A Complete Guide To Devil’s Lake State Park

The largest state park in Wisconsin, Devil’s Lake State Park is about thirty-five miles northwest of Madison and is on the western edge of where the last glacier stopped, right in the heart of the River Country. It was originally a gorge of the Wisconsin River prior to the last ice age. At what is now the southern end of […]

How to Read a Topographic Map While Hiking

Why do you need to Read a Topographic Map? Unlike a simple trail map, topographic maps ideally reveal the terrain that you can expect to encounter on your trail. Topographic tools are essential tools for hikers as they can plan an entire trip with the help of a topographic map. The map dramatically decreases your chances of any unpleasant surprises. […]

15 Awesome Camping Hacks That Work

Are you looking for camping hacks that will make the camping experience so much easier for you? We all love tips and tricks that make our lives easier – and this list of 15 gems is really a lot longer than that! Some of these babies have 10 tips inside them! If you want to know more about how to […]

The 5 Best Chairs for Camping Adventures

Best Chairs for Camping? There is nothing like sitting in front of a roaring campfire and toasting a marshmallow to perfection. It only sucks if you are in a camp chair where you can feel the leg supports poking your in the fanny. What is your primary concern when you are choosing a camping chair? Many would prefer to settle […]