Winter Camping Hacks For Bitter Cold Temperatures

Enjoy the outdoors in winter by covering up, wearing layers, and utilizing backcountry shelters. Lately, the temperatures in much of the mid-west and northeast have been bitterly cold, and well below freezing. When the temperature is this cold, exposed skin can freeze quickly, and one can be prone to cold weather injuries such as frostbite or hypothermia. Below are some […]

How to Keep Bears Away From Your Campsite

Summer’s almost here, and with that comes camping opportunities galore. But always remember that you’re sharing the forest with wildlife like bears. While we love and admire these majestic creatures, we want them to be nowhere near us when we are out in the wild. How to Keep Bears Away From Your Campsite is more important than you might think, […]

Camping in the Rain Hacks: How to Stay Clean and Dry

Tent camping doesn’t have to be dirty and wet, even during the heaviest downpour. Learn how to tent camp while staying dry and clean. A few simple Camping in the rain hacks is all you need to be ready to tackle Mother Nature. Those that are unprepared for tent camping often find it challenging should the weather be uncooperative. But, […]

How To Keep Good Backpacking Hygiene When Camping

How To Keep Good Backpacking Hygiene When Camping? Camping and backpacking for a few days and nights can make a hiker dirty. Certain rituals to stay clean have been used and are known to work. Enjoying the outdoors doesn’t mean being dirty. Backpackers and campers can stay clean enough to be healthy. Certain fungi and illnesses can occur when not […]

The Benefits of Car Camping For Your Budget

Car camping combines the fun of tent camping with some of the comforts of home while still offering inexpensive options for recreation, sleeping, and eating. Camping is a popular and affordable way for many families to spend their summer vacation. There are several types of camping, but car camping requires only basic equipment rather than an expensive RV setup. Bringing […]

Camping Arts and Crafts Projects Activity For Kids

Camping can be a fun family outdoors activity. Add to the excitement with a craft project that is inspired by the beauty of nature. With a little forethought, and the right camping arts and crafts projects planned, you can hit a homerun as you create memories. Kids’ camping activities traditionally include hiking, fishing, canoeing, and roasting marshmallows (with the help […]

Pioneer Ridge Campgrounds in Iowa

The Pioneer Ridge Nature Area & Conservation Center is the main headquarters of the Conservation Board for Wapello County. Located just north of the Davis & Wapello County Line, the Nature area is the primary attraction of this area. The topography of this place is filled with mature oaks and open grass ridge tops. A conscious effort has been going […]