevent the mold from spreading further. You can then use a stiff brush to scrub off the mold.

Use a mildew cleaner

You can use a special mildew cleaner that contains added agents that create some sort of shield that suppresses future mildew growth. Each cleaner comes with instructions on how to use it. This is a fairly popular way to clean mold out of a pop up camper.

Generally, you spray the mildew cleaner directly onto the affected area on the canvas and wait for a few minutes as the cleaner works on the stain. If the cleaner you chose is effective, you should see the mold disappearing. Rinse the area with fresh water and leave to dry. Try to avoid cleaners that contain strong bleaching agents because they might damage your canvas.

Clean Mold Out of a Popup Camper

Use Vinegar as a homemade solution

If you are looking for a homemade solution to clean mold off your canvas, vinegar would be a great choice. Vinegar is widely used as a cleaning agent in our homes already. Just dilute it with water and spray directly on the mold stain, before wiping off and rinsing with fresh water.

Other homemade solutions include rubbing alcohol-water mixture on the stain. Tea tree oil also works well and it is a great choice for people seeking a chemical-free alternative.

How to prevent mold from forming on your camper

It is one thing to Clean Mold Out of a Pop up Camper, but better to prevent it! Although it is tough to prevent mold from forming on the canvas, you can take a few precautions to prevent this.

Check and plug all leaks on the canvas

Check to see if there are any leaks on the canvas. Mold forms when there is excess moisture. Check the seams that connect the canvas to the camper and ensure that there are no leaks. If there are leaks, take measures to seal them before they get out of control. Check all components (interior and exterior) of the camper to ensure that there are no leaks anywhere. If you find leaks, repair the areas immediately to avoid the formation of mildew.

Waterproof the canvas

If you decide to waterproof your canvas, you will be adding an extra protective layer to prevent mold and mildew from forming on the surface. Waterproofing also makes the canvas fabric last longer, thus giving you better service. You can take several simple steps to make sure your canvas is waterproof.

Clean Mold Out of a Popup Camper

Repair any tears in the canvas

Before waterproofing the canvas, check to see if there are any tears on the fabric. If you find a tear, the best way to repair the canvas would be by sewing on another patch on the damaged part. Buy a patching kit, measure the torn area, and cut a piece of material that will cover this area adequately.

Spread the adhesive that comes with your patching kit generously over the affected area. Cover the area with the piece of patching material and wait for a few minutes for the adhesive to dry.  Once fully dry, repeat the process for the outer part of the canvas.

Wash with soap and water

Wash the surface of the fabric with soap and water and then rinse. The purpose is to remove any dirt or mildew that may have formed on the surface before proceeding to waterproof. Leave the canvas to fully dry before you start working on it again so that the excess moisture gets eliminated.

Use a high-quality waterproofing agent

You will find many waterproofing products on the market. Go for one that has good reviews and one that will not spoil your canvas fabric. Spray the stained sections liberally and spread using a sponge or soft fabric. Make sure you have a consistent coating of the product on the canvas. Some people also prefer to use paint for waterproofing the canvas. If you decide to go this way, prime the area you want to paint and then use acrylic paint.

Seal the seams

Apply the sealer to seams in and around the canvas, both inside and outside. Broken or damaged seams could be avenues for leakages in the camper. Let the sealer dry before testing if it worked.

Test if the waterproofing worked

After the canvas has dried up, sprinkle some water on the surface of the canvas to test if the waterproofing worked. Go inside and check if there are any leaks (no matter how small) and rectify them accordingly.

Clean Mold Out of a Popup Camper

How to prevent mold from occurring in the future

To reduce the possibility of mold forming in your pop-up camper in the future, you can take a few preventive steps. The main aim is to keep water and humidity away from the camper popup.

Keep your popup camper well ventilated

Good ventilation allows the condensation to dry out and prevent the mold from forming. This would work well if you are camping in areas that are not too humid.

Inspect your pipes regularly

Pipes can crack, allowing moisture and water to leak or get trapped inside the camper. If you check them regularly, you will notice when these cracks occur and repair them immediately.

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A Pop Up Camper Offers The Best of Both Worlds

A pop up camper can be the best of both worlds: you get the comfort and convenience of a home on wheels, but it’s also lightweight enough to tow behind your vehicle. So why don’t more people buy them?

A Pop Up Camper Offers The Best of Both Worlds

If you are one of the millions of people who enjoy camping then you do not need to be told about the allure of open spaces, fresh air, and time away from the rush of civilization.

You also do not need to be told about the chilly nights, biting bugs, dirty tents, and makeshift bathroom facilities that campers must endure. For those who enjoy camping but can do without the down-and-dirty experience that roughing it entails, campers often bridge the gap for them.

A Pop Up Camper Offers The Best of Both Worlds

Campers are available in many different shapes and sizes. From gigantic RVs (recreational vehicles) to smaller camper vans, there is a vehicle that can suit nearly any sized family with nearly any amenities you can imagine.

A pop up camper offers the best of both worlds: it is small and portable but can provide a comfortable place to sleep. It’s also fairly easy for one person to set up.

Pop-up campers come in all shapes and sizes with some able to house four or more people while others are perfect for just two. For those looking to explore the outdoors with minimal fuss, pop-up campers provide a great option.

Here are five reasons that a pop up camper might just be perfect for you.

1) A pop up camper is affordable

Many campers are families who have limited funds. Campers are often the answer for those who want to get out into nature but can’s see dropping $25,000+ on an RV that is only suitable for camping.

There’s no need to purchase any expensive camping gear when you can sleep comfortably in your camper so this self-contained baby is the budget hotel of the camping world!

The best part of all is that these tented gems are usually priced well under comparable RVs on the market today and can be purchased either new or used. For those who have always dreamed about living off-grid but do not want to commit to living in a tent, pop up campers can be the perfect solution.

BONUS: They less expensive to insure than an RV!

2) A pop up camper is easy to store

It is not surprising to learn that most people possess neither space nor resources to store and maintain a massive RV that is only used a handful of times per year.

For those for whom an RV is not an option, there is another option, and that is the pop up camper.

A pop up camper really just is a collapsible camper that is towed behind your regular vehicle. When not in use the camper is detached from your car or truck and can reduce in size so that it can be stored easily in a garage, or inconspicuously in your backyard.

Unlike their RV counterparts, pop up campers are essentially out of sight until you need them. But when it is time to head to the campground, the camper comes to life, and when properly outfitted they can offer all the comforts of home.

3) You’ll Always Have Room For Your Stuff

Those of us who have childhood memories of campers from years past might think of pop up camping as a rather spartan experience. Early pop up campers were a simple shell that folded out to provide sleeping space, but little else.

In essence, they were a large tent that sat off the ground and offered more space and protection from the elements than a conventional tent, but in the end, they were more like tents than a mobile home. Oh, how things have changed!

Late-model pop up campers use modern materials and technology to reduce their weight, allowing for more amenities and options. While a bathroom is a rare convenience, many other comforts of home can be found in today’s pop up camper designs.

It’s not uncommon to find a pop up camper designed with features like:

  • Propane tanks for cooking
  • Hot water
  • A Stove
  • Refrigerator
  • Air conditioning
  • Heating
  • Storage space
  • Batteries

Those are all things you have to pack (in some form or other) when you are tent camping.

Pop up camper manufacturers, such as Jayco, have thought of everything. They offer pop ups with awnings, front storage panels, and even kitchenettes for the most simplistic camping experience possible.

And do not worry, modern pop up campers are easy to fold and unfold as well. With minimal practice, you can have your pop up camper ready for use in less time than it takes to check in to a hotel!

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4) They are easy to haul

Pop up campers are lightweight.

In most cases, they can be towed by a fairly standard SUV or truck–though there might need to be some modifications made depending on the model of pop up camper.

Once you are at your campsite, you get to detach your vehicle so you can actually go out and about without hauling everything with you – it is freeing!

5) A pop up camper is very maneuverable.

If you have ever backed into a campsite and realized that you aren’t in there straight enough? You won’t have that problem with a pop up camper!

My husband and I could easily spin the camper around or push it back and forth until it was in the desired position.

Before You invest in a pop up camper: Consider Safety

If the joys of a pop up appeal to you and you are interested in trying it out, make sure to inform yourself further before making a purchase. Check the specifications of your car or truck to see how much weight it can safely pull, and try not to be skeptical when your camper salesman tries to sell you an upgraded anti-sway trailer hitch.

A good quality hitch can eliminate dangerous swaying and shaking that can happen when towing your camper at higher speeds, and it is worth every penny because it not only protects your investment, it protects your passengers and other motorists as well.

Make sure you have the correct “load” for your new baby and you will be all set!

Once you find a pop up camper that suits your needs, destinations, family, and automobile, then all that is left to do is pick out where you want to camp and hit the road! A pop up camper provides your family with a home away from home at a fraction of the cost of an RV – making them as popular as ever.

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How to Get the Black Streaks and Mildew off Your Camper

How to Get the Black Streaks and Mildew off Your Camper? We have all been there, using our campers so much that we forget the simple outside care until we wake up one day and realize that things are starting to look a little shabby. All that time outdoors can take a toll on our equipment, including our camper.

mildew and black streaks

We all know that Hot water and soap with a little elbow grease will get the job done, but we wanted an easier method. We have dealt with it ourselves and polled the experts for ideas on what is the best thing to get the black streaks and mildew off of your camper​.

How to Get the Black Streaks and Mildew off Your Camper

  1. Dawn Dish Soap. It is cheap, cuts grease is non-abrasive, and works well.
  2. Dawn didn’t quite do the job? Try Dawn and bleach mixed as a solution.
  3. Mr. Clean Eraser, this baby can handle almost everything.
  4. Clorox Outdoor Bleach. The product will not harm grass or plants when used as directed. Safe for use around children and pets. Application: Driveways; Sidewalks; Applicable Material: Cement; Glass; Metal; Plastic; Chemical Compound: Bleach; Dirt Types: Bacteria; Fungus; Germs; Grease; Mildew; Organic Matter; Soil; Stains.
  5. Try the brand “Awesome” from the Family Dollar store; it works great!
  6. Spray Nine. It is a Professional-strength cleaner and disinfectant designed to power off tough soils fast. You can use it alone to effectively clean, degrease, disinfect, remove stains, control mold, and mildew, as well as deodorize a surface. It is ready to use and kills bacteria and viruses in 45 seconds.
  7.  Pink Solution. Chem Quest makes the Incredible Pink Cleaner and Degreaser. It is designed to use for your home, Automobile, RV, Boat, and much more. It is a water-based cleaner that contains no petroleum solvents.
  8. Krud Kutter. This clear and odorless tough task remover removes tough, oily, greasy, grimy, gooey problems. It is also a laundry stain remover: safe for all washable, colorfast fabrics: including cotton, cotton blends, and synthetics. A proprietary blend of biodegradable surfactants, detergents, and emulsifiers in a water-based solution. We love that it is biodegradable. non-abrasive. Non-Flammable and non-toxic!
  9. Try a drive-in carwash.
  10. Do you have your own pressure washer? That can be a thrifty way to solve the problem.
  11. Simple Green. This is a revolutionary, all-purpose cleaner. Strong enough to degrease your car’s engine, yet gentle enough to remove stains from delicate fabrics.
  12. Mean Green sold at dollar stores! Cheap comes in one-gallon size for refilling.
  13. Clay Bar. Clay Bar effectively cleans and absorbs dirt deep in the Lacquer surface; car clay fits for different surfaces such as lacquer, glass, and chrome-plated coating.
  14. Lowes has a siding and camper cleaner. You spray on, let it sit for ten minutes then hose off.
  15. Chrome polish for the black streaks, like from the auto parts. Used by professionals for years, Simichrome does a beautiful job of removing surface rust from chrome, polishing aluminum until it looks like new, even sprucing up delicate, heirloom family silver without leaving scratches or abrasive marks.
  16. Original Powder Tide mixed into hot water. Grab a brush and use a little elbow grease to make your camper shine.
  17. Use Tilex for your awning. It will make it look new!
  18. Anco black streak remover, spray on, and wipe clean with dry towel…no water needed.
  19. Camco Black Streak Remover. Easily removes black streaks, bugs, tar, grease, oil, and dirt. Great for use on window trim, gutter rails, grills, and much more. Excellent degreaser for other heavy-duty cleanings. It is a professional strength, ready to use.
  20. Bio-Clean. It allows you to remove those black streaks and stains from boats, trailers, and RVs with ease. Just spray it on and wipe it off, it’s that simple! A multi-purpose cleaner/degreaser designed to remove soils and marks with a minimum effort on a wide variety of hard surfaces. It leaves all surfaces streak-free and sparkling clean. No rinsing needed, and it is residue-free.

Can you think of an idea that we missed? Let us know what works for you! 

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