How to Have the Perfect Fourth of July Camping Trip

How to Have the Perfect Fourth of July Camping Trip

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Fourth of July Camping is very popular. So popular in fact, it will be beyond crowded. Independence Day is the 4th day of July and so unlike Memorial Day or Labor Day which are always on a Monday the Fourth of July can happen on a different day of the week each year.

How to Have the Perfect Fourth of July Camping Trip

Even though the day may be on a Wednesday it will still bring thousands to camping sites all over the country as people get family and friends around them to celebrate one of the most momentous events in the history of our country.

Camping 4th of July Weekend

When the Fourth of July lands on a Monday or Tuesday people will often start their family camping trips on Friday night after work and celebrate together all weekend long and will continue through the holiday itself. This provides an excellent time for a close family to invite their extended family to reunite. A camping event is a great way to build family ties.

The work week ends early if the Fourth of July is on a Thursday or Friday. Families head for their camping spots knowing they don’t have to return to the work frenzy until the new work week!

Camping sites become very scarce in some of the more popular camping areas and this forces many families to travel to a new area further from the beaten path. Because of this, some families reserve campgrounds years in advance.

That is important to know if you do not like to camp with noise, crowds, and the annoying person who not only makes a mess but ignores the common courtesy of their neighbors. Being near drunk loud people is the worst if you have small kids.

Sadly, with the COVID-19 situation, there is a huge uptick in those camping rookies.

1) Find A Camp Site

You really need to plan ahead if you want to camp over the holiday weekend. There are currently more campers than campsites so you have to book early for a campsite that will be perfect for all members of your group (including pets).

We often go for a site that is on an end – so we have fewer people directly around us.

Ideas on where to look:

Private Sites

Private individuals with extra land including cattle farmers, ranchers, and wheat and hay growers will often lease out huge plots of land for Fourth of July camping sites and family reunions.

Landowners with property generally have relationships or common friends with the people they allow onto their property with a basic understanding that the camping groups will leave the campsites clean and in the same condition as when they arrived there. When using private land for camping it is important to maintain the trust of the owners.

PubLic Sites

If you are camping in a national forest or state-owned land you will want to do the same and keep the place nice so that your family will be able to take future camping trips there.

Follow the rules

Because some people go camping and do not take care of the land, many owners, including state and national agencies impose stricter regulations for camping in certain areas.

Those regulations affect all of us, so quickly adopt a camping policy that involves making a campsite better for the next person that will come camping after you!

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2) Plan Ahead

Make sure you have everything you need in order to have an enjoyable camping experience. This includes tents, sleeping bags, cooking equipment, food, and water, etc.

The Fourth of July is a very festive holiday and it is easy to make a mess when having fun. However, if you think ahead and bring plenty of sturdy trash bags, you can carry out anything you brought to your site.

By following the basic “golden rule” policy you will have a wonderful Fourth of July camping trip this next year and also secure the right for all of us for many years to come.

Before shooting off those fireworks – double check the rules of that specific campsite – many will NOT allow them for the sake of pets and noise after curfew.

Fourth of July Camping Food

Don’t forget this! It is fun to add a little patriotic flair to your meals with appetizers like these Easy-Peasy Patriotic Deviled Eggs or desserts like this Patriotic Poke Cake with Class. These Patriotic Pinwheel Cookies are a great one to whip up before your trip and bring along to munch on.

Add in camp food on a stick, or even treats cooked in your cast iron skillet and you can rock out your festivities!

3) Decide What Activities You Want To Include In The Trip

How do you envision the perfect 4th of July camping trip? What do you see yourself doing? Try making a list – here are a few ideas to maybe get you started:

  • Enjoying a campfire with family and friends
  • Hiking, Biking, or Kayaking
  • Visit the festivities or parades of the local area
  • Watching fireworks go off in the sky around gorgeous mountains, lakes, or oceans

4th of July Camping Playlist

You might even switch up your camping music to add favorites from Lee Greenwood to Living in America by James Brown.

4) Create A Timeline For The Trip And Plan Activities

Create an agenda for your camping experience. Decide on how long you’ll be at camp, and create what days/activities will take place each day of the trip.

  • Day One – Pack up the car and drive to campsite
  • Day Two – Hike, cook dinner on the fire pit. Roast marshmallows for dessert + sing songs around the bonfire
  • Day Three – Pack up and head home!   

OK – that is a little over-simplified, but you get the point. It is also not a hard -set in stone- task list, but it’s a good start.

4th of July Camping: The bottom line

If you are aware that it will be crowded, and possibly noisy, but got your reservations in early? You can still have a fantastic time ringing in the birthday celebration for our country.

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