The Best Must-Have Camp Cooking Gear: Utensils and Kitchen Aids

Most experienced campers know that mealtime is a lot easier when it is pre-planned and organized. This tip includes having the right cooking utensils and kitchen aids. Naturally, the best tools will vary with each camper’s cooking style. However, here are some items that most campers will agree are must-have camp cooking gear and kitchen tools that will make cooking […]

Common Camping Challenges And How to Remedy Them

Common Camping Challenges And How to Remedy Them? The most common mistake made by leisure campers is to be found unprepared in a tough situation. However, no matter the skill level or experience, anything can happen in the wilderness that requires quick thinking and a plan to solve camping problems. Firewood needs to be seasoned and completely dry before it […]

The Best Family Camping Tips and Tricks

The Best Family Camping Tips and Tricks? Camping with young children can be fun! Remember to plan, invite another family, leave toys at home, and plan age-appropriate activities. Camping can be an enjoyable experience for families with young children. Most kids are surprisingly adaptable, and happily accept a tent or trailer as their temporary home. The Best Family Camping Tips […]

The Best S’mores Bars Recipe You Have Ever Tried

Sometimes, when you plan a camping trip, you know there won’t be much time to cook over that roaring fire. My last trip was a great example – we were at Peninsula State Park in Door County, but we were doing research for my next book and ate out almost every meal. This S’mores Bars Recipe was my saving grace […]